A/N:: This fic is from Umbridge's POV. hehe It was fun to write.

FanFic 100 Prompt #:: 040- Sight- Umbridge isn't blind. lol

What Do You See?

You may think that I, Delores Umbridge, am haughty, obstinate, and somewhat domineering, but do not allow your prejudice to fool you; I am quite perceptive. I often see what others do not. Take for example this room- the Great Hall. What do you see? No, look past these rowdy, defiant children, past the endless platters full of food. If you indeed share even an ounce of my gift of insight, you may begin to realize what I wish to show you. There, in the Headmaster's eye- it is the same twinkle he possesses each time he is near his Deputy Headmistress. Notice the giddy smile on her face as they tease each other, almost completely ignoring their own meals. It is enough to make one sick at the stomach!

Watch as the Headmaster brushes his hand unceremoniously against his Deputy's hand, as if his actions were not intentional. Both of their faces flush a vibrant shade of pink. The Headmaster smiles at her in that certain special way, and she returns the longing glance. Again, this is making me physically ill. Not only must I watch them fall over each other as I am attempting to digest my food, but it does not seem possible for one of them to go anywhere without the other, often walking dangerously close with arms tightly linked together.

Tell me, do you think this is merely a game they play, a silly infatuation? Can it be a plan for my demise? Even worse, could it be... love?!