Because Of One Room

Anime: Flame of Recca
Genre: Romance/General
Pairings: TOFUU!
Warnings: Bad writing from an insane 13-year old, OOC characters
Summary: Two people in one room does tend to cause hysteria, nausea and…love??? Yeah, I own Flame of Recca. I also own two donkeys, a goat, a mentally retarded pig who spits in vans, three pairs of rainbow-coloured pigeons and four snowmen even though it never snows here in Malaysia.

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Before you start the story, some facts I'd like you to know:

Tokiko (eldest son of Fuuko and Tokiya) – 13 years old
Toya (younger son of Fuuko and Tokiya) – 11 years old
Fuuyu (daughter of Fuuko and Tokiya) – 4 years old
Riku (daughter of Yanagi and Recca, twin of Satoshi) – 12 years old
Satoshi (son of Yanagi and Recca, twin of Riku) – 12 years old

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Chapter 7: Because of One Room


Fuuko felt her quick temper rising at the sound of her 11-year old son's voice, but she dismissed the urge to whack the young child on the head. "Coming," she sighed, walking up the stairs.

Cries from her 4-year old daughter could be heard clearly, even from downstairs, as our very fortunate Mikagami Tokiya would soon find out.

Yes, we are, indeed, sure that our brilliant Ensui wielder would be delightfully happy coming back to meet the sound of his daughter crying.

"What's all the racket about???"

Or not.

"She's crying, what did you think it was, a squirrel dying in here?" Fuuko yelled back, irritated. And you'd think your husband would know the sound of a child screaming after 13 years of having kids.

"Wow, that must be the smartest retort I've ever heard in the whole universe," her husband answered, rolling his eyes. Proceeding to join his wife in his daughter's room, he slid a kiss on her cheek and lifted up Toya, planting a small kiss on his son's cheek as well.

"Thank you. I'm so certain I enjoy being told that I'm smart once in a while," she grinned, patting her daughter on her small back.

"You are?"

A loud bonk was followed by this statement – presumably Fuuko hitting Tokiya's head. Scratch that, it was Fuuko hitting Tokiya's head. After all the years they had been in love with each other, people would actually care to think that they were gaga over each other with devotion and love. Looks like they were very, very wrong.

Toya shook his head and sighed. How he had managed to live through insults (sometimes lamps) being thrown back and forth by his mum and dad, he wasn't sure.

"I'm home!" Toya's ears perked at the sound of his elder brother's voice.

Tokiya turned to see his eldest son climbing the stairs with much difficulty thanks to his large amount of bags. With looks almost exactly like his father save for his darker sea-blue eyes that he had inherited perfectly from his darling mummy, many girls had squealed and undoubtedly offered to carry it home for him, figured Fuuko, with a sigh. But knowing how Tokiko was almost like a mini-Tokiya-in-making, she also figured that he had rejected their help stubbornly, and trudged his way home through all the books and bags.

The more modern technology got, the heavier the bags.

"Tokiko, put the bags down, you look like you're about to die," commanded the ever-loving father.

"Hey, onii-chan! So…what's up?" Toya asked, grinning. His bright blue eyes twinkled with mischief. "Is Riku ok today?"

Tokiko went about ten shades of red. "Yeah, what about it, you little twerp?" he snapped, ignoring the fact that his face was about as red as one's on a sunny day or the fact that his ears were burning.

"Tokiko!" warned his mother, frowning.

"What? I've heard dad call you worse before."

Oh, great, his son's just like him, thought Fuuko, clapping a hand to her forehead. Just what I need, a son who talks back. "That is out of the matter. Even if we do insult each other—"

"And occasionally throw lamps," inserted Tokiya, looking pointedly at his wife through patting his 4-year old daughter in the back to soothe her screams.

"And occasionally throw—HEY!!! That was once you bird-brain!"

"Twice. You did it once in the hospital."

"You say anything more about that I'll throw one right now!"

"You're paying, then."

"You're paying, Mr. Rich, because in case you haven't noticed, we're married!"

"All more the reason why you do not hit your darling husband with a lamp."

"Are you taunting me?"

"My goodness, and people think you know me better than anyone else. No, my beloved wife, I'm not taunting you, I'm clearly encouraging you to hit me on the head with a l—ITE!!! KIRISAWA!!!"

Tokiko and Toya stared at their parents fighting with each other, before sighing, dismissing it as the daily routine of showing affection and going downstairs to finish their homework.





"JUST OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!!!" Fuuko yelled, from upstairs, and Fuuyu turned to look at her mother, her grey eyes wide.

"That's nice, honey, but do save some swear words for our baby when she grows up," her husband drawled, voice dripping with fresh sarcasm.

The former wind goddess glared at her husband.

"I thought you told me damn was a bad word," Fuuyu muttered, her eyes still as wide as soup bowls.

"It's not a bad word, it's just not nice," Tokiya explained, ruffling his daughter's hair. As the youngest, Fuuyu was treated as the baby of the family, and nobody argued with that.

"Then why does mummy say it? Can grown-ups say it only? Does that mean Tokiko-niisan can say it?"

Tokiya sighed and lifted his daughter up, before pulling his wife with him downstairs by her slim waist. "Fuuko, be nice to our guests, ne?"

The purple-haired bishoujo knocked him on the head and smiled. "Baka!"

"Fuuko, are you here?"

The Fuujin wielder grinned as she greeted Yanagi with a hearty hug, providing enough strength to break a bear's spine. "Yanagi! Wow! Look at you! Pregnant again? Recca-chan must be good in bed, ne?" she winked, looking at Tokiya.

Fuuyu turned to her father in confusion and puzzle. "What does mummy mean by that?"

Tokiko cleared his throat, as if he were a Science professor, which he probably was, since he had scored nothing but As in school subjects. Clearly he was like his dad. "When a man and a woman have a baby, the man must—"

The Ensui master shut his son up with a gentle rap on the head. "She's 4, Tokiko," he remarked warningly.

"But she probably won't get one word he says anyway," Toya butted in, looking earnestly at his dad. "I mean, I didn't get anything he said either."

"That's just because you're naturally stupid, stupid," Tokiko answered, matter-of-factly.

"Oh, I'm not the one facing puberty, especially the period of time where you have crushes on a certain girl."

"Quit it, you two," the silver-haired bishounen chided, before he was almost strangled by an arm around his neck.

"Mikagami! Hey, you haven't changed a bit since the last time I saw you!"

"Which happens to be yesterday, Hanabishi," the bishounen managed to choke out. "Can you untangle your arm that is preventing me from breathing yet?"

"Way to go, sarcasm much," the flame caster sulked.

Toya leaned towards his elder brother. "Are you sure he's married and has kids? Or is he just Riku's unknown long lost elder brother in disguise?"

"Hey! I heard that, you little twerp!" Recca yelled, pointing at the young purple-haired child.

"I was going to go for Riku's dad, but after that, I think he's Riku's unknown long lost elder brother in disguise," agreed Tokiko, raising an arched eyebrow in a superior manner.

Tokiya smiled as he put his youngest down. "Go play with the others, would you? Riku's long lost elder brother seems to want to talk to me."

"Hey, Tokiko, let's go see Riku, come on!" grinned Toya, tugging at his brother's arm.

The Ensui wielder shook his head as he and a happily chattering Recca walked into the kitchen with their wives.

"Grown-ups," Toya sulked. "They never let us listen to their conversations."

"Well, you wouldn't want your kids listening to you talking bad about them, would you?" Tokiko asked.

"They talk bad about us?"

"Duh," answered both Tokiko and Fuuyu in unison.

"Smart alecks," Toya replied, scowling.

"Who's talking bad?" Riku asked, coming their way, with wide onyx eyes.

Tokiko carefully turned the other way to avoid eye contact. "Uh, the parents talking bad about us," he muttered, barely audible, though.

"Really? They do that?" Riku asked, blinking in wonder. "Ne, Satoshi, do parents talk bad about their kids?"

Satoshi, being an exact opposite of his father (quiet), merely gave a sophisticated, "Hn."

Tokiko narrowed his eyes. There were lots of arguments between the two boys, and the particular one yesterday had ended with both boys bruised and bloody.

Toya must've noticed his elder brother's gesture, because he waved his arms for attention before grinning. "There's only one way to find out, isn't there?"


"Satoshi is driving me nuts, Mikagami! Everything I ask him, it's a general reply, 'Hn' or 'Mm', and I don't like it! I want our kid to be more like…well…me! Good-looking, smart, nice, big-hearted, sociable—"

"Are you describing yourself?" Tokiya asked, unfazed by Recca's outburst. "If you want, Yanagi-san can describe you more accurately. More of ugly, on the wacko side, stupid, dimwit, idiotic, moronic, stupid, problematic, a little – scratch that – totally retarded, stupid, stupid…did I mention stupid?"

Fuuko burst out laughing loudly. "Now that sounds like Recca!" she laughed, clapping her hands, and Yanagi, being daring, decided to join in the applause.

"Besides, your son is pretty good-looking to me, well, obviously not in my son's league, but still quite ok."

"Bullshit!" Recca yelled.

"Now, now, Recca-kun, remember the children are outside," said Tokiya, sipping his tea.

"Well, Recca, I'm not bragging or anything but obviously our two sons are better-looking," Fuuko agreed, looking towards Yanagi. "Oh, no offence."

Yanagi simply nodded and smiled gently.

"Yeah right, my Satoshi has three girls chasing him! Three!"

"Ooh, that has to be a lot for Recca since he probably didn't have any girls besides Yanagi who wanted to be around him," teased Fuuko, leaning against her husband's slender form.

"You should see the pile of girls Tokiko got yesterday when he came back from school. About twenty, I reckon," Tokiya informed, folding his arms sophisticatedly.

"Yeah, it was his off-day yesterday," giggled Fuuko.

A sudden gust of wind – or so it seemed – ceased the simple chatter between the parents. "The kids are eavesdropping," mouthed Recca to Yanagi and Tokiya.

"I know," Tokiya mouthed back.

"Never thought your skills were still this sharp," mouthed Fuuko, punching at Recca.

Recca winked at Tokiya. "Keep this up, if you can, pretty boy. So," he turned his voice to flirtatious, winking at the two women. "How's life, Mikagami?"

Tokiya rolled his eyes. He definitely knew what Recca was up to. "Fine."

"Is Fuuko good in bed, or am I better?"

"Would it be wrong to say Fuuko?"

"I can show you, then, and I'll prove to you that I'm much, much better."

"Is that why you're lying on me on the kitchen counter?" Tokiya asked, smirking as he emphasized 'kitchen counter'.

The two females inside were struggling from sniggering out loud. Outside the kitchen, Tokiya bet the children were all stupefied.

"Precisely, my darling Mikagami."

"Try me, hard-ass."

"Good, now take off your clothes, we're going to get serious."


If the children (at least, the other children besides Fuuyu, who didn't understand what exactly was going on) never felt the horror of being shocked before, they felt very shocked then.

"Good, now take off your clothes, we're going to get serious."

"Yes, darling Recca."

"What's going on???" Fuuyu whispered, impatiently tapping her foot.

"Dad's homosexual!" Toya hissed, earning a bonk on the head from Tokiko.

"Where'd you learn that word?" he hissed back at his younger brother.

"Dictionary, you bird-brain! You always said you wanted us to expand our vocabulary and some guy in school said his dad was gay so I checked it out on the dictionary! It's good vocabulary!"

"Well, you'd better erase it from your vocabulary or I'll pound you until you go running to the end of the world to escape me!" hissed Tokiko.

"Quiet!" Satoshi hissed back.

"Does anyone else know we're homosexual?" Recca decided to ask, confirming the children's thoughts about their fathers.

"…Recca, this is seriously—ITAI!—Ok, ok, sea-monkey! Nobody else knows we're gay, all right?"

A probable assumption that Recca bonked the so-called former 'ice-block' on the head, Tokiko figured briskly. Fuuyu tugged on her brother's arm impatiently. "Niisan, niisan, what's 'gay' and 'homosexual' mean?"

Tokiko knocked his sister on the head. "Baka! Don't you dare pick up those words! They're not for you to learn!"

"Are they grown-up words, then?" Fuuyu persisted.

Satoshi growled before flinging the door open. Tokiya and Recca, instead of lying on the floor where they should've been (uh…to the kids, of course), were sitting in chairs drinking tea like grandmothers having a society meeting. The two girls – ahem – women, in the meantime had started laughing their guts out.

Tokiko and Satoshi, who considered themselves to be the smartest of the group, nearly choked. "A…a trick?" Satoshi managed to bite out, his dark eye twitching.

"Wow, that's the first two words you've said besides 'Hn' and 'Mm'," murmured Toya, rolling his crystal-coloured eyes with much expertise.

Recca winked at Fuuko (hey, isn't he tired of all that winking?) mischievously. "Believe it or not, me and Uncle Tokiya here used that same trick on your mothers."

Satoshi spluttered and Riku stared, open-mouthed, before both of them doubled up with laughter. Tokiko scoffed, hiding a smile with many years of learning from his father, and folded his arms. "Is that how you and mum got together eventually?" Toya asked curiously, looking up towards his father.

Tokiya lifted both Toya and Fuuyu up, smiled at Fuuko, and said, with twinkling eyes, "Ask your mother."

Fuuko scowled good-naturedly. "Toya, aren't you too old to be having your father lifting you up? He'll break his back, even though he thinks he's really invincible."

"So clever, monkey, trying to divert the conversation elsewhere?"

"If you're so smart, where am I heading?"

"Anywhere but to the story that started with one room."

"Come on, mum!" persisted Toya and Fuuyu in unison.

Yanagi smiled. "Yes, come on, Fuuko, the story is honestly interesting and intriguing, especially the part where…"

Fuuko sighed in defeat. "Ok, then…" she cleared her throat, going for the dramatic effect. "Your dad gets to tell it…"


"You tell it to them. They've heard it from me enough times. It's about time a man told them…oh wait, I forgot, you're a girl in disguise."

"Yeah, Uncle Tokiya, tell us the story, please?" pleaded Riku, whilst Satoshi, who had recovered from his laughing explosion, nodded and pushed his glasses further up the bridge of his nose.

Sighing, Tokiya stated, in monotone, "It all started because of one room…well, actually it was supposed to be my room, of course, because I paid for it first and reserved it as early as possible, but your mother over there had to just conveniently be in that same place on the same day at the same time and beat up a receptionist to fight for a deluxe room…so I ended up sharing a room with her, and God knows how messy your mother can be, and one day, while she was hogging the bathroom…I heard her tell some other guy she liked him, blah-blah-blah, all that lovey-dovey stuff, which I will not pursue further into as it will only unintentionally corrupt your sponge-like little minds that absorbs every bit of information given to it…"

As Tokiya went on, Fuuko giggled. It was amazing, how he remembered so much. Because of one room, she had suffered infuriating nausea given by a certain refrigerator, hysterics by breaking glass, fear of loss again thanks to the refrigerator who saved her life, had been faced with a hard decision between the refrigerator and Raiha, who by the way was living his life peacefully with another woman who Fuuko didn't remember the name of but she had congratulated him anyway, and love.

Because of one room.


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