Part 13

Sara reached them now just in time to see Catherine stand up, she had a look of disbelief on her face. The brunette stayed back, interested to see how this would play out – she wasn't sure if it was something she'd want to see though.

"God it's been too long. Tell me you missed me!"

"Mat?" She asked, "What the…" she crossed her hands over her chest – it had shocked Sara to see how defensive her girlfriend seemed to become. "Why are you here?"

"I ran into Nancy in the store… told me you were all up here… thought I'd stop by."

"You shouldn't have bothered…" The defensive stance soon evolved into anger. This instantly put Sara on guard.

"Come one Cat …" He smirked as she took a step forward and placed his hand on her arm she pulled back from him. Sara stepped forward, hearing this guy use nicknames in reference to her girlfriend angered her but not as much as seeing how him standing here effected the blond.

"Cath?" Sara asked as if requesting permission to grab hold of him.

Catherine for the first time seemed to become aware that there was more than just her and Mat stood here. She turned to look into the concerned eyes of her girlfriend, and then just shook her head. It wasn't that she wouldn't love to see someone give this bastard what he deserved – but she didn't want that someone to be Sara and defiantly didn't want it to be done in front of her son. She turned around and looked down to Jason. "Hey…kiddo… how about you go set that computer up…"

He looked from Catherine up to Mat, Jason had no idea who he was but all he knew was he'd made his mom mad.

"Jas… go on… we wont be long." She said a little firmer.

He just nodded; standing to his feet he climbed the steps and ran to the house pushing the door open that the blond was now happy she'd decided to leave of the catch. Once she was sure her son was out of the way she looked back to Mat who Sara was now a lot closer to. She was lent with her back on the rails looking him up and down.

"You shouldn't be here…"

"Just came to say hi… for old time's sake…" He explained holding his hands up in defence. Then he looked to Sara, "This your body guard…"

Catherine looked from him to Sara, she knew her girlfriend – and if she didn't get rid of Mat soon she'd have trouble controlling the anger of her lover. "Try my girlfriend…" Catherine shot. He looked from Catherine to the brunette.

"Your kidding me?" he began to laugh. "Well I didn't see that coming…"

watching him stand there laughing was a push to far for Sara, she waited for Catherine to say something back but when she looked to the blond she noticed how upset she was becoming – this scared Sara a little as it was unlike Catherine to back down to any ass hole.

Sara stepped forward, "leave…" she ordered, not happy to stand back and watch some ass treat the woman she loved like this. She had no idea of the history of the two of them but what she did know was that anyone what had this kind of an effect of Catherine was bad news.

"Come on…" He laughed, "This is a joke…" he looked Sara up and down before looking over to Catherine. "You're really fucking her?"

Before Catherine could react Sara had brought her fist across his face, the years of self defence and personal safety training she'd been forced to go through as a result of been a CSI paying off, as she was successfully able to throw him off balance enough to bring her other fist across his jaw - the crunch of bone on bone echoing loudly.

Sara had seen black and as Mat hit the floor she went towards him pulling her fist back again, about to hit him. She was stopped however by an arm moving around her waist pulling her back roughly, and a hand grabbing her wrist that was pulled back; she still continued to pull from the grasp wanting to make the smug bastard stop smiling. It was the demands of the blond that pulled her back to reality. "Stop! SARA!!!!! DON'T…ITS NOT FUCKING WORTH IT!! PLEASE" she begged.

"Fucking leave" Sara shouted to the guy lay on the floor who Catherine was using all her power to pull her back from. She had the fabric of Sara's top in her fist. She had managed to pull Sara's hand down to the brunette's side, then holding it in front of her.

Mat stud up from the floor, spitting blood from his mouth and holding his fingers up to his split lip. "Same type in women as Men huh C?" he asked her with a smirk, "she beat you around the room after she's downed a few?"

Sara went for him again but Catherine had a good grip on her and was ready for the brunette to go again. She was able to hold her back –

"You want me to show you what I can do without a drink in me?!" Sara threatened.

"Leave Mat - before I let her beat the crap out of you" Catherine shouted over Sara's threats. Although she felt sick and dirty with this guy stood in front of her, the main priority right now was to calm Sara down – the last thing she needed was to be pulled in for assault.

"What's going on out here?" A voice demanded from behind, Catherine now knew her mother was stood on the porch; she really didn't need this right now.

"LEAVE" Catherine told him again. He just smiled and nodded.

"You'll regret this" he warned, "remember I always win."

She watched him walk away, but still held Sara from going after him. The younger woman was still trying to pull free only to have Catherine press her lips softly against the side of her neck and speaking. "Stop… calm down… please…"

"Catherine…?" Lilly demanded with worry.

Catherine used her grip on Sara to guide her around, moving her so she was able to get her back against the rails that lined the porch. She then looked to her mother. "It's fine Mom…just go stay with the kids… please." She barked.

Lilly just shook her head, worried for her daughter. She did as instructed – walking back into the house.

Sara shook with adrenaline, her breathing fast – "I'm… sorry…I…." she didn't know how to explain what had happened, she'd just lost it.

Catherine moved herself so she was pressed against Sara, "Don't apologise to me" she ordered "you need to calm down though" Catherine had picked up a few tricks along the years of knowing Sara – and even more in the time been lovers. She moved her hands now firmly but more lovingly to each side of Sara's waist.

"What the fuck was that?" Sara demanded.

"an ex…just my ex" Catherine explained- "its complicated Sara…"

"I've got time" Sara growled.

Catherine closed her eyes and placed her head on Sara's shoulder, Sara knew that looking after Catherine right now took priority over her own anger. She'd never seen anyone do to blond what that guy had managed to do – and that's what had sent Sara over the edge. The brunette wrapped her own arms protectively around her girlfriend and forced herself to be calmer.

"Fuck" Catherine growled. She didn't know where to start, she didn't know if she wanted to start. "it was just a bad end to a shitty relationship…"

"Seemed more than that... he hurt you" Sara demanded. She didn't mean to be this angry but it was from fear – concern.

Catherine just nodded, "Before you… every guy I'd been with…beat me around the place…he wasn't any different..." she hoped Sara wouldn't push it any further.

Sara nodded her head but still knew there was more to it than that. "Cath… I know what Eddy put you through… he's never got you looking that scared."

Catherine's eyes welled up with tears, she couldn't even look into Sara's eyes she instead looked to the floor – she closed her eyes in an attempt to stop the tears, but her whole shook as the reality of everything hit her.