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When things are bad, we take comfort in the thought that they could always be worse. And when they are, we find hope in the thought that things are so bad they have to get better.

Snow, it's everywhere and not just in that, blanketing outside way… It's all over him. There's more snow clinging through-out his hair than there is actual strands. The white flakes are frosting his eye lashes and brows. It's packed against his shirt and beneath it, turning to slush in his shoes… Thankfully though, although soaked through the ice has stayed largely on the outside of his pants. Because god some assets should really never be frozen.

Perhaps, in future, he should remember, never go to war with a Seal… or against a Seal actually. Not that there'd been much choice in it for him. He'd been standing the kitchen minding his own business when Shane had pelted him, had followed him through the lounge and entryway and out the front door. His mother would freak if she ever found out.

"Truce, truce…" Seth cries holding up his hands as Shane appears from behind the car.

"You gonna stop pouting?" The tone and clutched snowball tell him what he'll get if he says 'no'.

"I wasn't pouting." Shane crushes the glob in his hand and sprinkles it over the already soaked head.

"Sulking, brooding, whining… Pick one, they all work for me." Shane throws an arm across his shoulders with a smile.

"Come on kid, your shaking… Let's get inside." Seth leans against the broad chest and trails along beside the other.

"Think their okay?" Seth questions as they brush off the worst of the ice at the door. Again the arm wraps about Seth's shoulders and the hand ruffles his hair.

"There stuck in an airport on Christmas eve." Shane explains walking in ahead of Seth.

"It's lousy, but they'll be fine, might even make it home for Christmas day."

"Mmmm." Seth drags his feet a little, partly from exhaustion, partly from depression.

"Hey come on kid…" At 19 Seth would've found anyone else calling him kid annoying.

"I think your loosing sight of the important thing here… of the two of you… you and your family, you're worse off." Shane teases, starting up the staircase.

"And whys that?" Seth leans against the bottom of the banister. Shane gives him that, 'if it isn't obvious…' look, it fades to a smirk. He pulls the soaked jacket off of broad shoulders. He tosses it over the other's head, smile broadening as Seth jerks it off in a huff, long blonde hair clinging to his red face.

"Because you're stuck here with me…"