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I Will Follow You in to the Dark- Death Cab For Cutie.

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A Rogue Omega


. terminus.

"Death lies on her like an untimely frost
upon the sweetest flower of all the field."

.W. Shakespeare.


Bardi Castle, 12:32 p.m.

The mass of vampires moved towards the center of the room, the loud, thundering calls of their shouts deafening to Bella's lesser ears. They moved away from each other slowly, revealing a group that looked more civilized, more angelic than all the rest.

Bella's throat made a sound between a choke and a sound of merriment.

Edward's head snapped around and they locked eyes, smiling as everything around them fell away.

"Edward," she whispered.

He tried to move toward her, but was restrained by the two, husky vampires that had grabbed him at the entrance of the tunnel to Bardi. One smiled maliciously in his direction, his dark eyes flashing crimson in the dimly lit room.

This should be interesting.

Kale still held Bella in his iron grip, and Edward's eyes momentarily flickered down to her arm where he had her.

"Let her go," he threatened.

The new master only smirked, dragging Bella along with him as he made his way toward the Cullens. In a surprising flash of movement, he had thrust Bella at Edward, his eyes turning pitch black.

Immediately, the brunette threw her arms around her lover's neck, burrowing her nose into his collar, savoring his scent. Her body racked with emotion, but she wouldn't waste this time as a sobbing mess. Instead, she only clutched to him, devouring his familiar face, marveling at his beauty as if it were something completely fresh to her.

"Release him," Kale ordered, "only him."

Edward's arms were dropped, the vampire with the previously amused thoughts suddenly turning sour. He wound them tightly around Bella, his hands splaying across her shoulder blades.

"I missed you," she breathed into his ear.

He chuckled darkly, "You have no idea. I thought I'd lost you."

Rue, currently sick of the affectionate display, stepped toward the smallest Cullen, smirking as she passed her. Alice growled, her lip curling back in disgust.

"As lovely as this is," Rue motioned to the embracing couple as she advanced on Kale, "what the hell do you think you're doing?"

He smiled down at her charmingly, which only served to fuel her anger, "Giving the loving couple a pleasant reunion, of course."

She narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously, "Of course."

Kale's thoughts betrayed his actions, however; the calm before the storm, Edward. Enjoy it.

The auburn-haired vampire closed his eyes, letting his head drop into Bella's hair. He lapped up her scent, letting it fill his mind with a blissful haze.

Deeply regretful, he finally pulled away from her, putting her at arms length from himself.

"I'm so sorry, Bella."

She looked up at him, and he could see his reflection in the deep pools of brown, "don't apologize," she murmured, "not now."

He only nodded, and a movement in the corner of his eyes drew his attention. Avery had stepped into the room through a hidden door, coming to stand next to his brother at the head of the crowd. The other vampires thinned away to the outskirts of the hall, only leaving those who restrained the rest of the Cullens.

"Well, now," Avery joined his hands, "how nice of you to join us."

Rosalie's temper snapped and she struggled fruitlessly against her vampire restraints. Avery's eyes dashed toward her and he grinned, winking.

Rue coughed, succeeding in drawing the attention back to her, "So, you're the family of traitors we've heard so much about?" she asked silkily.

Emmett smiled in mock pride, "That'd be us."

Her eyes were drawn to him for seconds before they flicked towards Carlisle, "And you're the leader."

"I am," he answered her statement, keeping a certain composure about him.

Edward surveyed Rue with cool eyes, and she could feel his gaze, penetrating her, tickling the skin on the back of her neck. He scoured her mind, overturning obstacles she uselessly tried to place in his path.

"No," he shook his head, seeing the vision she had, how she expected the night would turn out.

Rue smiled, and it was filled with malice, etched deeply with darkness of every kind, "Oh, yes."

Quick as a blur, with Rue's words as a solid trigger, Kale had let his power seep into the Cullen's minds, devouring their conscious state with the hallucinations from some nights previous. Everything fell like dominoes then; Declan moved forward, taking Bella shocked form into his embrace; Avery helped to restrain a ferocious Edward who was suffering in trying to escape his nightmares.

The only fault was that Kale became weak with the effort. When minds struggle, it exerted him, stole his strength in trying to keep them restricted.

Bella only watched, mouth agape, as Edward cried out for her. She wondered what horrible delusion Kale had trapped him inside of. For once, she would have liked to save him—if even from himself.

"Stop it!" she screamed, looking helplessly back at the tired Kale. He dropped to one knee, and all at once, the Cullens were released from their delirium. Jasper exhaled loudly, his blood lust leaving a lingering taste of bitterness in the back of his throat. Bella did nothing to soothe his temptation.

"Bella," Edward moaned in relief, "you're okay."

She opened her mouth, her brow furrowing as she began to answer him, but was cut off when a tingling, icy-hot sensation began to spread from her wrist to the crease at her elbow. She whimpered, and Edward's head snapped up.

All pairs of eyes darted to the place where an exotic, mouthwatering smell was coming from. Declan had broken Bella's wrist. Badly.

She still stared, the adrenaline running through her veins keeping her from feeling any pain. Yet. It was hanging limply, like it simply felt like giving up, and blood was gushing from the place Declan had squeezed too hard with his nails, the ones he kept oh-so-conveniently, razor sharp.

Edward growled, his eyes slowly turning black, the emotions swirling in them clouded only by the blind anger that was sweeping over him like the Plague. It ate up the words he was trying to speak, and the growling started, low, malicious, and completely terrifying.

Bella's eyes slowly flowed upwards to Declan, and she saw something change in his appearance. Suddenly, what he had been hiding was no longer concealed, but evident in his wicked smile. That cold truth that had been lingering earlier, just behind the red of his irises, just behind the faux devotion of his frown; betrayal.

Clever, Bella thought, just as the pain from her wrist began to rise, as the adrenaline slowly dropped to normal levels. It ran up and down her arm like a fierce stab with a white-hot knife, and she groaned, placing her other hand on her forearm, trying to banish the pain. A natural, human reaction to agony—vain diversion of the ache.

Declan locked eyes with his brother across the room, and Avery smiled at him, nodding once to show that he would accomplice his brother in whatever feat he dared to venture into. It was dangerous, of course, to risk total betrayal of their leader's wishes, but it had to be done. If Kale wanted to be great, he had to take great risks.

"You have a choice, Isabella," Declan murmured to her, his breath chillingly cold on her ear. She only shrieked in response, as his fingers curled around her tortured wrist.

"Bastard!" Rosalie thundered, fighting somewhat more voraciously against her captors' hold. Rue rolled her eyes, appearing behind the other blond within milliseconds. She grasped at her neck, and Emmett's attention was drawn from snarling at Declan to looking worriedly at his wife as she let out a soft, subtle gasp of surprise.

Rue had worked her magic, disabling Rosalie from moving as she stole the strength from her muscles. Slowly, Rue laid her down on the floor, placing one, long heel onto her chest, and looked up expectantly at Emmett.

"What did you do?" he asked breathlessly, his muscles suddenly going lax as he deflated the vampires who had been holding him preparing themselves for when his muscles clenched again.

"She's just taking a little nap, love. She'll be fine in no time at all," she said to him, looking back down at Rose and digging her heel into her for emphasis, "And I do suspect she'll be royally pissed."

"Rue," Kale warned with a growl, "we agreed no one would be hurt."

She laughed, throwing her head back in dramatic ecstasy. When she became serious again, she exchanged an amused glance with her mate, her claret eyes boring back into Kale's confused orbs, "I lied."

He shook his head, his mind still exhausted from overpowering those of the Cullens. A brief, humorless bark came from his lips, and he looked back up at her, "Somehow, I knew you were all along."

"Good," she whispered, "Because this all for you, Kale," she lied, silencing him with her glare, "please, my love, carry on."

Declan placed a large hand on Bella's collar bone, snapping it as brutally as he had done her wrist.

Alice covered her mouth, watching as tears sprung from Bella's eyes, and the first scream of the night echoed through the dank room. They washed down her cheeks, creating a path for those that followed.

"Like I said," Declan intoned, a little louder to beat the volume of Edward's growls, "you have a choice. You join us, Bella, and live in servitude," he let his words sink in as her head lolled uselessly onto his shoulder. A press to her abdomen from Declan, and she was gasping for air, feeling something crush beneath his touch. The devil's touch.

The skin beneath her shirt turned slowly blue, then a sickly, yellowish color. Declan lifted the hem of her blouse, locking eyes with Edward as he took in Bella's mangled stomach.

"Bella," her lover whispered deeply, his howl filtering into Bella's head groggily—she was already slipping.

Declan continued with his agonizing speech in monotone, "Or you can watch the Cullens die, one by one, before you die, Bella, as my meal for the night."

Rue licked her lips, "Choose wisely, love."

"No," Bella answered, her voice dry and scratchy as sandpaper. She didn't believe their threats, not quite yet. They seemed empty, the way Declan put them. Certainly they hadn't gone through all of this trouble just to kill them all now.

"Are you sure?"

Another scream filled the room as Declan, without leniency, pressed a hand to her chest, leaving a palm print mark there that turned blue-black immediately. Her body was trying in vain to heal itself. She was battered, and the abuse just kept pounding down on her—wherever Declan touched, she bled.

Kale's words from earlier filled her head, and Bella crumpled to the floor, Declan allowing her to fall at his feet. He was practically thriving off the power.

You'll want to reconsider.

Declan placed a foot near her hip, and her body reacted hardly at all. Was it already giving up? Was she?


She suffocated, mercilessly, on her own blood and bile that had collected in her throat, and Edward could only watch, helpless as she did so. It was torture of the most malicious kind to both lovers, while one died; the other was forced to watch.

"I-I can't see you," Bella choked, blood finally spilling over her lips. Tears were racing down her cheeks, disappearing into the cloth of her shirt, "I can't see you, Edward."

Her Adonis was no longer capable of words, and a low growl was permanently coming from his throat. He howled with rage and pain, finding it difficult to stand erect with the grief running through his body.

"No," Alice chanted, "no, no, no, no," she placed a dainty hand to her forehead, collapsing at Jasper's feet, "please, please help her."

Declan's lip curled up into a sneer, "She has her options."

Emmett was now shaking with raw fury; four, full grown vampires holding him back with all their vigor, "Bastard," he snarled menacingly, looking not at Declan, but at Kale.

Kale looked away from Bella's, trembling, pain stricken form, a cold hand seizing his own heart, "Declan," he murmured, "change her already."

"No!" the other roared, "These are the kind of sacrifices you need to make, Kale! This can only make you stronger."

Kale growled, but nodded, silence as his only answer.

The choking was just background noise now, and in a swift movement, Declan had crouched down beside Bella, moving her head to the side as she gasped in pain, "It hurts," she whimpered, "it hurts so bad."

"Pitiful," Declan sighed, running a finger down her slender neck, leaving bruises in his wake. He pressed a hand to her arm, a sickening snap resounding throughout the room. Edward fell to his knees as Bella screamed earth shatteringly, her eyes snapping open.

"Stop," Alice shrieked, her eyes closed, "you're tearing her apart!" The pixie's voice was an ear-splitting shriek, the force of agony on her heart portrayed through her words, and through her sobs.

Rosalie was still incapacitated on the floor, her eyes open in shock, and her mouth slightly gaping. Rue stood over her, smiling her sick, twisted smile. Everything was falling into place.

The human was a gory mess, and all of the inhuman creatures in the room could hear her heart sputtering, giving its last few beats. She shuddered, her blind eyes looking in the general direction she had last seen Edward. He opened his mouth to speak to her, to tell her anything comforting. But what could he say? All that slipped was another threatening growl.

Though she was half-dead, half-broken, Bella knew what she had to do to save her family, to save the angels that had morphed her from shy, clumsy Bella Swan, into a stronger, more beautiful woman. She had to save them.

Without them—without Edward—there was no reason to existence of any sort.

"I love you," she whispered brokenly, "I will always love you Edward."

"No Bella," he cried, "no…"

With a last, shaking breath, her expression fell, and she sighed, completely defeated. Her luck had finally run out. No one could save her from fate's dark grasp this time, no one could stretch their hand out to take hold of hers. She was alone in this—and she wouldn't have it any other way. "I'll join you."

Declan didn't waist another moment to sink his canines into the soft flesh of her slowly pulsing wrist. The blood of the sweetest flavor flowed through his mouth, the forbidden scent of death mingling with the floral aroma.

"It's too late!"

And it was. Much too late.

Why is it that I feel I've given up every part of me?

Three words and I'm gone.

My life is no longer my own, my soul is sold in pieces, but my heart forever remains yours.

We're apart, but we'll be together, someday soon.

Don't lose your light, and I won't lose mine.

Love me, and I'll love you back.

I know I'll see you again.

Smiling, laughing.

That's my heaven.

It seems as if we'll have to go through hell first, love.

One thing…

Can you make it?

The time for sleep is now
It's nothing to cry about
Cause we'll hold each other soon
in the blackest of rooms

If there's no one beside you
When your soul embarks
Then I'll follow you into the dark




The End!


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