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Chapter Four – Out of Ideas

"How did you know though?"

Remus looked over the table at Jenna's anticipated face. He begged whatever higher power was listening that the blaring hick music would drown out Lily's answer, but it reached his ears all too clearly.

"I just knew." She said, leaning back in her chair, biting her lip. Remus followed her gaze and watched a hyperactive James fling himself around the dance floor. He stopped every now and then to throw Lily a zealous smile at which Lily would divert her gaze and giggle.

Silently killing Remus in the process.

"Well, personally." Peter said taking a swig of fire whisky, "I don't believe in 'The One.'"

"That's because mate, you've never had a one."

Everyone burst out laughing as Sirius patted Peter on the back.

"I have so!" Peter cried in indignation.

"In your mind maybe." Sirius muttered stealing his fire whisky.

"You wretched horrible creature!" Marcy said shooting Sirius an amused glance, "Don't worry Peter; I think you'd be a brilliant shag."

"Well thank you." Peter said glaring at Sirius, "Want to dance?"

"Love to."

A silence came over the table that achieved neither awkward nor comfortable.

"Well, may as well join in the fun. Jenna, would you do me the honour, of being…" Sirius paused, "My asexual dance partner."

"God you're a weird one Black." Jenna muttered taking his hand and shimmying her way onto the floor.

Silence erupted at the table again, but this time it did achieve a certain comfort. Remus shot a warm smile across at Lily and she shot an equally warm one back.

And for a moment, Remus pretended that they were the bride and groom sitting together.

"Er, Ladies and Gentlemen?"

Everyone looked up towards the stage where Jenna and Sirius were standing hand in hand.

"First I'd like to make an apology to this lovely lady, who I dragged off the dance floor to stand by me while I make this speech."

Jenna waved with a small laugh.

"And secondly, I'd like to apologise to all you tradition dictators out there who were positively offended by my toast earlier in the evening. I know 'To the bride and groom' is rather unoriginal but I thought it was necessary to make this speech a bit more… special."

"Typical show off mate!" James yelled. He laughed at Sirius' glare as he weaved his way through the crowd to kneel beside Lily. Remus immediately felt like he was intruding on their happiness.

"Yeah thanks Prongs. Just remember you're the subject of my speech." He laughed at James' hand movements and continued.

"When I sat down and thought about what I was going to say, I realized that people would expect me to be funny and show a lot of insight."

He paused for a moment, Remus couldn't decide if it was to gather his thoughts or to maximize the effect.

"But after that I realized I was out of ideas. I didn't think Lily would take it too well if I performed a strip number at her wedding – sorry ladies, she's the boss – and I thought James would take it less well if I got all mushy and cried my guts out and went over every tiny little detail of their relationship."

"So I was at a bit of a loss at what to say, and how to say it. I still am in fact, so I'd like to ask for your forgiveness if this is in some way not polished."

"James met Lily at a time in his life when he wasn't fairing that well. He was on the wrong track; he was two feet high, built like a tooth pick and well you couldn't hear him talk without a pitch translator."

"But boy did he know he loved her. I've always believed that true love starts before puberty." He paused for a second and then said, "Actually, if you know me well and I fear most people in this room do, you'll know that's a complete lie. But for the purpose of this speech let's pretend it's not."

A wave of laughter swept through the room and even Remus had to have a little chuckle.

"For the next four or five years, Moony, Wormtail and I, that's Peter and Remus for the uneducated of you, had to endure long descriptions of how red her hair was and how perfectly her skin glowed and strangely enough, how attractive she was when she had a temper tantrum. I suppose, for the most part of those four or five years James only ever saw her when she was having a temper tantrum, his presence instigated most of them."

"But at the start of seventh year, I was awoken at three in the morning to the excited cries of 'Me and Evans pashed!' 'Me and Evans pashed!' and I knew change was in the air."

"I'm still not sure why Evans did change her mind about our beloved Prongs, in fact, sometimes I think he tied her to a chair and made her swear to love him for the rest of their lives and if that is the case, Lily, I'm sorry about your ordeal, but you're just going to have to put up with him because I can't possibly take his despair."

"On a more serious note." He added clearing his throat, "We're in troubled times. We all walked through those doors this evening and witnessed the measures to which we have to go to stay alive. We all know that even something as joyous as a wedding can be devastated in an instant. So please, raise your glasses with me." A tinkering of glassed rained through the room, "and don't just toast those two amazing people at the back of the room, pray for them."

Remus raised his glass to his lips and tried to pray.

He couldn't.

"You still haven't drunk all that?" Sirius cried in disgust. The night was nearing an end and a few people had already filtered out into the foyer to say their goodbyes.

Remus stared at his half empty bottle of fire whisky consciously and muttered, "I'm not in the mood for drinking."

"Why bloody not?" Sirius said taking his bottle, "We're celebrating!"

Remus watched him stumble away and thought; not all of us are.

He felt someone tap his shoulder and swung around. He was surprised to find himself staring into bright green eyes.

"Congratulations." He said softly.

"Thanks," she said, "although… I think I got the message the first four times."

Remus chuckled and conceded, "Yeah probably."

She smiled at him and then looked away. Remus noted something like wistfulness in her eyes.

"What are you going to do while we're away?" She asked with a smile turning her head back towards him, whatever had been in her eyes moments before, gone.

"Don't know." He sighed, "I guess like Sirius, I'm out of ideas."

"Yeah." She mused, "I think we all are."

She kissed him softly on the cheek and murmured 'Bye Remus."

And as he, Sirius, Peter, Marcy and Jenna waved she and James away, he pondered on what she meant.

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