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The story is the fourth episode in a series called 'Rocky path' and begins around one year after 'Chosen'

(01x01 : Friends, 01x02 : Guilty, 01x03 : Gifted are the three first episodes, I strongly recommand to read them to understand that one)

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Night was starting to fall. The sun was disappearing behind the skyline, leaving long orange streaks low in the sky.

Some stars were appearing here and there. The pale light of the moon, which was hiding behind some scattered clouds, was the only light to lighten a long deserted road drawn in a straight line in the middle of nowhere as far as the eye can see.

Sparse bushes were running alongside this wide and barely maintained two-way road. From time to time, a road sign pointing out any small unknown town varied the landscape. Or a curious animal came up to the road or crossed it, as if to cheer up the trip.

And the trip really needed to be cheer up, Faith thought.

The dark-haired Slayer was driving an old Renault for several hours on that road that seemed to never end. Giles had given the car. It was part of the lot of things the council had collected via its members and their contacts.

She wondered if the car wouldn't die during the following kilometer. She grumbled a second against Giles : he could have found a good old 4x4 or something like that. Xander had vaguely joked on that matter, mentioning an old love of the Watcher for European cars. Not automatic cars like the one Faith had learnt to drive with. Or like any good car on the American territory.

Her right hand on the steering wheel, her left elbow leant on the edge of the window of her door, Faith was driving nonchalantly, again deeply lost in her memories of the past week events. Leaving the council had felt like the best thing to do, even maybe like the ONLY thing to do. But after having spent so many months always surrounded, even if she had never really felt at ease among all these people, it was strange to her to be on the roads like that. Alone.

Well, not really alone, a little voice in her head reminded her.

Faith turned to her right to the passenger seat. Tara was settled there and she had curled up as much as possible. Her head rested on her right shoulder that leant against the car's door. Her long blonde hair covered her face and fell in waterfalls on her other shoulder and her back, forming a perfect barrier between her face and the gaze of the one who watched her. She was sleeping like a log, for several hours probably, trembling slightly from time to time, but so silent that Faith sometimes forgot her presence.

The dark-haired Slayer wondered when she had heard the sound of her voice for the last time. She wondered when she had heard another sound than the noise of the car's engine for the last time.

Faith glanced at the car radio, which played a soft music quietly, without ever stopping; and she would have never been able to hear it without her special Slayer's hearing.

One second, she was tempted to turn up the volume and to search something more swinging to liven up her trip. But a new look to the fair-haired woman sleeping next to her made her giving up this idea.

Faith sighed a deep bored sigh and her look returned on the road in front of her. Still so straight. Still so lost. Still so monotonous.

Yes, the trip really needed to be cheered up.