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At first, Remus had been sure that it was just fatigue. It had been a particularly long night and he and Lily had been patrolling the corridors for what seemed like hours. It had been the first night that Voldemort's followers had showed signs of activity (within the Hogwarts grounds no less) and the first night Remus Lupin realized that he loved Lily Evans.

He didn't readily admit it was love. He thought he was tired and not thinking straight but something struck a chord inside him as she smiled, hugged him and told him to get a good night's sleep.

At first he ignored it. They'd been friends for a long time. They'd met properly the fifth year on the Hogwarts Express as the new Gryffindor prefects. The two instantly formed a mutual friendship based on their similar interests. Lily was different to the other girls at Hogwarts; she was interesting, she had balls and she was the only person Lupin had ever completely trusted as soon as he met her.

So when they had to do hours of tedious prefect duties (mainly consisting of chasing Sirius and his girlfriend of the week out of a broom cupboard) they spent their time talking about anything and everything. From the latest fashion trends shown in Witch Weekly to whether Lily would finally agree to go out with James Potter to what the Minister of Magic Jonas Wallmen had to say on the giant riots in the West of France. They related to each other easily as they shared the same interests. And unlike most of the other girls Lupin had ever been involved with (romantic or otherwise) she actually knew how to hold up an interesting conversation without giggling and gushing over how 'Sweet' he was.

In the sixth year Lupin confessed to her what he'd never confessed to any other girl in the world: That he was a werewolf.

And admittedly, she wasn't his girlfriend so the news obviously wouldn't affect her life to such a grand scale, but Lily Evans took the news the best out of everyone he'd ever told. She simply said; "I know. I sort of figured it out," and gave him her famous 'Gracious Lily Evan's smile'

Even then he didn't know what was already forming inside him. He didn't know that the warmth that spread through him every time he saw her was something more than it should have been. That the way he smiled at the very thought of her WAS something out of the ordinary for someone who was only her friend.

But that night in their seventh year, after making sure that every opening in the school was locked and that every student was asleep in their dormitories, after several hours of tedious work and both looking like they hadn't slept for days Remus realized with a frightening force just how he felt about Lily.

He was used to her hugs (they were a regular since their sixth year) but he hadn't realized how beautiful Lily's smile really was and at that moment his heart started to beat much faster than it had around any other girls in his life. The palms of his hands became sweaty and a lump rose in his throat and stayed there until, finally, in the early hours of the morning, he got to sleep.

He woke around midday and the lump was still there. Lily's face popped into his mind but he forced it away… He'd been tired and hadn't been thinking straight… That was the reason he couldn't get her out of his head.

He tried to reason with himself… Tried to manipulate his mind into believing that it really was the fatigue that had made him feel so strongly about her… That it would do no good to be crushing on Lily Evans when she was already spoken for… That they were FRIENDS and that there was no chemistry or spark between them…

But it didn't matter… because no matter how hard you try… you can't lie to yourself and deep down, Remus Lupin knew that he loved Lily Evans no matter how hard he fought not to.

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