damn obsession with this song! I thought ' wouldn't gaara be the perfect person to write this song fic to?' so here it is, gaara's lonely day. Song lyrics are in slashes. ENJOY!!!

Gaara's POV

/such a lonely day.../

I feel cold...

Why do I feel so cold?

I've never felt cold before... I live in a desert!

And yet...

I'm so cold...

And lonely...

I wonder who would be able to make this go away...

Naruto, maybe...?

He is so much like me.

He was lonely like me...

/and it's mine/

I wonder if he is having a lonely day like me...


Naruto never has a lonely day.

He has all these friends now.

He told me to keep in touch...

To call if I needed anything...

Does loneliness count as a problem?

/the most loneliest day of my life/

"Naruto?" I said over the phone.

"Hey Gaara! How are you?"

My lips twitched,

was that what peopled called a smile?

So lonely...

Only Naruto can make me smile.

"I'm fine but... can I come over?"

Naruto was silent.

Almost as if he wasn't there.

So lonely...

/such a lonely day/

"Yes Gaara, you can come over."

The loneliness...

It almost feels like it's disappearing..

Why is it I feel so safe with Naruto?

Yet underneath...

I'm still lonely.

I'm still cold.

/should be banned/

"Hello, Gaara. Why did you want to come over?" Naruto said as he pulled open the door

something told me Naruto didn't want me here.

Maybe it's because I tried to kill him.

Yes that's it.

Naruto is more complicated then he looks.

Friendly on the outside

and much different on the inside.

The loneliness.

It's rushing back up!

It's gonna kill me,

I swear!

This is the one thing my sand cannot protect me from.

In fact, it was my sand that caused it.

Yes that is why I hate this sand.

Love it and hate it...

Maybe I'm more complicated then Naruto is...

/it's a day that I can't stand/

"Is something wrong?" Ah, Naruto, as interpretive as ever.

"No, I was just lonely."

And just like that.

The loneliness was gone

(well... not exactly...)


How is it that you comfort me so?

Naruto smiled knowingly. "Let me be the first person you call if you're lonely." he said


you will always be the first person I call

the first person I think of.

And the sad thing is...

I am lonely everyday...

But I would never tell Naruto that.


Why is it that I still felt the loneliness?

Just underneath the surface.

It's still there.

Even if I'm with my only friend,

I'm still lonely.

It driving me crazy!

Which isn't that hard to do,


/the most loneliest day of my life. The most loneliest day of my life./

Naruto was hugging me.

Naruto was hugging me!

It felt so warm...

So comforting...

I think Naruto knew...

I think he knew the loneliness was still there.

He knows how I feel.

Because he is like me.

Thank you...

"Gaara. I know this loneliness. And it doesn't go away that easy. But... I'll try."

Thank you so much.

You rescue me as I die.

You jump into the water as I start to drown.

Thank you.


Just a small bit of this loneliness went away.

/and if you go. I wanna go with you./

I hugged him back.

We stood like that,


what a new concept for me.

Naruto was so warm.

As expected from him.

So loving.

So kind.

So unlike me yet like me in so many ways.

/and if you die. I wanna die with you./


Keep this loneliness away from me.

You are my shield.

You protect me,

even better then my sand.

/such a lonely

and it'd mine

it's a day I'm glad I survived/

NOTE: I skipped part of the song on purpose.this is slightly shounen ai. i'm telling you now i didn't mean it to be!!!! i liked that. did you? RXR ONEGAI!!!