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Chapter Five: Messages and More

Hinata scribbled out the sentence on the page. It was covered with a lot of lines and circular curves. In fact, it looked like a five-year-old's masterpiece, to say the least. The heiress let out a sigh and carefully tore out the page for the eighteenth time. The previous pages had suffered enough, and this one had too.

Hinata tapped her pen against her chin. "How do you deal with a personal stalker," she asked herself. She looked up at the ceiling as if it would have the answer.

Things were not going well.

How did you find my diary, Arcane? How did you open it? Why did you even read it? I don't know what kind of person you are, but, well, I think I do know what kind of person you are! What a horrible man! ...boy! ...girl?

Please don't send my secrets out. I don't want to know what people would think about me. -- Hinata. P.S. I do believe that you, Arcane, are a big, fat meanie with an accomplice who is equally big AND fat! In fact, one of you may even be bigger and fatter! I'm sorry, but you two aren't very nice people.

Naruto found himself smiling at the girl's naivety. He found it rather ... amusing. This was the idiot girl that supposedly confessed to him weeks ago? Sasuke could not have been serious... was he?

The blonde looked over at his stoic friend who was flipping through the channels. They had gotten the book back yesterday. Who would've thought that the girl -- Hinata -- would've fallen for the bluff?

"Now it's my turn to write," said Naruto. Sasuke merely grunted and continued to watch the screen. Naruto took hold of a pen. It was time to put his secret talent into use. Even Sasuke didn't know about it.

Hello, Hinata, babe, he began as he grinned to himself. This is the bigger AND fatter accomplice replying. You're an amazingly naive and silly girl. Do you know that? I wonder if you already do. Please, do tell me in your reply.

My dear and arrogant friend, Arcane, was the mastermind of this splendidly, brilliant plan.I would've simply given it back to you, intact and unread, but honestly, with Arcane as my partner-in-crime, that was not possible. I guess you have the right to slap us, but please, by all means, feel free to hit Arcane even harder, and give him a good kick in the nuts for me, kick him nice and hard, babe -- nice and hard.

I must admit that I am the bigger AND fatter accomplice (who is mostly the mastermind in real life). I eat ramen; a lot. Far too much for my own good apparently. I hear your a genius in the kitchen. Maybe if you were my girl, you could cook me up something that might even rival the wonderful taste of ramen noodles.

Your life is full of some interesting content. It should be a published book titled "The Chronicles of a Horribly Miserable, and Unfortunate Teen". Too bad you're not daring enough to actually do so. I happen to love daring girls.

Hinata, let me tell you a few more things before I finish. Your cousin -- Neji -- is the biggest whore you will ever meet. Oh, and Kiba has the hots for Shino. You do good, trying to get those pricks together. Maybe they'll kill each other, so, we, the people won't have to suffer their vexing existence any longer.

Pretend we're not writing in this diary. Keep writing about your life. By all means, it is not boring.

Much Love, The Bigger and Fatter Accomplice.

P.S. Oh, and yes. I didn't forget about the clues.

1. We, are the two hottest guys on the face of this planet.

2. History repeats itself. (Seriously, it does). ;)

P.S.2 Please feel free to call me G.U.N

Sasuke suddenly appeared behind him, reading over his shoulder. The blonde looked over at him and grinned, radiating a sense of accomplishment.

"So, Sasuke, what do you think," he asked, gleefully.

"Naruto," began Sasuke with a mock tone of awe," I never knew that you could write like ... you have the mentality of someone with an I.Q. in the negatives. Stupid idiot. Give me that."

Sasuke took the book and the pen from Naruto's hands and walked off.

"H-hey! Don't you dare erase what I wrote!!"

"It was the beginning of class, and as always the teacher was quite late. Hinata sat down at her desk, quite silent and dull as always. To pass the time, she took out a notebook and began to write down something to someone. With her frail and small hand she scribbled away at the page. Her lank and ugly hair covered her abnormally light eyes, which often cause many to question whether or not she was blind. Little did she know that she was being watched by two of THE hottest guys in school...OW!"

"Naruto stop that," said Sasuke in an annoyed tone.

"Aw, come on! Why do you always have to ruin my fun," whined Naruto. He rubbed the back of his head. "Hey, I should be a commentator someday," he said in realization.

Sasuke gave an irritated sigh. Sometimes he wondered just how he was brought to befriend such a dolt.

"What's she doing now," he asked.

Naruto looked over at Hinata, who was sitting on the other side of the classroom. "She's still go her face buried in that crappy, little notebook," he informed Sasuke.

"Hn. Did you put the book into the locker?"

"Sir, yes, sir!" said Naruto.

"Shut up. Please. Just, shut up."

Hinata scribbled away at the remaining space of her paper. She began to carefully sign her name in the emerald-colored ink that she always used. Hinata.

A low, sultry voice and snickering filled her ears.

"Hey there gorgeous. What are you doing here all alone?"

Hinata kept on scribbling away.

"What's that you're writing there," continued the voice.

Hinata looked up in surprise. She came face to face with none other than Uchiha Sasuke. The heiress could feel her face begin to heat up at the close proximity.

"A-are you talking to me," she asked in disbelief.

"Of course," replied Sasuke. "Who else?"

What was wrong with this boy? Didn't he just show an apparent dislike for her a week ago? Weren't they on a last name basis?

"You can't be serious."

Did he have multiple personalities? She already didn't like this person.

"Oh, but what if I am?"

"No, you can't be," she insisted.


Her breathing began to become shallower and shallower as each second passed.

"Are you okay," questioned the Uchiha. He raised an eyebrow as her face began to become paler and paler.

Her vision began to blur and then things went black.

Naruto stood behind Sasuke as a bunch of other people began to gather around them.

"Uh, Sasuke. I think she fainted," said Naruto.

"As if it wasn't obvious enough."

"The name of this game is quite simple. The rules of this game are simple as well," said Mitarashi Anko. The gaze of the class was on her. She always made sure of that. "The name is dodgeball. The point of this game is to dodge the ball. Now, all of you should know this, and I shouldn't have to be telling this to you as though you were bunch of little kids, but based on the performance in our previous class, it seems that some of you just have far too thick skulls to process this information." At this statement, her gaze fell upon Kiba, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and the only juniors currently present in their class, Rock Lee, TenTen, and Neji.

Hinata sat in the back behind her pink-haired friend, in hopes of concealing the clothes she was currently wearing.

"Come on, Hinata," said Sakura. "Stop being such a wuss. You gym shorts aren't that short."

"Th-they're not my gym shorts. They're yours, Sakura! And I do think they're too short," replied Hinata. She pulled at the edge of the clothe, wishing that they magically elongate.

"Hinata, stop pulling at them. It's useless. They aren't going to get any longer," sighed Sakura.

"They're too short," pouted Hinata. "I would look like a... a ..."

"Are you trying to say I'm a slut," questioned Sakura.

"No! No! Absolutely not! Well, Neji would tell me that I do, and you know Neji's not the nicest person around. It's just that I'm really uncomfortable with this," explained Hinata.

"Hon, it's time for you to show off these legs," remarked Sakura.


"No buts."

"Okay... How do you play dodgeball again?"

"Oh, yes, I forgot you weren't here last class."



Hinata fell to the ground. Five minutes had passed and she had finally reached a conclusion: she didn't like dodgeball.

Sakura towered over her. The pink-haired girl gave her her hand and helped her up.

"At least you weren't hit in the face this time Hinata," remarked Sakura. "Oh, you're legs are bruised! You bruise a whole lot easier than I do! Who hit you? I'm gonna make them regret it."

"It's o-okay."

"Anything for you Hinata," said Ino, who had come up right next to them. "You should've stayed at the nurse's office instead and skipped."

Naruto grinned on the other side as Sasuke watched him out of the corner of his eye, unpleased. The blonde, on the other hand, was, to say the least, quite pleased with himself. He had successfully managed to hit the Hyuuga girl three times in a row. He turned to look towards Sasuke, his grin getting wider.

"She squeaks every time I hit her! It's so goddamn funny," said Naruto. "And you know what's even better? She's got wicked awesome thighs. They are the nicest thighs I have ever seen in my entire -OW!"

"Your entire ow? Naruto, I didn't realize that you had such a pitifully small range of vocabulary," commented Sasuke.

"Hey, what in the world did you hit me for," yelled Naruto.

"I didn't hit you," replied Sasuke.

"Oh, really? Then who did?"

"I did," replied the oldest student in their class. Naruto turned towards the owner of the voice, his eye twitching, making him seem like that insect squashed on your windshield. In front of him stood the biggest whore on the face of the planet -- Hyuuga Neji.

"Damn it! What the hell did you hit me for!!," yelled Naruto.

Neji tossed a ball up and down in side his hand. A second later, the ball disappeared and reappeared on Naruto's facial features.


"Ah, but Miss Mitarashi," replied Neji, "I wasn't aiming it at him. I was aiming it at the other team, but A) he either got in the way or B) the ball magically obtained a mind of its own, saw his ugly face, and decided to try to wipe it off the face of this earth. Unfortunately, it seems that the ball has failed and has only made it even uglier. Because of this, we must now suffer his hideous features even longer."

Naruto glared at the Hyuuga boy who was standing so calmly and peacefully in front of him, as though he wasn't feeling the strong vibe of killer intent radiating from the blonde.

"Hyuuga. Uzumaki. Detention with you-know-who," said their teacher as she scribbled down on a slip of paper. She handed three slips to them.

"What's the third slip for," asked Naruto.

"For the other Hyuuga, Hinata."

"Why," asked Neji.

"Because, her shorts are far too short for my mood today. If it were any other day she'd be safe, but it's not another day now is it?"

"You're bringing my cousin down with this blonde idiot," Neji asked incredulously.

"Don't talk back to me Hyuuga,"replied Anko.

"I don't want my cousin stuck with that perverted old man!"

"Ah, but that's why you're there to protect her now, right," answered Anko. Her tone of voice conveyed the amount of amusement that she found in the situation.

"W-What?! I have a detention!!"

"Don't worry, we'll get it off your record, Hinata," Neji said calmly.

Hinata stared at her cousin in distress.

"How are you going to do that?"

"Sneak into the school office and change the records, of course."


Hanabi plopped down right beside Hinata.

"He's only doing that because his own records are on the line," said Hanabi. The little prodigy took a bite out of her sushi.

Hinata stared at her and Neji in disbelief.

"I'm kidding, Hinata," said Hanabi. "His records are bad enough as it is already, a single change wouldn't affect it. Then again, it probably is a perfect record, seeing as how he's saying that he'll change yours for you, so he probably changes his own A LOT." Hanabi let out an exaggerated sigh. "What a deceitful and manipulative boy. You shouldn't associate with such people Hinata. It's bad for you. It's just bad. And you Neji. You are currently the eldest living in this house. You should have more dignity and common sense. You're supposed to be a good role model. Hn. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only genius in here."

Neji stared at the eating Hanabi. "You are one conceited little brat."

Hanabi looked up at Neji. "Where do you think I get it from Neji?"

You are invited to the biggest party of the year!! You better be there, 'specially 'cause your my friend, Hinata. Much Love, Sakura

Hinata closed the vibrant invitation card and put it away in her notebook. This was the first party she had been invited to in quite a long time, and it probably wouldn't be the last that she would have to miss out on.

Searching for that splash of pink hair in the lunch crowd, Hinata made her way through the cafeteria. Just a few seconds into her search she spotted Sakura with the ever clingy Naruto. The sight of the blue-eyed teen cause her cheeks to flush a light shade of a lemonade pink color that showed quite clearly against her unusually pale skin. She began to make her way there nervously, but was intercepted before she could even get within ten feet of the pair.

"Hey, Hinata! I haven't seen you in such a long time!"

"You saw her last period."

Her range of vision was suddenly filled with a whole lot of brown. After an unworldly long, smothering second, she was finally allowed to breathe.

"Yeah, but I didn't get to talk to her," Kiba replied to Shino.

"K-Kiba! Shino! How are you two doing today?"

"Just fine. But for some reason I feel like we're drifting apart as friends Hinata," answered Kiba.


"He's just over-dramatizing things," replied Shino.

"You know Kiba so well, Shino. Even better than I do," commented Hinata. Shino stared at Hinata. He could see the fangirl sparkle in her eyes and suggestive tone in her voice.

"Don't even bring that up again, Hinata," said Shino. "Whatever it is you're hoping for, it's not going to come true."

"Okay. I'm sorry for implying that you two might, you know, be..."


The three friends turned towards the two intruding boys standing behind them.

Naruto grinned at Hinata, causing her to obtain the slight blush yet again. Kiba gave an annoyed sound at the sight.

"Seems like you finally unhooked yourself from Sakura, leech," said Kiba.

"Who are you talking about Kibblies," asked Naruto.

"Why you little--"

"Ah, you wouldn't want to have to be monitored by the police again for bad behavior, now do you Kiba," interrupted Sasuke.

Kiba put his raised fists down and glared quietly at Sasuke and Naruto.

"Can't wait until our detention date, Hinata," said Naruto. With that, the two boys walked away.

"I swear, those two are gay," said Kiba. "They never seem to be apart."

Turning to Hinata, he said, "What's this about detention?"

"N-nothing," answered Hinata, uncomfortably.

Hello! I'm sorry, I haven't written to you in a while. Before, I thought that my life was rather normal, but great, right? I never expected anything weird or out of the ordinary to happen. Guess what? Well, seeing as how you're a genius, I guess you already know the obvious. Something out of line happened to me a while ago.

Some stalkers stole my diary and read it -- and now I have to comply to their every wish!! Nooooo! You don't have to worry about it though. I have it all under control:3

Otherwise, my life has been perfectly wonderful. I hope yours has been as well. Have you been busy lately? I understand that your studies may be keeping you very busy. And... you know. Don't get into any more trouble, okay? It's not good for you.

How have the company executives been towards you though? Are they horribly old and mean? I don't mean any disrespect towards them, but are they all ancient and wrinkly and expect you to do whatever they want? Of course, I know that you wouldn't do that. You don't listen to anyone now, do you? I would be very much insulted if you actually did, because you very well know that you don't listen to me.

Much Love, Hinata.

P.S. How do you deal with a personal and possibly perverted stalker WITHOUT doing anything violent?

The piece of lined paper was folded neatly in half and tucked away in a cardboard shoe box.

"Hm. It has been a while has it not?"

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