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"It's Valentine's Day. Of all the days to do this, it had to be Valentine's Day," Tenten muttered, shooting dirty looks at the young man holding her arm captive.

Neji ignored her rambling. "If you do exactly as I say, you'll get your kunai back. If not…" He shrugged, and she cringed.

"Neji, give me back my knife! I didn't mean to throw it at you, I though you were someone else!" she argued, but he paid her no heed.

"Well, I'm not. You threw the kunai at me; you must pay the consequence," he told her, but in truth he had been planning for this day for a week. If he had not been Hyuuga Neji, he might have burst out laughing, and he definitely would have been grinning. But being Hyuuga Neji, he was able to keep a bland expression on his face.

"You do realize that that kunai is my favorite knife, don't you?" she demanded. She had been polishing it when he'd walked in – and having gotten up on the wrong side of bed that morning, she'd been quick to launch her weapon.

Unfortunately, her teammate had expected something of the sort, and had neatly sidestepped the missile, plucking it out of the air.

"Yes I do," he smirked at her, and she growled in frustration.

"Just give me the stupid knife, Neji!" she shouted angrily. He stopped and faced her, his face serious.

"I'm not kidding, Tenten. If you don't obey me, I will personally make sure that you never see your kunai again," he threatened. She winced and bowed her head.

"What do you want me to do?" she asked monotonously. He smirked smugly and inclined his head slightly.

"I want to be alone for this. Let's go over there," he commanded. She snarled but obeyed, keeping up with his long strides across the grass. Finally they reached the clearing in the woods, and Neji stopped.

"Stand," he told her firmly. She stood still, but not without a venomous hiss.

"Now what?" she snapped.

"Close your eyes."

"What?" she exclaimed, but when she heard him say her name warningly she did it.

"Now stop talking." When she had carried out his instructions to his satisfaction, he grunted in approval.

Tenten wanted to ask what he was doing, but though better of it, and waited. Finally, she felt his breath on her face, and then the gentle pressure of his lips on hers. As her eyes flew open in shock, he wrapped his arms around her body and held her to him.

She wiggled against his hold, but his arms were stronger than hers, and held her tightly.

"N-Neji!" she managed to gasp out, and he let go of her, producing a shiny kunai knife out of nowhere. He flipped it through the air, and she caught it. She was startled as he threw another, newer and lighter, kunai to her. Taking it, she studied it and was surprised to find her name carved into the base of it.

"Good girl. That's for you. Oh, and did you know that whoever you kiss on Valentine's Day is supposed to be your true love?"

Smirking to himself, he ran as he dodged her two favorite kunai.


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