This is an idea I got after watching episode 218: Risk Business. I got the idea when Marissa is standing at the door, and says that Alex just went back to live with her parents.

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Summary: Marissa can't take Alex not being around anymore, and heads to LA to track her down.

Pairings: A/M

Chapter 1

Roberts Mansion: Room of Summer Roberts

"So you just seen her apartment and it all like hit you? Do you really miss her that much?"

"I really do Sum, I keep wondering what she's doing, if she's okay, if she works things out with her parents. If she's back with Jodie among other things."

Marissa said from her spot on Summer's bed.

"Hmm, well are you sure it's not just guilt because you feel bad? And who the hell is Jodie, wait Alex's ex Jodie, I thought they were finished?"

Marissa sighed, "Okay for starters it's not guilt, well not really I feel guilty for ever letting her go, defiantly one of the stupidest things I've ever done, and we

all know I've done my fair share of stupid." Summer gave a slight chuckle, "and yes Jodie as in Alex's ex, the love of her life I guess I don't know Jodie like

had this power with Alex. Whenever Alex got near her she turned into a pool of mush and not such a bad ass. Although she's really not that much of a bad ass

once you get to know her, and…"

Summer cut her friend off, "Okay got it, mission plan, find Alex Kelly. When did you want to leave?"

Marissa thought for a few minutes, almost second guessing herself? "I don't know we have two weeks off school so we can go anytime and my mom and Caleb

are some where in St. Barts, but Sum as much as I love you I think I might have to do this on my own." Marissa looked down.

Summer nodded, "Coop don't worry I understand but if you change your mind and you want some company just say so and I'm there, I could use the time apart

from Cohen. Um hun one question though." Marissa looked up, "What are you going to tell Ryan?"

"For once, the truth its not like him and I are together or thinking about so I'm going to be completely honest with him and I'm sure he'll understand."

"Okay it's settled then to LA we, well you go."

Marissa looked at Princess Sparkle in her hand, "You know what Sum, you're right I'm going to need the company the drive to LA is going to be a boring one,

and I can' really see myself going on this adventure without you, but I might need to see her on my own if we can find her."

"Really? Oh my god road trip and as long as it's not to Tijuana and we're not staying at the Flea Bag Inn I'm so there. We'll drive down get settled in a nice Four

Seasons and that way if you need to go off and be little miss independent then you can and I can totally hit the spa." Summer hugged Marissa and got up and started

to pack. "We're going to have to look so hot, and we're already hot so that shouldn't be too hard, but especially you if you want to get your girl back."

Marissa got up from her spot on Summer's bed. "I'm starting to get nervous, I don't even know where to start looking for her, we never talked about her parents that

was an off topic subject, we talked about them briefly, you know why they kicked her out and all that but never to much about them I don't even know their names,

then again I don't really know anything about her past, other than Jodie." Marissa said the name with disdain.

Summer thought for a minute, "We want to do this on our own right?" Marissa nodded. "Sorry Coop but the first place we're going to have to look is Jodie's." Marissa

gave Summer a death stare. "Just stating the obvious sheesh don't get your panties in a twist, and if anything Jodie will probably know where she lives, or lived

or whatever you know what I mean." Summer walked back into her closet.

Thinking for a moment Marissa finally agreed, "I guess and I'm pretty sure I remember where Jodie lives, I really wasn't paying much attention to direction but I have a

good idea. I should really get home and start packing. I say we leave tomorrow morning bright and early." Both girls laughed.

"Very funny Coop, us bright and early, not going to happen how about noon?" Summer asked before looking for her ringing cell phone.

"Noon it is I'll pick you up then." Marissa gave Summer a quick hug and headed home so she could start packing and start working up her nerves.

On the long ten minute ride home all Marissa could thing about was the gorgeous blonde with that sassy purple streak in her hair, it had only been about a month and a

half but Marissa wondered if the girl she remember had changed.


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