So, this is my new story, and I'm also still working on Celestial Bliss. This one is told in third person, but is still very 'personal'. It's also a little more mature than what I've written, but not anything too explicit. It's kind of a new experience for me to write all in third person, especially a longer story. So, let me know what you think, if it sucks, if it's alright. You know.

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A Rogue Omega



His eyes—reflections of deep, swirling pools of gold, more intense than a never ending abyss. Sometimes, they were darker than onyx, colder than obsidian, and yet they would always clear. Always.

Now, though, no one was very sure if they would. His raven haired sister couldn't see a future where they were any lighter, couldn't see a future at all, actually—for any of them.

Is this the end?

It ran through all of their minds, the family of perfect, inhuman paragons. They all asked the unanswered question if this is where the existences came to a similar close. It even ran through the mind of the only human in the room, but her thoughts were more focused on her lover.

Please, save yourself. For once, she wanted him to be able to read her mind.

There was no apparent escape, and they all knew it. Even if they were to somehow—miraculously—get out, they would be hunted forever. They would be sought after for the rest of time.

Unless… and she knew what she had to do, the human, she knew it was their only chance. With a deep breath, she locked eyes with the bronze haired angel across the room. His eyes, if possible, darkened just a little bit more and he growled a heart wrenching, shattering sound of grief and pain. She whispered that she loved him, that she would always love him. All he could do was sadly shake his head.

With a last, heartbreakingly sad smile for him, she turned to the man who was, in her eyes, the incarnation of sin. He smirked at her, a knowing sneer that showed her his confidence.

"I'll join you, then."

holding my last breath…

safe inside myself…

are all my thoughts of you…

sweet raptured light…

it ends here tonight…