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Pairing: George/OC, Ron/ Hermonie

Rating: Going to be M just for safety. Language, Violence.

Disclaimer: If I really owned the Weasley twin's do you think I'd be here or out having fun and playing tricks with them?

Chapter One

Oi New Girl!

Teddy stood in the great hall with her bag slung over her shoulder. Her tight jeans were wet and her long sleeved t-shirt was uncomfortable in the must of the English castle. Her dark green eyes looked around the hall with a little bit of nerve in them, analyzing the old building.

She set the canvas book bag down on the floor and walked up to a painting on the wall in the great hall. Slowly she reached her fingers out and touched the rough canvas. The portrait of Dumbledore chuckled looking down at her. She smiled up at it. "Oh, Theodore." The painting said. "You look dreadful."

Theodore laughed and covered her mouth at the interruption of the silence. "Thanks Dumbledore." She muttered. "So where's the real you?"

"In his study." The painting told her, looking her over from under his glasses. "Seriously darling…"

"I know, I know. Skin and bones." Teddy said before he could continue. She picked up the bag easily from the floor and began climbing the stair case. She stood in front of the gargoyle and it opened without her saying or doing anything. She looked at it suspiciously for a long moment before moving into the room and climbing up the spiral staircase. There was no one in the office and she sighed, looking at the big plush chair and the comforting fire in the hearth. After a moment she set her bag down and sat in the chair.

She looked over at the phoenix as it stared at her. "Hey." She muttered to it and it flew over to her and perched on the side of the chair. She reached up with one toned but thin arm and scratched behind its neck with slender fingers.

"Theodore." A voice murmured from the other side of the room.

The girl stood up to see the old wizard standing looking at her. It always amazed him how thin she looked. Now the dark eyeliner had dripped a little making her eyes seem even more dark. Her long black hair was wet and thick, bangs hanging just a little over those rather unnerving eyes.

"Master Dumbledore." She answered with a bow. "How are you?"

Dumbledore smiled, again with her voice realizing just how much of a child she was. "I'm well." He motioned for the girl to come over to him so that he could look at her. He didn't like how her father had moved her and the rest of her family to America but he knew why he did it. A slytherian and former supporter of You-know-who that had ended up seeing the error of his ways and marrying a muggle woman and having two half breed children was not something that would have been a smiled upon thing in this day and age. Her father had seen that in his foresight.

Dumbledore held her out at arms length and looked at her. She was thin but he could tell that she was uncommonly strong; something that would prove useful in the future battles, he was sure. Her eyes were sharp and dark, like a hunter and he smiled at this. Her father had raised her the way old wizards had been raised; as hunters and protectors... and of course with a few of his own trickster ways. Now it was his job to keep her safe her while her father, mother and little sister were in hiding and preferably make her be somewhat of a young person.

"Thank you for letting me stay here." She said softly. "I can't just sit back and not do anything."

Dumbledore nodded. "I know." He told her. "Come on. Lets get you settled in and some supper hum?"

"But…" Teddy felt his hand on the small of her back as he guided her down the spiral stair case and into the dark hallways. "What about Potter?" She asked.

Dumbledore chuckled at her eagerness. "All in good time my dear. All in good time."

"Hey," George Weasley nudged his twin and nodded over to where the head master was standing with a young woman clad in the Hogwarts uniform. She didn't seem to be that comfortable in it though. The tie was undone and the shirt gapped open at the collar. "You know her?" He asked his brother.

Fred looked up at the girl and Dumbledore raising an eyebrow at the beautiful young woman as she spoke to the headmaster in what appeared to be an equal fashion. "No…But I want to." He muttered tilting his head as if it would give him a better view. The twins watched as she grasped hands with Dumbledore before he shooed her off and watched with an amused smile like a father watches a child learning how to walk. "Let's invite her over here."

"Oi!" George yelled. "New girl!" She looked at them before narrowing her eyes at Dumbledore as he let out a chuckle.

She looked back at him, the red head who had called across the room at her. Slowly she walked away from the safely of Dumbledore and approached the twins. Oh yes, it was just her luck that there were two of them. "Hi."

"Brilliant she's an American!" Fred exclaimed hitting his brother in the chest. "Hi." He returned after that. "Come sit with us." George patted the seat in between them and smiled at her as she raised a dark eyebrow.

"I think that I'll just sit on this side." She told them, sitting on the other side of the table. She crossed her legs and looked at them as they starred at her with matching smiled on their faces. It was a good thing that she wasn't easily rattled. She looked down at her schedule and than back up to them, still smiling at her. "Okay," She muttered. "I'll bite. Who are you?"

"Took you long enough." Fred said. "I'm the handsome Fred Weasley and this toad is George."

"Twins." George interjected.

She gave a little smile. "I got that." She looked at them taking in the red hair and sparkling blue eyes. "I should have guessed you were Weasley's." She said it with a smile and it didn't sound like a bad statement at all. She held out her hand. "I'm Teddy."

George pushed Fred's hand out of the way before he could shake it. "Hi Teddy Bear."

Teddy narrowed her eyes slightly. "No, Just Teddy." She corrected.

Fred smiled at his brother, who smirked back. "Oh I think we'll call you our Teddy Bear."

George and Fred were pleased to learn that the young woman was not only a Gryffindor but in their class as well and sharing a dorm with Angelina and some of the other girls from their class. The Quidditch teammate told them that her bed had not been there when she had gone to bed the night before but had appeared by the time she had woken up.

Teddy stood in front of the charms class room propping herself up on a wall with her foot, eyes closed. Jet lag: She was hoping it wouldn't happen when she traveled magically but apparently not. She glanced up as she felt a presents on either side of her, seeing the two red heads, Fred and George on both sides of her.

"So are you two the welcome party or something?" She asked.

George and Fred grinned over her, being much shorter than them. "You could say that." George said wrapping an arm around her tensed shoulders.

"Or you could say that we're curios about any student that comes in after start of term, in the middle of the night, and who good old Dumbledore seems to have taken a personal interest in." Fred looked at his brother. "Better explanation?"

"Much." George conformed as they guided her into the empty charms room where their and evidently her next class was. "See if Dumbledore is keeping that close an eye on you it means one of two things. Fred?"

"One:" Fred said sitting her down in between them as she looked back and forth from twin to twin. "You're a naughty, cheeky little girl that needs a great deal of looking after so nothing bad will happen. In that case we are…three peas in a pod and could definitely tweek your talents at Hogwarts; we being the resident bad boys." He ran a hand through his hair as if to prove him point.

"Two:" George leaned in closer to her making her look back at him quickly. "And this one is actually the more fun of the two my darling Teddy Bear."

"Just Teddy." She clenched her teeth at the all too commonly used nick name.

He ignored her. "You're a good little girl who is a friend of the family. Shy, sweet and caring….innocent even. In which case we can corrupt you into our own trickster ways."

"Oh, I like that one." Fred said and both looked at her expectantly.

Teddy looked at them and smiled slightly. "Oh I don't think that you can corrupt me boys." She told them.

"Really?" Fred said, leaning in with interest.

"See that sounds like a challenge to us." George told her.

"You must be really bored here." She muttered to them looking back and forth again.

"Yeah well," Fred patted her back as the rest of the students filed into the room. "We're not going to be anymore."

"Hey you two!" Angelina Johnson came walking up to them. "You leave her alone!" The twins put on a matching innocent look and she glared at them, as she looked back at Teddy apologetically. "Sorry about those buggers. They daft." She offered her hand. "I think you're in my dorm. I'm Angelina. Why don't you come and sit with me?" She said friendly.

"Oi Angelina. Don't take away our fun!" Fred said.

The girl rolled her brown eyes. "There's only two places at a desk you twits." She said as she and Teddy sat at the desk in front of the boys.

Teddy smiled back at them, turning slightly around in her chair as the professor came in but still thinking, What an interesting pair. Maybe this will be more fun than I thought.

The small professor looked at a piece of parchment than up at her with a giddy smile. "Miss Elwood!" She gave a nod keeping her face passive. "It says in this note from the Headmaster that you use wandless magic. Is that correct?"

Teddy nodded. "Yes Sir." She told him, spinning her quill in between her fingers.

The small dwarflike man clapped his hands. "Brilliant." He looked around the rest of the class. "What a treat for you all! This is very rare so we normally don't talk about it until specialty classes. But now that we have one it's a perfect opportunity." Teddy looked down at her desk top. Just what she needed. More attention. "You see there are a few beings, most rare wizards and witches that can channel the power of life around them. Because of this their powers are far harder to control because of the immense amount of life on the planet. Normally the people who can use this talent are not even classified as wizard or in Miss. Elwood's case, witch but as elementals. They can harness one element mostly." He looked at Teddy. "Would you please show us yours!?"

He sounded way to excited about it and she knew that it wasn't actually a request. Most likely it was more for himself to see than for her to demonstrate to the class. Slowly she got up from her seat and walked over to an open window. Everyone was watching her, not that this was anything new. She was used to being watched by both Muggles and wizards. The product scandal in the Wizarding world and the heiress to a shipping fortune in the muggle world had pretty much guaranteed that there was no way that she was going to have a moment of peace in her life.

She reached out and lay the tips of her long fingers on top of the open window sill.

George and Fred looked at each other and shrugged, looking back to see one of the vines from the outside wall into the window and looping around her wrist as her eyes followed it.

"Wicked…" Both boys hissed watching as it spouted a flower that grew rapidly from it and blossomed in an instant.

"Well that was impressive." George chased after her as his other brother watched with a grin, knowing that George would bring her back to them.

"Imagine if I can do that with flowers that I can do with thorns." She muttered, wondering briefly if it would scare the red head away. She doubted it and if it did than it would seem that she had misplaced her interest.

"Hey." George grabbed her wrist and she stopped and turned to him, holding the book to her chest. He smiled at the curios look on her face. He was more than interesting in the type of thrones and trouble she could cause with such a talent. "Why don't you let my brother and I show you around Hogwarts?" He suggested.

Teddy looked up at the tall, handsome, red head. "Alright." She finally said and he smiled putting an arm around her shoulders and guiding her back to his brother.

George looked over the library at the girl as he pretended to read. She glanced up from time to time and both brothers would look down. The girl shook her head and looked back down at the book of charms only to feel their eyes raise to look at her again as she did. Finally she slammed the book closed and walked over to them.

Fred looked up and pretended that they hadn't been spying. "Yes?" He asked casually.

Teddy didn't say anything but turned the book over so the words were the right side up and patted him on the shoulder before walking away.

George watched her with a smile on his face. Before turning back to his twin who was looking at his book than at him than at the door that she had just left from. "One of us needs to marry that girl."

Teddy groaned as she saw the younger Malfoy spot her from down the hall and smirk walking towards her. At least it wasn't his father. She could tolerate Draco's attitude towards his genetic inbreeding but it was his father that really got under her skin. She turned but he had already caught sight of her and was waltzing down the hall with his lackies.

"Elwood." He said standing in front of the older girl.

"Since I was born." She returned turning, back to him.

"Yes." Malfoy sneered. "What an unfortunate thing that was." Some of his cronies chuckled.

She looked at him calmly. "Is there something you wanted boy or are you just in the mood to be hanging from a tree in the Forbidden Forest all night." She narrowed her eyes at him. "Its not like I haven't done it to you before." She murmured darkly.

"Hey." She felt George and Fred standing behind her. They had come out of the library bored after she left cause there was no one to convince to play trick with them just to find the girl and Malfoy squaring off. "This little blitter bugging you?" He asked.

Malfoy sneered. "Leave it to you Elwood to associate with low blood like the Weasleys when you come to the school. Just what you'd expect from your breeding."

"Malfoy," Said an older Slytherian, Blaise, coming up and standing behind them. "Don't push it."

Teddy stepped closer to Malfoy. "You're the old low class braggart I see here Draco. I suggest you don't ever say something like that in my presents again unless you want to cry for your daddy to save you." Her voice was soft but threatening.

Malfoy wrinkled his nose and stalked off but not before muttering that she was "filthy half breed trash" and little sister was a "filthy and disgusting mudblood."

"Hey!" George yelled at Malfoy and glanced at her. She looked fine with the first comment but the second one lit her eyes alight and even the Slytherian at their side straightened up instantly and went to draw his wand but Teddy's tan hand shot up first and a vine from outside shot in from a window and wrapped around his ankles, pulling him out of the open window and hanging him from the high vault.

"Oh my god!" Fred and George laughed, clenching their stomachs.

"Theodore…" Blaise warned.

She glanced at the black haired Slytherian boy. "Relax Blaise. I'm just playing with him." She saunter over to the high window and leaned out it. "See Draco; crying like a little baby again!" The vine brought him swinging over to her. "Call my mother and sister that again! Do it! I dare you! All I have to think about is you crashing down to the earth and this plant will do it for me!"

"Theodore!" She turned to Blaise who looked at her sternly. "He gets the point."

George and Fred looked at the Slytherian surprised that he was telling the girl what to do knowing about house rivalries. They were even more surprised when she looked back at him and gave a curt nod. The vine moved back into the hall and deposited Malfoy to the floor in a thump.

She moved over to him and sat on her hunches in front of the blond boy. She lifted his chin with her slender fingers, elegance rolling off of her. "Insult my family…" She glanced back at the Weasley's (one of their brothers had joined them it seemed), a boy she guessed to be Potter and a young woman. "Or my friends again Malfoy and thorns will be the least of your worries." She got up as he scrabbled away. "Oh!" she called after him. "And go a head and tell 'daddy'. He and my dad are long over do for a conversation." He turned but continued his rapid sprint.

"Wow." The young woman said to her. "That was amazing."

She looked at Fred and George smiling at her and than at Blaise. "Sorry," She told him.

The Slytherian shrugged. "Nothing else you could have done. You know how the Malfoy's work. If you hadn't asserted yourself you would have never heard the end of it." He turned and followed the other Slytherian's down the hall.

"What the bloody hell was that prat talking about?" The new red head said.

Teddy smiled slightly. "Blaise is my cousin. We're still very close." She told them. She looked back up at Fred and George. "Thank you for trying to defend me." She murmured, suddenly looking a little shy as she clenched her hands in front of her.

George smiled slightly and nodded. "Anytime darling." She looked up at him a little startled.

"Not that you needed it." Fred pointed out.

"My sister is four years old." She said tarring her eyes from George to his mirror image. "I can't stand people picking on her like that." She folded her arms over her chest and looked down the hall where they had fled. She glanced at the younger three eyes landing on Potter before moving back to the boys that had effectively become her tail for the week and a half she had been here. "I just wish it was his father. At least than I wouldn't have to worry about him crying."

"Miss Elwood. Mr. Potter." Snape marched up to them but none of them moved, in fact if anything they seemed more amused than anything. She took in all of their emotions quickly making sure that none of them were scared. Maybe this place did have some hope in it. "I should have known I would find this band of miscreants here."

"That's not very nice Professor." Teddy murmured.

He raised an eyebrow at her. She was defiantly as defiant as her father. "The head master would like to see you." He told her.

"But Malfoy completely deserved it." Ron protested.

Snape eyed him. "I haven't heard of that misfortune yet but I'm sure I will." He looked back at Teddy. "Now Miss Elwood." He hissed.

She nodded and looked back at them, grabbing Georges wrist as he turned to leave. "Save me a seat at dinner?"

George grinned broadly. "Right in between us." He assured her, before turning to his brother. "She's all ours." He muttered as she walked away with Snape.