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Hinata's Diary Entry


It was a special day for Hinata Hyuuga. This so-called special day was otherwise known as her 15th birthday.

At the moment, Hinata was sitting at her desk, as her teacher wrote on the board. She looked up then turned her gaze towards where Naruto was sitting. Except, he wasn't sitting there…

"Oh! Naruto and Sasuke switched seats again today… I wonder why they do that… Oh yeah, Sasuke's trying to get away from Sakura and Naruto's trying to get closer to her…" thought Hinata. She let out a sigh. She looked up again and made eye contact with Sasuke. The most popular and most wanted boy in school was staring at her like she had three heads and a tail. "Ah! He looked at me…like I was a freak…why do all the girls in school like him anyway? Well, I'm not like them at least… I like Naruto-kun."

Hinata took out her birthday present, a diary that she had gotten from Kiba, just this morning, and began to write in it.

--"Come on Hinata-chan," said Kiba. "Go, you can do this!"

Kiba took a peek outside the classroom door. The halls were filled with people.

"Ugh, look at Naruto flirting with stupid forehead girl," thought Kiba. "Stupid baka. Well, this is for Hinata. What a fool you are Naruto."--

Hello diary, my name is Hyuuga Hinata. I am 15 years old, and I go to Konoha High School. My friends are helping me get the courage to tell this guy I really like that I – well – really like him. He's sort of dense, but he's really inspiring – all they Kiba and Shino ask me what I mean by that all the time. Still, I'm really glad that they're doing this all for me. They're the only ones I really talk to at school other than Hanabi and Neji-san.

--"Uh, are you sure," mumbled Hinata. "I don't think I can."

"Of course I'm sure! Come on say it with me. I can do this!"

"I- I can't do this," she mumbled.

"I don't think I'm hearing you right Hinata-chan…"

"I can do this."

"Come on! With more emotion, baby," he howled. (KL: -cough cough- They can hear you Kiba, you know. People have ears, even if they're not as good as yours.)--

Kiba can be a little eccentric sometimes, but that's okay with me. He's a great friend! Shino on the other hand… he was just there I guess, but he's still there for me when I need him… most of the time…

--"I can do this!"

"That's it Hinata! You're definitely going to win him over!"

"I can do this!"

"Come Shino, join in!"

"Why should I," said Shino, "she's a hopeless case."

"You call yourself her friend."

"He's right, I am a hopeless case. I always faint whenever I'm around him," said Hinata.

"Aaahhh… but today will be different, Hinata-chan."

"What are you," said Shino, "a matchmaker or psychiatrist or something?"

"No! I'm someone Hinata can call friend! Come on Hinata," said Kiba. He pushed her out the door and—

Into Naruto…

Who was flirting with Sakura…--

Naruto was too busy flirting with Haruno-san, though… She's bubblegum head to Kiba… I heard someone else call her Suckerhead, was that Kiba still? ... I think it's a little mean though…

--"Uh- um, excuse me N-Naruto," said Hinata. "C-can I ask you something…" --

I was red all over! I couldn't do it… so I sort of fainted… and… Kiba lost a bet that I didn't even know about… and he had to give Shino three hundred dollars in an envelope all nice and neat… Maybe that's what they were whispering about behind my back. Why can't I talk to Naruto like I talk to those two? I wish I could be a little more confident.

"Hinata. Miss Hyuuga are you paying attention," asked Iruka-sensei.

"Uh- Yes… I mean… I'm sorry."

"Oh great, now everyone's looking at me," she thought. "Am I turning red?! Ah! I'm turning red!" She clasped her hands to her face as everyone, even Naruto looked at her like she had three heads, a tail, and huge metal claws. "I feel like such a freak..."

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Naruto: Hey Kiba, can I call you Kibbles?


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