The years of waiting for Tsukushi have finally ended. Tsukasa left a few years ago to study in New York and Tsukushi was left here to finish her studies. Even though Tsukasa visits Tsukushi occasionally, it wasn't enough for the both of them. Tsukushi waited impatiently in the airport together with the rest of the F4.

"What is taking him so long? He said that he would arrive around 4pm but it's already 6!" Sojiro said while pacing back and forth

"Calm down, maybe the flight is just delayed." Rui replied calmly. Everybody was very anxious about his arrival. They are all waiting impatiently for their good friend that they haven't seen for a long time. While everyone is very anxious, Tsukushi on the other hand is awfully quiet. Rui noticed her unusual quietness so he approached her.

"Hey Tsukushi, are you ok? Need anything?" Rui asked Tsukushi

"No, I don't need anything, I'm just nervous that's all." She said. All of a sudden…

"Hey guys, it's Tsukasa!" Akira shouted then everybody shot their heads to the airport's gate. There, they saw a curly haired guy in his shades carrying his Armani luggage and accompanied by 2 guards pushing a cart full of his things. While everybody ran to him, Tsukushi sat frozen there. She just stared at the guy in front of her. She couldn't move, she wanted to but she just couldn't. All she could see was him and all tings around her just went blank. Tsukasa noticed this and he started to walk towards her. Now, he was just a few inches from her; he kneeled down so that they are in the same level.

"I just arrived, don't I get something like a hug from my beloved girlfriend?" he said. Tsukushi studied his features, nothing changed, and he's still the handsome arrogant guy that she really loves.

"I-it's really you… you're here… in front of me… I'm not dreaming am I?" Tsukushi said this and tears began to flow down her face like a river Tsukasa said nothing, he just hugged her like they never hugged before.

"Ehem, ehem…" Sojiro interrupted the reunited lovers. "Uhmm, we'll take our leave. You can ride with Tsukasa and do whatever you want together ok Tsukushi? We won't bother you. Bye, bye…" then the 3 of them left. The lovers just laughed and they went off themselves.

They drove to Tsukasa's place. They casually talked to each other, trying to know what they are doing for the past years that they didn't see each other. Before they knew it, it was dark outside.

"Tsukasa Domyoji! Is it really ok if I stay here for one night?" asks Tsukushi

"Yes! I really miss you a lot…" said Domyoji in a very sweet tone

"But we'll always see each other in school!" a blushing Tsukushi said

"You're just making an excuse!" now an angry Tsukasa said

"What do you mean just making excuse?"

"I know that you don't want to be with me in this instance, you're making an excuse so you won't hurt me!"

"No! I wanna be with you!"

"Then why are you making those excuses?"

"Because I don't wanna loose you again!"

Tsukasa was shocked by her answers, "I want us to be together but if Kaede will show up then we will be separated, I don't want that to happen.."

As tears were forming in her eyes Tsukasa hugged her tightly…

"Tsukushi, we will never be separated again, I promise, even if the whole Domyoji family will try to break us up I won't give up! Because I love you…"

"Domyoji… I love you too"

Then Domyoji lips united with hers

Then Domyoji said, "Don't worry, I will protect you…"

Then after a while Tsukushi agreed to stay for one night and she would leave the house after they have breakfast.

He always protects me… but, I don't even know how to repay him for always saving me from danger. I love him very much, that's why I don't want him to get hurt of anything. How can I possibly repay him? Haaaaaaaaaaay! Tsukushi thinks…


"Hey! Good morning!" Domyoji said, "Come sit here! Breakfast is ready."

"Domyoji…" said Tsukushi in a low tone.

"What is it?" Domyoji asked.

"Well… uhm… never mind…"

"Ok… well just have breakfast and I'll drive you to school."

They ate until….

"Well… just the persons I am looking for!" a very withchy voice said.

They turned they're heads and... "KAEDE!" said the shocked couple