-- The Chapter of One. --

Eyes set before the boy left and right as he strolled down the street to his way to school. His shoulders were slouched back leisurely, calmly, as he walked without a care in the world. His silky white hair blew back in the wind as the boy let a smirk play his face. Though, this boy wasn't a boy. He was a young man.

He prided himself in this fact. Hell, he considered himself a well-grown man at this time. And he knew that he had plenty of sex appeal. It was only proven when a thirty-year-old woman approached him. He had messed around with her at first before promptly dropping her like a fly once his amusement began to fade. And, though she didn't know he was a high school senior at the time, she still felt no remorse. It made him grimace at the female population, how easily they could fall over a man. It was disgusting how they wore the skimpiest of clothes making their breasts press together to seem they had more cleavage than they were really given. It made him sick when women practically swarmed at his feet.

Perhaps he set his limits quite high, but he knew that the right woman would come along for him one of these days. He didn't wait all the time for this perfect woman to come—he still needed some sort of fun. So he would keep a girl one moment at his side before kicking her to the curb for another. No girl lasted more than three days.

This was only because they were just that—girls. He needed a woman in his life, someone mature and sophisticated. He needed someone to look at his intelligent mind, not drool at his physical attributes. As picky as he was, he was certain this philosophy would work. Once he found the perfect girl at his side, he would stop hounding other women. He was incredibly loyal. Whoever this woman would turn out to be would be lucky.

His eyes hardened as he entered the school campus, knowing that the eyes had increased ten-fold. He could hardly contain a smile as he past a group of giggling girls. Each grew starry before dropping to the ground in piles of womanly goo.

'How pathetic.' He thought, venom dripping from every word in his mind. It did amuse him, however, that their dreams would never come true. He would never grow interest in them, no matter how sexy they tried to be. Because, to him, it simply wasn't sexy. It was degrading.

"Wassup?" was all he heard before he felt an impact to his shoulder blades. The action threw him forewords, not enough to catch him off balance, but to stumble steps ahead.

"Miroku!" He growled warningly. "What the fuck are you doing?" He could here his friend laugh in reply as he plucked his arms off from the hold on his neck. Miroku swerved to the front of him before he could inflict any damage, smiling innocently with large violet eyes.

"Ah, well, you see, Sesshomaru, me and Yash here were testing how well you detect your surroundings!" He frowned. "You, my friend, have failed. We give you a D-." Sesshomaru sighed. How typical. It sounded like something Miroku and his dimwitted half brother would do. They always had been fools, but they were fools he was friends with. Miroku was okay enough to tolerate. But Miroku was one of his right hand men. He had everything linked, that Miroku, and would get news faster than a blink of the eye. Sesshomaru called him his royal spy network.

Inuyasha, however, he was stuck with. Though he didn't obviously favor his younger half sibling, he was the one whom kept track of who was and wasn't on his side. Inuyasha was a surprising strength to have. No matter how thick headed he seemed to act, he had quite a few good ideas of how to get back the enemy. They had never compared too well with his own plans, but they certainly had redeeming qualities.

There was a certain rule at their high school: You could either pick Sesshomaru's side or Naraku's. Narkau led a round group of jocks since he was the star player of the football team. He had handsome looks, some even to rival with Sesshomaru, but his aggressive attitude was what lost him recruits. Sesshomaru welcomed anyone to his side calmly. Naraku demanded everyone of something.

"Ya got him?" Sesshomaru glanced to see Inuyasha pop around the corner. He was never one too bold to do something like charge his older sibling, but he could play Miroku into doing it. He was certain that Inuyasha had saw Miroku tackle him, but was simply playing stupid so Sesshomaru wouldn't pound him.

"But of course! And he failed!" He ignored the two's silly antics as they gave each other a loud smacking high five before doing a little dance together. The three did make quite a sight (though Miroku and Inuyasha would have made a sight just by their selves). All three men were quite handsome and had a distinct color on them. Miroku wore a different purple shirt everyday of the week with plum colored pants. He had a small dark brown ponytail at the nape of his neck and shining violet eyes. Inuyasha, however, wore a deep red each day of the week. His pants of choice were usually burgundy. He looked extremely like his older brother with long silver jagged hair and soft dull amber eyes with a mix of soft brown. Sesshomaru, the leader, wore black anything every single day of school (and at home). He had silky smooth long silver hair (recently dyed back from black to his natural color). His eyes were an intense molten gold that would burn anyone with the sun-scorched looks he gave. All three were known well at school, but the mainly just because of their features and the intense rivalry between Sesshomaru and Naraku.

Today Sesshomaru wore a tight fitting black shirt and baggy black jeans. A few black bracelets stayed at his wrist while his legendary black necklace sat at his neck. The silver blue of the moon shined dully in the sun. Any girl had hopes that one day he would give it to them—a piece of jewelry that divine with Sesshomaru Taisho's symbol on it? It made you practically royalty! Everyone knew that the day he took it off meant he had given it to someone truly special—his so called 'soul mate'.

"Any news?" He asked simply to Miroku, arching a perfectly shaped eyebrow. Miroku composed himself immediately. He took his job with utmost seriousness, and it made Sesshomaru proud to have a friend so intent on their mission.

"Actually, Sess, there is." Miroku hushed as he felt Sesshomaru's eyes scan the crowd.

"New flesh?" Sesshomaru asked as he tried to pinpoint a new face.

"Yeah. Her name is Higurashi. She's one of Sango's friends." He then frowned. "But I'm not sure if we can convert her easily. She's a friend of that Hojo. Sango explained she's very loyal to her friends. They've been friends for three years."

"That isn't very convenient." Sesshomaru commented as he still continued to find this so called 'Higurashi'. "Are you certain that she won't side with Sango?"

"I can't say." Miroku said as he watched Sesshomaru's eyes constantly change directions over the crowd. "Perhaps if you lay her your charm will she come to the good side and stay away from evil." He sniggered at his statement before glancing at Inuyasha. He was too busy, however, fixing his broken backpack strap.

Sesshomaru stopped physically, his shoulders tensing. Miroku glanced warily at this sudden change of stand as his eyes wandered to where Sesshomaru had been looking.

His breath was taken away. Down the hall on his left, he saw a beautiful young woman in a long flowing blue skirt. Her hair was a color raven…it seemed almost dark blue by the way the hallways light reflected on it. It waved gently to the ends of her elbows, untamed. As he narrowed his eyes to gain a closer look, he could see that she was reading a book. He started forth the mysterious raven haired beauty to have a look at her eyes before he felt an arm interrupt him.

"Whoa." Miroku said calmly. "Hold it, tiger. We should first see who it is. It might be Higurashi." He then chuckled. "It takes a lot to gain the attention of the mighty Sesshomaru." He scowled before pushing away the arm that stretched across his chest. His eyes were placed back on her as if she was a magnet. Somehow he seemed drawn to her, and he could only wonder if she was who he was waiting for.

'What are you thinking?' He scolded himself. 'You haven't even met her and you think she's the girl for you! Never judge a book by its cover—she'll be another slut if you do.' This made him frown however as he watched her flip a page. The whole action was completely entrancing to him. Her hand was so dainty and elegant as she did the simple task of flipping a page.

"Sesshomaru's taking interest in a girl?" Inuyasha asked as he glanced from his older brother to the girl down the hall. "Who is she, anyway? I don't remember seeing her here."

"I don't know." Sesshomaru replied truthfully. "But I intend on finding out." As he took another step forward, he noticed that another girl joined her. Seeing that it was just Sango, one of his other close circle of friends, he could only imagine that this was the Higurashi that he has heard about.

"She's Sango's friend!" Miroku sang as he glanced lecherously over the brunettes form. "We should just go and give them a sweet hello! Come, Yasha! We all know how much Sesshomaru's dying to get the beauty's name!" Before Sesshomaru could grab either of his dimwitted friends, they had run off to the two ladies that were in front of a few lines of lockers.

"Miroku! Inuyasha!" She called happily with a small wave as the two approached. Sesshomaru slinked stealthily along, trying to go by unnoticed. "I want you guys to meet my friend, Kagome."

'So that is her name?' He wondered as he stood in the shadows.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Kagome." Miroku grinned as he took her hand, placing it gently against his lips. She flushed slightly before pulling her hand away.

"Miroku the lecher that will assume that any woman will bear his child." She glanced knowingly over at Inuyasha. "And Inuyasha, the fool that keeps Miroku at bay. It's nice to meet you both." She bowed her head politely, impressing Sesshomaru greatly.

'Her voice twinkles when she speaks.' He thought as he watched her smile at them. Her smile entranced him as well, allowing him to see her pearly white teeth.

"Sango clue you in?" Inuyasha asked. She nodded as she placed a red and blue bookmark in her book.

"Of course." She grinned. "And right behind you is Sesshomaru Taisho, prince of Shikon. You can come out now. No use of hiding." Sesshomaru backed out from the shadows to their view, impressed that she had managed to scope him out while not turning her attention away from the ones at hand.

"Miss Higurashi, it's a pleasure." She placed out her hand in response for a nice friendly shake. He took it tenderly before placing the skin to his lips. He inwardly frowned as the soft velvety skin was taking away from his lips back to her side.

"Of course it is." She replied simply. He was amazed to look in an ocean of blue as she caught his gaze. The drowning feeling had caused him to marvel at the way she could make a person sink with just a mere look. It wasn't a harsh look, it was welcoming. He could tell just from her look that she was a kind caring person. "You are supposed to be my mentor today, I hope you know."

He grinned, causing Sango, Miroku, and Inuyasha to stiffen. "You order me to?" He asked, his sly grin only becoming wider.

"Yep." She said simply. So she had spunk, eh? He liked it. "But you can decline if you want to. I won't mind. I've all ready memorized the maps of the school, but I'd like someone to show me. Give me commentary along the way. First days are always so troublesome." She smiled. "But if you're just doing this to make me join you're group, then you're mistaken. I hope you know."

"Quite intelligent."

"Thank you." She commented as she gave him a sharp look. "And you seem quite cunning yourself."

"So I've been told." Kagome glanced to the others, seeing they had nothing to say, before back up at his face.

"Arrogant too." She looked to the side to a classroom a few meters away. "Is this the first class?"

"Is your class 109?" She nodded warily in response as he saw her eyes narrow.


"Then perhaps you should use your wit to match numbers from a sheet of paper to the actual door number." She scowled at him. He inwardly kicked himself for saying this as he watched her adjust her bag.

"Fine, if this is how you want it to be." She glared at him. "I won't follow you around today. You all ready seem quite bitter to me. Now, if you all will excuse me, I'll be in my class."

"Kagome." Sango finally said, grabbing her elbow. "Class doesn't start in fifteen minutes." She smiled in reply.

"I know. I just want to be alone for a bit, if you don't mind. I'll meet up with you later, Sango. It was very nice to meet you all." She bowed slightly in good bye before turning around sharply. Sesshomaru's eyes never left her form until she strode right into the classroom door.

"Sesshomaru." Sango said seriously. "Don't do anything to her, you hear me? She's my friend. I don't want you screwing around with her." He raised a simple eyebrow.

"Screwing around with her? I don't believe I'll do that." He smirked. "But I will make her mine." Inuyasha blinked at him in confusion.

"Dude, you just told that to all of us. You honestly think she might be…erm…the one you've been looking for?" He glimpsed briefly at his half brother with a small smile on his lips.

"Have I ever been wrong before?" All three shook their heads at once. "Then I'm certainly not wrong now." And with that, he left them to join Kagome in their first hour class.

"He's serious." Sango whispered. "That look. He's determined to win her."

"It seems so…" Miroku mused as he watched his friend vanish from sight. "Maybe she'll do him good?"

"Miroku, I know she doesn't like him." Sango worried. "She dislikes men that think too much of themselves. She says she wants someone mature. I tried telling her Sesshomaru was just that, buts he ignored me."

"What about this Hojo business?" Inuyasha asked, eyeing a freshman as they walked quickly away from the group deep discussion. "What's Sesshomaru gonna do about that?"

"He does have a certain way of seduction." Miroku said calmly. "He'll use all he's got. But, hearing Miss Kagome, she seems to have quite a bit of wit herself. This is Sesshomaru's first challenge." Sango bit the end of her thumb.

"I hope to God that he wins. Otherwise Kagome won't have any peace."

"Either way she won't have peace." Inuyasha pointed out. "If she started dating Sesshomaru, and he actually gives her his symbol, she'll be hunted by all the girls in the school. Either way she'll be in trouble." Sango sighed wearily.

"Kags, why do you have to go and draw Sesshomaru's attention?" She asked out loud as all three were drawn into their own separate thoughts. Maybe Sesshomaru's sudden spark of interest in Kagome wasn't quite the best idea.

When he entered the room, she had sat in the closet seat next to the window. Her nose was dug back into her novel. He sat himself at the desk in front of her for a few minutes, simply watching her read. She had glanced up with a look that clearly asked 'What do you want?' before going back to her reading. She hadn't looked up at him in three whole minutes.

'This girl has nerve.' He thought, pleased. 'The first one I've seen in years.'

"If you're going to stare at me all day, could you at least tell me why?" His eyebrow rose as her eyes remained on the page. "I've read the same sentence seven times in a row and it's starting to become annoying. Give me a good reason and I might forgive you."

"A book worm, no?" He asked her pleasantly as he lifted the book slightly. "Natsuo Kirino, hmm? Tell me the plot. You seem to like it better than my company."

"Why should I tell you?" She asked simply. "Someone like you wouldn't read a book like this."

"And how would you know?" He questioned. "Trailing right to assumptions. I expected more in you, Miss Higurashi." She frowned slightly at this as she played with her page.

"I apologize for going straight to them. But its what I've heard. A friend told me. He said he knew you well."

"And who was this friend of mine that knows me so well, hmm?" He asked as he leaned closer to her. "Enlighten me with a name." He watched her bite her lip as she glanced back down at her book.

"I won't. It's not any of your business who I heard it from." He placed a finger at the spine of the book, placing it down to clink on the desk's top.

"I believe it is a part of my business. This friend of yours says he knows me well…I'd like to know the name. If you would, my dear?" She pulled the book away to allow it to sit in her lap.

"Hojo. I've heard differently from Sango, but Hojo said he really was your friend. He told me stuff about you I haven't heard from anyone else." She gasped as she heard a chuckle erupt from his lips. "What?" His laugh was slightly rusty from no use after such a long time. As much as she hated to admit, his laugh was quite enjoyable. But once she realized she thought this, she pushed it right away.

"My dear, you truly are this clueless?" He chuckled again as she dropped her jaw at him flabbergasted.

"What?" She cried. "I'm not clueless!" He smirked as he took her chin in his hand.

"You have a pretty face. You want to know why I think you're clueless, darling?" He waited for a moment as he watched her blue eyes uncertainly waver. She then promptly swatted his hand away from her chin.

"I thank you for the compliment, but I'd rather not have you call me darling, thank you." His smirk spread.

"Listen here, woman, you have quite a lot to learn about this school. And I will help you."

"I don't want your help." She spat, causing his patience to grow thin, no matter how amused he was by her refusal.

"But you will. You think you can trust Hojo's word, hmm?" He paused. "To let you know, what he said was all a lie. Hojo and I rarely interact with each other unless he stands in my way. Naraku is a good buddy of his."

"He wouldn't lie to me." She said simply. "He's an honest guy."

"Not if he wanted to please Naraku." He pointed out in a hush whisper. "Miss Kagome, I want to help you. Starting a new school is a hard task to accomplish. I wish you would accept my help." She frowned.

"Your help is pity."

"I hold no pity for you." Sesshomaru said as he tipped her chin up to so her eyes could meet his. Icy blue clashed against the sun as they both stared into each other's eyes for answers. "I help you for you interest me, Miss Kagome. My interest isn't so usually sparked."

"Interest?" She asked, her voice hinting confusion as she glanced away from him. "I hardly doubt I have anyone's interest."

"Yet you've ensnared mine. You are quite an interesting creature, Kagome." He twirled a piece of hair around his finger, enjoying the silky softness of the strands. He grinned inwardly as he saw her stiffen. "I know I will not gain your trust in a mere day. It takes time. But I warn you not to listen to anything Naraku tells you. He's trying to get you to his side." He was surprised as she jerked away from him, standing from her seat.

"But you are too!" She cried loudly. "That's the only reason you're being nice to me! I will not be used by you!" He glanced at her calmly.

"And I do not wish to use you. I will not require anything from you if you wander to my hands. It is all your decision." He frowned. "But I must warn you that Naraku will try something on a pretty little thing like you. I'd keep my guard up, Miss Kagome…or you might find yourself in some danger." Her eyes widened slightly in fear as she stared at him for a few minutes. Sesshomaru stood up from his desk, walking elegantly to her. "I do not wish to frighten you."

"You haven't." She mumbled.

"But I have." He replied as he placed a hand on her shoulder. "Otherwise you wouldn't have reacted the way you had." She was quiet for a few moments.

"I'm somehow known…that Hojo might have been using me." She said softly. "I never really thought about it till now. I'd still like to believe that I still know him…" She frowned. "I truthfully haven't seen him in over a year. He writes me emails and I reply. I finally moved back…I knew something was up. He didn't sound right."

"I do not want a response from you yet." He comforted softly. "I want you to know. This school is very different from the one you have left. Rivalry is in every section, every bit of it." His eyes narrowed. "The teachers included."

"That is saddening." She murmured softly as she shrugged his comforting hand away. "But nice to know. Thank you, Sesshomaru. I will consider this." He nodded simply before turning to the clock as the warning bell sounded throughout the building. He glanced back down at her to see she was watching him. She looked away with a slight blush to her cheeks. He found the red quite cute on her. But that blush gave away everything—he would get her and that was final.

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