In honor of the Invaded specials I'm finally updating something!

ZIM had climbed to the top of the Day camp and stood on the roof clutching Plank while laughing maniacally.


The alien then began struggling to break the board in two, grunting and getting no where. But then Jonny climbed onto the roof with a look of pure hate.

Jonny: Leave my buddy alone meanie!

ZIM: Ha Board! Did you really think your disgusting big head minion could save you from the incredible wrath of ZIM?!

Voice: Well we can!

Calvin and Hobbes then appeared from a tree swinging on rope.

ZIM: I'll defeat all of your minions Board! You cannot stop ZIM!

Unfortunately instead of hitting ZIM, Calvin hit Jonny and then as he swung back towards the tree, he managed to get tied up by the rope.

Hobbes: I told you this would happen.

ZIM: (Sees everyone is defeated) Well that was easy. GIR!

GIR: Woo! Monkeys!

ZIM: Yeah whatever. I HAVE CHANGED MY MIND! Instead Board I shall take you for questioning!


Meanwhile at the pool Eddy and Double D still waited for the other of their trio.

Edd: What do you thinks taking Ed so long?

Eddy: He better get here soon. If mono brow doesn't get stomach cramps then the scam'll be ruined.

Edd: What is the mysterious scam of yours is anyway Eddy?

Eddy: You see I plan to…

Ed then burst in with a painful expression on his face.

Ed: I ate five cans of beans for breakfast and now I don't fell too good.

Eddy: Wahoo! Ed's here and with stomach cramps.

Edd: I don't think that's stomach cramps. It seems to me to be similar to gas.

Ed: Just like kumquat.

Eddy: Fire in the hole!

Everyone ran out of camp just as ZIM ran in with plank. And then Ed farted.

ZIM: AHHHH! What is that horrible smell? (Drops Plank) You win this round Board but I shall return, EVENTUALLY! I AM ZIM!

He then hopped on GIR and flew away. Meanwhile everyone was begging to calm down.

Ed: Ah, much better.

Edd: So what was this scam supposed to be?

Eddy: Well, uh, I forgot.

Double D face palmed while Jason and Marcus walked up. Jonny had climbed off the roof with a bump the size of Ed's mono brow on his head and Calvin and Hobbes had somehow managed to untie themselves.

Jason: Well it looks we saved the day, aye Marcus?

Calvin: Saved the day? You guys didn't do anything!

Marcus: Or did we?

Calvin: No, you didn't.

J&M: Rats.

Edd: Wait, where did Ed go?


In the showers Ed approached at stall with the water running he then pulled open the curtain.

Ed: (In hypnotized emotionless voice) I have done as you asked master. The alien has been neutralized.

Omnipotent Voice: Excellent. Now we can proceed to faze two of my master plan. (Manicical laughter) (Ed follows with emotions less HA HA HAs)

Well there you have it. This way ZIM can be a character without being a permanate member of the cast so these stories can be considered cannon to Blue Paratroopa's. As for the random bit at the end it was a just a joke and probably will never be revisited. Originally I had the voice be Danny Phantom (Get Ed was reading a comic book about him) (I know it's a TV show but the only thing on the camp's TV is Full House re-runs so Ed can't watch so I improvised). I then decided just an Omnipotent voice would be better.