Clowns in Black

Chapter 1: Clowns, clowns, clowns!

Billy was having his usual dreams as he had always had done before. Except this was a dream to which he was back in the Junior CIA to which Billy was fighting a bunch of thugs with his main trainer.

"Agent Billy" said his trainer as it seemed like they were surrounded by a bunch of thugs, "looks like we're out numbered."

"Not while Agent Billy is on the case" said Billy as he got into a karate style fighting stance.

Billy launched into action, giving some of the thugs several good kicks and punches knocking each one of the thugs down to the ground. Billy's trainer was having quite some trouble so Billy leaped in and knocked the thugs down to the ground who were trying to give his trainer a beating or two.

"Thanks Agent Billy" said the trainer as he dusted himself off, "I couldn't have done it without you."

"But who could have hired these sort of thugs to fight us?" asked Billy.

"It had to be some clandestine secret group of people who are out to destroy us and be the dominant species on Earth" replied the trainer.

"What a second" said Billy as he thought that he made a similar claim, "that could only mean it had to be the Clowns in Black!"

"You heard correct" said the trainer whose voice suddenly changed.

"No, it can't be" said Billy as he notice that his trainer took off a mask to reveal some sort of Goth in a black suit.

"That's right Billy" said the Goth in the black suit, "it was I who sent these thugs after you only to test your skills so that you can join us."

"But there's only one of you" said Billy.

"Correction" said the Goth as his fellow comrades came out of the shadows in a scary looking way, "join us Billy."

"Join us Billy, join us Billy" chanted the Goths who were coming out of the shadows.

"No, no, I won't join the Clowns in Black!" cried Billy as he began to scream for his life.

As Billy woke up from his nightmare, he notice his bed sheets were wetter than the first nightmare he had about the clowns. So he picked up his sheets and delivered it to his mother.

"Had the dream about the clowns again?" asked Billy's mother, Billy then nods, "Place them in the washer, I'll take care of it."

As Billy left the scene, he was still quite paranoid from the nightmare he had. These sort of suppose clowns Billy had encountered in his dream were more secretive than the previous types of clowns he had met. To Billy, they were known as the Clowns in Black, to which Billy believe it was a clandestine organization dedicated to the clown cause that would place clowns as the dominant species on the planet. Billy immediately ran toward Grim who was having a cup of coffee.

"What is it now Billy, this better be good" said Grim who took a sip of his coffee.

"Grim, do you know there is a super, super, super top secret clandestine organization known as the Clowns in Black?" asked Billy.

"Billy, what kind of stupid organization did you make up this time?" asked Grim.

"It's not a made up organization" replied Billy, "they're really real."

"Oh yea, prove it" said Grim.

Billy then turned on the television and a commercial of Circus Gothica came on the screen with Freak Show directing it all. The commercial appeared to have Circus Gothica coming to Endsville as one of its stops.

"See Grim, there is a Clowns in Black organization!" cried Billy as he pointed to Freak Show.

"How can you be so dumb Billy" said Grim, "that's suppose to be a circus for Goths stupid."

"Don't you see Grim" said Billy, "Goth is just a code name for the Clowns in Black to operate under as a cover."

This then gave a surprised shocking face on Grim.

"Billy, that is perhaps the dumbest thing you had ever said in your entire short little life" said Grim as he finished the rest of his coffee and picked up his Scythe, "come on Billy, I'm going to have to teach you tolerance that Goths are not part of a clandestine organization known as the Clowns in Black."

"Please Grim, I don't want to learn tolerance to the Clowns in Black or to regular normal clowns" said Billy as he pulled on Grim's sleeve.

"Okay, what's going on here" said Mandy as she came into the scene.

"Billy thinks that Goths are using the code name Goth as a cover for a super top secret clandestine organization known as the Clowns in Black" said Grim.

"Not the clown thing again" said Mandy as she shook her head.

"Yep, it's the clown thing again" sighed Grim.

"So how are we going to attempt to cure him this time?" asked Mandy.

"I say we are going to take Billy to this Circus Gothica and prove that Goths are not part of this Clowns in Black which Billy made up" said Grim.

"Good idea" said Mandy, "I have always wanted to attend to a circus that promotes darkness."

"Please don't make me go to the headquarters of the Clowns in Black!" cried Billy as he began to hold onto Grim's leg.

"Get off me boy" said Grim as he shook off Billy.

"So are we going to this Circus Gothica?" asked Mandy as Grim was using his scythe to form a portal.

"Heck yea" said Grim then he signals Mandy to drag Billy into the portal, "come on, bring Billy in."

Mandy then pulled on Billy's shirt and began to drag him into the portal with her following Grim closely behind. As the three entered the portal and exited on the other side, the three appeared to a group of gathering Goths who had black umbrellas to block the sun from making them sizzle.

"Oh my---!" cried Billy but before he could finish his shocking exclamation, Mandy and Grim covered his mouth.

The group of Goths then turned around and looked at Billy and then turned back.

"Billy" said Grim as he lets go of Billy's mouth, "I can't believe you are so dumb into thinking Goths are part of some secret clandestine organization known as the Clowns in Black."

"But how am I going to know that?" asked Billy.

"Easy" replied Grim as he opened a socket of buttons on his scythe, "since I know Sam Manson loves to be in these sort of crowds and hangs around with Danny Phantom, I'm turning my scythe into a phantom detector. It will be able to help us find those three in this crowd."

"Well, if it's going to stop Billy from believing in this stupid Clowns in Black organization" said Mandy, "go for it."