White Night

A/N: I'm doing way too many fifty sentence things at the moment. But Byakuya x Yoruichi owns my mind.


One- Comfort

Byakuya was not one to be comforted or to comfort anyone, no matter how much they were crying, how much they were hurt, how much they'd lost- he was tempted, however, when tears spilled out of Yoruichi's eyes... but temptation did not win out to habit.

Two- Kiss

He was not gentle, it was if in all those years he'd forgotten how to let his affection take shape into it's most natural form, but she took his kiss and held it all the same.

Three- Soft

Most of Yoruichi's days were spent as a black cat and her sleek fur was as soft as anything, but with the pelt shed, the skin of the woman was the same, dark, sleek, shining and soft under pale fingers.

Four- Pain

She was a cat at heart, after all, and there was often pain as she clawed and bit him during their intimate moments, but that pain was never something he dreaded.. in fact, her nails and teeth in his skin were some of the most pleasurable things he'd experienced in a long time.

Five- Potatoes

It wasn't important that they had next to nothing in common with each other, the smallest thing like their mutual dislike of potatoes was enough to spark a passion, but it was their differences that kept it going.

Six- Rain

The Kuchiki mansion was often her shelter from the rain- and one room in particular.

Seven- Chocolate

She smelled of chocolate, and when she left her scent would stay for days and days... as if she was there always.

Eight- Happiness

It wasn't happiness, he barely remembered happiness; it was contentment... an agreement between old friends... convienience... a small intimacy... a deadly secret- but not happiness.

Nine - Telephone

Byakuya was not amused when Yoruichi turned up during a mission to the human world, he was even less amused when she stole his cellphone- essential for him to get back to seireitei and stranded him alone in Osaka.

Ten- Ears

Byakuya didn't like animals, especially cute fluffy ones, never being sentimental enough to get attached to things obviously insuperior to him, but he would often take the times to scratch the ears of this black cat- and sometimes even get the servants to leave a saucer of milk for her on the porch.

Eleven- Name

It was completely unbidden when the name floated across his mind, walking up the dark streets of seireitei - Kuchiki Yoruichi, he put it aside and scolded himself... sentimentality was not helpful to anyone.

Twelve- Sensual

Never had the Kuchiki met anyone as sensual as the dark-skinned beauty, nothing was as sensual as the mere act of running fingers lightly over every inch of warm skin she had.

Thirteen - Death

It was Yoruichi's death that broke Byakuya, but there was nothing spectacular about it, he merely stood over her casket for hours and hours, days some said, then laid a branch of sakura blossoms from the Kuchiki estate on her chest and walked away.

Fourteen - Sex

There was never any question on whether or not they would have sex, it seemed inevitable after the Shihouin heir showed herself once again, the only question was: who would top who?

Fifteen - Touch

The touch of his fingers was as soft as cherry blossoms, fluttering across her naked skin.

Sixteen - Weakness

Byakuya allowed himself one weakness underneath the blank layers of pristine nobility, that weakness grinned at him, spread her legs just a little and beckoned him back to bed.

Seventeen- Tears

It was definitely cold the way he turned his back on her tears this time, he didn't want to see them... because all he ever wanted to do was shed his own tears but he wouldn't allow himself that luxury.

Eighteen- Speed

Her speed was unmatched, she was still the Goddess of Flash Steps... this was the only place he would yield to her, he was fast- she was faster.

Nineteen - Wind

Eyes closed, he plucked the strings of the koto with focus and effortless elegance, the notes vibrating in the air and carrying on the wind with Spring's cherry blossoms... all the way to Yoruichi, high above seireitei, who smiled.

Twenty - Freedom

Sometimes when Byakuya was alone he thought of the freedom that Yoruichi had, and longed for that life.

Twenty One - Life

Life is lonely for the nobility, life is fragile, life is ordered- but when they're together, life has small mercies that make it worthwhile.

Twenty Two - Jealousy

If Byakuya saw Yoruichi with another man he barely even blinked, the only jealousy that she inspired in him was that she was always true to herself, he sincerely wished that he could have that too.

Twenty Three - Hands

These were the hands of a leader, the hands of a fighter, the hands of a musician, the hands of a nobleman- the hands of a very skilled lover.

Twenty Four - Taste

Yoruichi vividly remembered the first time she tasted him, so long ago when they were experimenting as children- she remembers because he tasted of blood, what she neglects to remember is the little punch in the face she'd given him moments before that.

Twenty Five - Devotion

They were not in a relationship, they were unattached, unbound... there was no devotion between them; how could there be?

Twenty Six - Forever

He couldn't swear himself to her forever, he'd learnt, the first time, that nothing could truly be forever... he couldn't ask for and give the impossible.

Twenty Seven - Blood

She infuriated him to the very extents of control- sometimes he lost it- and today they stared at each other, breathing heavily and watching those deadly blossoms dance in the air, waiting for their signal to seek the blood they desired under their disguise.

Twenty Eight - Sickness

The only time Byakuya showed even the smallest amount of compassion and caring was when Yoruichi got sick, with the slightest sickness came his own sickness- created from his terrible fear that he would lose Yoruichi too- even if it was just a head cold.

Twenty Nine - Melody

A melody carried on the wind and Yoruichi followed it until she found Byakuya... singing... after about a minute of listening, she decided to make her presence known by joining in; making it clear who had the rhythm out of the pair.

Thirty- Star

She was so far away that he little wakizashi twinkled like a star... but one thing for certain was that she was coming closer, ready to continue their little spar.

Thirty One - Home

Seireitei didn't feel like her home much anymore, but even though the mission in her mind was to get Ichigo out of there, no matter what, facing Byakuya again on that bridge, toying with him... a small part of her felt like it was back where it belonged.

Thirty Two - Confusion

During a time most inappropriate for confusion, Yoruichi called Byakuya "Kisuke" and as a resuly, he refused to talk to her for a month.

Thirty Three - Fear

When Soi Fon caught Byakuya and Yoruichi kissing in the gardens of the Kuchiki estate, her worst fear was confirmed.

Thirty Four - Lightning/Thunder

Nothing more than whispering breaths of sleep could be heard in the bedchambers of Byakuya, when Yoruichi visited however, her snoring was so loud it was like a thunderstorm isolated to the Kuchiki estate.

Thirty Five - Bonds

Byakuya tied Yoruichi up once- not for bondage-related purposes; he was trying to arrest her.

Thirty Six - Market

"So you went to the market and brought me back candyfloss?"
Yoruichi grinned and nodded, highly amused.

Thirty Seven - Technology

Byakuya was too stubborn, Yoruichi decided after being unable to get him to even use a camera.

Thirty Eight - Gift

An embrace with no question, no motive, nothing but the intent to embrace was the greatest gift he could've given her- unfortunately, that's not the way the Kuchiki heir was, or ever could be.

Thirty Nine - Smile

When they were children "Yoru-chan" had always been able to make "Byakuya-bo" smile, no matter how much trouble the young nobles were in, everything had changed now- but once, just once, Byakuya found himself smiling at that familiar grin and feeling like a child again.

Forty- Innocence

Innocence was the very thing that Byakuya had loved about Hisana, and it was the same thing he cherished about Yoruichi; her complete and utter lack of it.

Forty One - Completion

One day, their little thing came to an end... Yoruichi decided she couldn't handle Byakuya anymore- but it wasn't really an end... more of a... completion.

Forty Two - Clouds

"My-my, you really are a cloud without a silver-lining, Byakuya-bo"

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

Forty Three - Sky

She watched the sky absent-mindedly from the window of Byakuya's bedroom, but really, she wasn't paying attention to the coming night; she was waiting for the coming of her loverboy.

Forty Four - Heaven

There was no way heaven was a word to cover any aspect of Yoruichi and Byakuya's "arrangement".

Forty Five - Hell

Hell was knowing that a life could end as easily as a sakura blossom can wither and fall- that hell was why Byakuya never allowed himself to be close to anyone anymore.

Forty Six - Sun

Sometimes she looked at him as if she were being dazzled by the sun... and sometimes he made her feel warm like she'd been basking in that same light.

Forty Seven - Moon

His eyes were as unreadable as the darkside of the moon.

Forty Eight - Waves

The pleasure he could give her was not able to be described in "waves... even "tsunamis of pleasure" couldn't cover those sensations.

Forty Nine - Hair

Every night as part of his rigid ritual, he would reach up and uncoil his hair from the kenseikan, letting it fall naturally in it's slight waves of black, and in some ways releasing himself from the bounds of nobility that the headpiece meant- Shihouin Yoruichi often sat and watched this, in silence, amazed at the difference.

Fifty- Supernova

Yoruichi always remembered Byakuya's birthday, but he didn't seem at all appreciative of the iPod she gifted him this year, packed with songs from a band called "Supernova".