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Chapter Five

One Big Pity Party

Arden's POV

I grab the clipboard and thrust it into Owen's hands. "Don't do anything yet," I tell him. Then I get up on my knees again, and look around the bus. No one is looking at me or Owen, mainly because they're all crowding around the windows, trying to see what happened to that dork, Rain.


I get back down off my knees, and turn back to Owen. "Okay, this is what we do."

Sadie's POV

Oh my gosh.

Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh.

Poor Rain.

You see, we had just arrived at the Alpine Lodge Ski Report, when Margaret comes bursting in, and says that Rain fainted.

He fainted.

I thought he got over that whole fainting thing in fourth grade.

Poor Rain.

Ben's POV

Poor Rain.

Poor Sadie.

She looks so sad right now.

I mean, her best friend since forever just fainted, and there's nothing she can do. She looks devastated.

Does she like Rain? I mean, like Rain?!?!?!?

Oh, wait. I'm here.

Yeah, I need to get this whole "smug" thing under control. Who knows? Sadie might leave me because of it.

If we ever even go out.

Poor Rain.

Poor Sadie.

Poor me.

Margaret's POV

Ms. Mann and I rush out of Sadie's bus, and run through the snow to the other bus. I don't even notice the cold, I'm so worried about Rain. He hasn't fainted like this in years. It could be really serious.

Poor Rain.

Ms. Mann and I thunder onto the other bus, and hurry to where Rain is currently lying on the floor.

Or attempt to. All the kids on the bus are standing in the aisle, trying to what's going on.

I'll tell you what's going on. My best friend just fainted. We need to help him really bad. They need to move.

Ms. Mann, though, must have been think the same thing, because she grabs the microphone out of the bus driver's hands, and yells into it, "If you all don't sit back down in your seats in the next three seconds, you'll all have enough task-completion slip until when you die."

Everyone sits down. No one wants even one task-completion slip, let alone that many,

With the aisle clear, Ms. Mann and I are able to get to where Rain is. He's still breathing, which is good. But if he doesn't wake up in the next five minutes, it could be bad.

Really bad.

(A/N: I can't really remember if this is true from when we did CPR, but it probably is. He could go entirely comatose. And then Margaret would have to nurse him back to health. And that would be, like, half the story gone. And it sounds kinda familiar, eh?)

So I say, "Guys, we need to get him outside, like, now." I glance up, and there's Jon, looking straight at me.

Ding. Idea.

"Jon, how much do you bench press?"

Ms. Mann looks at me strangely. "Miss Browning-Leveque, this is hardly the time for your romantic conquests."

"No, Ms. Mann, I think it might be. Jon, how much?"

Through this whole thing, Jon has been looking really confused. "Uh, about 230 pounds. Why?"

I sigh. "Do you think that you could lift Rain outside?"

He still looks bewildered. "Uh, okay…?"

"So we can do CPR?"

He grins. "Gotcha."

And then he picks Rain up, like it's nothing. I move aside, and he passes me, trudging down the steps and into the cold. I follow.

He sets Rain down in the fresh snow, and steps away.

Okay, the victim is in an open area. What did the book say next?

Oh, yeah, compressions and breaths.

Now was it 30 compressions and two breaths, or fifteen and two?


"Thirty and two," Jon supplies.

"Thanks," I grin.

And then I perform CPR on Rain.

Sadie's POV

I'm still looking out the window, when some tan kid comes out of the other bus, with an unconscious Rain in him arms and Margaret following. Tan Boy sets Rain down in the snow, and, a few seconds later, says something to Margaret.

And then Margaret leans down to where Rain is lying on the snow, and kisses him.


Ben's POV

What the heck? Why is Margaret kissing Rain while he's knocked out?

Oh, wait, that whole cardiopulmonary resuscitation thing. CPR. Got it.

I glance over at Sadie. She's as confused as I was. So I lean over to her, and whisper, "CPR."

Her mouth contorts into an 'O', and she turns pink.

How cute.

We both look back out the window, where Rain has started stirring. I guess that CPR stuff works.

But I hear it hurts like hell after you wake up,

Poor Rain.

Rain's POV

I wake up with the most awful pounding in my head.

And someone's lips on mine. I open my eyes. It's Margaret.

I guess the pounding's not so bad if this is what I get for it.

But, I guess she's not a mind reader, because she pulls away as soon as I open my eyes.

But, in retrospect, I guess it's a good thing she's not a mind reader.

Still, I wish I was kissing her again. Even with the hammers hitting my head.

Margaret's voice interrupts my thoughts. "Rain, are you okay?"

I try and prop myself up on my elbows, but I can't. "No, I'm not. What happened?"

She hesitates, and then says, "Uh, you fainted."

It all comes back to me. Me liking Margaret. Margaret's head on Jon's shoulder. Me passing out.

Real smooth.

Ms. Mann pushes Margaret out of the way, and pushes her face up into mine. "Papadakis? Papadakis, how many fingers am I holding up?"

"Uh, none, Ms. Mann."

She blushes. "Right." She then stands up, and straightens her clothes. "Well, then, let's get everyone inside. I'll announce the room and group assignments then. Can you walk, Papadakis?"

I hesitate, but then I notice I'm lying in snow. And it's really cold. So I say, "Yeah, sure."

"No, you can't," Margaret says. "Jon, can you help him in?"

I notice Jon, standing in the background. "Yeah, sure," he says. He walks over to where I am, and picks me up, puts his arm under my shoulders, and practically drags me into the lodge.

Did I mention I hate the guy?

Ben's POV

After Ms. Mann makes sure that Rain is in the building, she comes back on our bus. All the kids hurry to sit back down in their seats. All except Arden and Owen. They never even stood up.

I wonder….

"Okay, kids," she says. "I will be giving you your room assignments and ski groups inside the lodge. Please exit the bus in an orderly fashion−"

The rest of her monologue is cut off by half the tenth-grade population of Bennett rising to their feet, and pushing Ms. Mann out the door.

Sadie's POV

The inside of the lodge is really nice. Like really nice. Like five-star hotel nice.

Yeah, that nice.

We all crowd in the lobby. Ben is right next to the entire time. He is such a good boyfriend.

Well, almost boyfriend.

After Ms. Mann gets all the other kids from the other bus into the lobby, she starts looking around. "Does anyone know where my clipboard is?"

Arden holds a clipboard up. "Here it is, Ms. Mann."

She reaches over to get it. I take the opportunity to glance over at Ben. We're both thinking the same thing: It's real suspicious for Arden to be helping out. She must be up to something.

Ms. Mann has her clipboard. She clears her throat.

"Okay, we will be rooming five to a room. And no, guys will not be rooming with girls. Honestly. Miss Hawthorne, Miss Browning-Leveque, Miss Alcott, Miss Wu, you are rooming in Room 217. Miss Randall was supposed to be with you, but she had flu. Mr. Harrison, Mr. Papadakis, Mr. Burns, Mr. Yuma, and Mr. Owens will all be in Room 221. The chaperones for both of you will be Mr. and Mrs. Hawthorne, our last minute volunteers."


Ben's, Margaret's, and Rain's POVs

(They're all thinking the same thing.)

Poor Sadie.

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