AN// Slash (Sara/Cath) you have been warned


"Okay…come on… let's hurry this up…" Sara took the steps too at a time, then when she got to the bottom was disheartened to see that the others were still near the top. "Guys…pick up the pace…come on." She barked as she headed over to the door – she took from it the jackets – "Here…" She held one to the teenager who looked just about ready to have one of the oh so great fits, "Lindsey… jacket"

"I hared you" Lindsey mumbled, she took her jacket and began to put it on as Sara knelt down to the younger boy and began to put his jacket on trying to ignore what was another of the teenagers episodes.

"Hey Kiddo…come on…we need to go out…" Sara offered softly, trying to coax the five year old into the jacket with minimal grief.

"When's mom going to be home?" Lindsey asked leaning against the wall, looking down on where Sara and Jason were. Her mother's girlfriend and her annoying five year old brother – they were together for the weekend – and things were looking to the sixteen year old like things couldn't get any worse.

"I couldn't tell you" Sara mumbled as she fought with the zip on the still semi asleep Jason, "Kiddo…think you could give me a hand?" She pleaded through gritted teeth as she fought with the zip. He still stood there slumped forward; head down showing Sara the exact reason Catherine had a bed time for him and why it should be enforced.

"Aren't you supposed to know things like, when the love of your life is back off her business trip?" The teenager shot – sarcasm evident and satisfaction of that little remark also clear.

"Don't go there Lindsey…give me a break… for the next two days how about we call a truce." Sara growled, finally getting the zip up. She gave a nod – "there you go Junior…" she smiled, and then looked up to Lindsey. "Is it too much to ask?"

Lindsey just shrugged, "We'll see wont we!" she turned and headed towards the door. "By the way…mom usually feeds us before we leave in the morning" Sara just shook her head and took hold of her own jacket and bag ushering a resistant Jason out the door. It wasn't even half nine and she was already exhausted – and to think this was the first day.

She stepped out onto the front of the house looking to the SUV where Lindsey was already messing around with the radio. "Kiddo…to get to the truck you kinda have to walk!" she offered to Jason who had stopped dead in front of her.

The young boy shook his head with a whiney face crossed his arms – "Nope…me wants mommy"

"Yeah well…me wants to get into that car and get everything sorted so you either walk or you don't. Either way you're getting in that car." When she saw him shake his head defiantly she sighed, throwing the sports bag she had in her hand over her shoulder she reached down and picked hip up. He lent his head against her shoulder mumbling and moaning, wrapping his arms around her neck. "You see…your moms always right huh? He needs to sleep or he's cranky… look at you slugger…all cranky. She's going to kill me" Sara sighed trudging down the pathway and towards the Denali.

"You know you said you'd be at Grandma's half hour ago"

"Yes, thanks for the update Linds" Sara growled as she fastened a still struggling Jason into the car seat. "Come on…give me a break" She once again pleaded, "I could really do with your help dude"

"I…Wants …"

"Mom…yeah I know…but she's on a trip…so your stuck with me" Sara explained finally succeeding in getting the buckle done up. "Thank you god" She sighed, then looked at her son – "Okay…let's go" she shut the door and headed towards the drivers seat.

"Is Nancy going to be at Grans?" Lindsey asked.

Sara just looked over at the teenager, "Know something I don't?" she questioned. It was no secret that herself and Catherine's sister had what can only be described as a 'love hate relationship' – Nancy loved to hate Sara. To be honest it was more than likely that Nancy was going to be at Catherine's mothers, it was Sara's big test – so she'd want to be there to see her fail. Which she was sure she was doing right now.

"Just wonderin' is all" Lindsey reached for the radio again changing the station. Sara just sighed and pulled the car from the drive praying that the trip wasn't going to be two hectic. They were heading up to Lilly's cabin that was up at Lake Mead – for some odd reason they were spending the holiday there. The whole of Catherine's family and Sara, due to Catherine's important business trip, was heading up here two days earlier than her girlfriend as it was insisted by Catherine's mother. Already an hour late and they hadn't even left the house…things weren't starting good and she prayed that things didn't get any worse.