It was fifty years after the war started, and Firelord Azulan had been ruling for six years after his father, Sozin, died. Some blame it on the new Firelord that this great misfortune occurred. Some blame it on the fact that the former Firelord had ruled for forty-four years (an extremely unlucky number in the Fire Nation). Whatever the reason, it happened:

The Fire Nation's economy crashed.

A fifty-year war was too much for the Nation. All the non-royal citizens of the country lost almost all of their money and were forced to sell their homes. Troops in the Fire Nation army had to think of ways to earn money to send home...


Two Yuyan archer, dressed as Earth Kingdom men, walked up to a man who had hired them for the day.

"They're in there." The man pointed to a large building across the street.

One archer frowned. He felt no guilt for killing other living things, but he didn't enjoy it, either.

The other archer nodded. Both men had agreed not to talk in front of Earth Kingdom citizens. They might accidentally give away the fact that they were Fire Nation.

"Have fun!" Their employer couldn't suppress a grin. The Yuyan archers didn't reply, and they walked over to the building he had indicated.

I hope they do a good job. The Earth Kingdom mand worried. It took me forever to find people who specialized in this nasty line of work.


The two Yuyan archers made short work of thier employer's adversaries. They shot arrows at anything that moved.

When they were finished, one removed arrows from the corpses while the other cleared away the bodies. Finally, one decided to break the silence.

"There's a big infestation of antroaches this year."

"Yeah. I guess that's good news for us." The other replied blankly.

"Yup...But I wonder, what would my mother think if she knew I was forced into the bug exterminating buisiness!"