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About: Thrandruil and Legolas. Tolkien never spoke of what happened to Legolas's mom. This is my theory. This is a father and son pairing. There is no slash!

Charactors of the Entire story: Legolas, Thrandruil, Elranna Legolas mom, Galadriel, Celeborn, Elrond, Glorfindel, Haldir, Celebrian, possibly young Elladan and Elhorir. (more tolkien charactors may follow)

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Chapter 1

A cry rang out in the forest. It was the cry of a young elleth, in labor, with no comfort near. This elleth's name was Elranna. Elranna, in the sight of most, looked young, and certainly had a spirit younger then her looks. But she nevertheless married. To the second most powerful elf in all of Greenwood the Great, his name was Thrandruil.

His father was Oropher, a powerful king. Set to protect and prosper the land of the fair Silvan elves of Greenwood. Oropher never knew of the ties between his only son and the daughter of a carpenter. Should he had known, he never would have allowed it. Oropher was a proud and stubborn king, and he would not let one of his ulilion (son) to marry a Silvan, when he and all his line was Sindar.

Thrandruil once wittingly asked his father, what he would do if he happened to fall in love with a Silvan lady. His father answered seriously, He would kill her, in cold blood. Thrandruil knew his father would, after his Naneth had left to sail over the seas to Valinor, Oropher had lost his heart, but his pride disallowed him from fading. Oropher could kill anything, and not feel remorse. He ruled the people with misjudgment, but the elves of fair Greenwood, never knew any different, and accepted the taxes and destruction without protest.

Thrandruil never forgot what his father had said, and kept his marriage to the love of his immortal life a secret. The only elves that knew of it were Elranna's parents. He took ever precaution to ensure the safety of his wife. He had built a summer home for himself, without his Ada's knowledge. Thrandruil built it within site of the palace, high up in a tree. The tree house was quite large; it had over three stories, with adequate covering, and four ways to exit.

After Elranna and Thrandruil had been married for several hundred years, Elranna began to yearn for company. Thrandruil could not fulfill this need, for if he left the palace to often, he would be suspected and his father would call on an 'investigation'. It was true that Elranna was quite lonely, except for the occasional company of her parents. She could not make friends with anyone, for fear her secret would be revealed. For the next few years, every time Thrandruil managed to sneak away to her, Elranna begged him for a child.

Thrandruil at first was uncomfortable of the idea. He could be a Prince, a warrior, a husband…but a father? Could he take on that role and perfect it as his other conducts? After Elranna pressed, whined, and nearly drove him to pure insanity, Thrandruil gave in.

Twelve months later, and the child were ready to be born, but sure as Valinor he wasn't. The father was never aloud in the birthing chambers, and the cries of pain of his precious wife made it unbearable. He paced the floor ragged. Elranna's father Darius sat on a chair and was reading a book.

"For the love of the Valar Thrandruil, stop pacing, your giving me a rare headache only caused by one of my wife's torture treatments."

Thrandruil stopped and turned and stared at him, his face nervous but his eyebrow raised in a princely fashion. Darius sighed; the facial expressions of the prince had always unnerved him. He laid down his book momentarily.

"If my Maryniska is angry at me, she knows that if she gives me the 'silent treatment' I'll enjoy it, considering she is always talking. So she gives me the 'talk about everything in all of Arda until I fade' treatment."

Thrandruil shook his head, he always found Elranna's parents a bit odd. He continued to pace the ground, suddenly, Elranna's screams ceased. Thrandruil's eyes widened in horror as his mind raced at what could have occurred. Then a high-pitched wale of a newborn filled the abode.

Thrandruil could wait no longer and burst into the room, his eyes first fell on his wife. She lay on the bed, obviously exhausted, but nevertheless alive. Thrandruil turned his eyes to the right, to the arms of his mother in law holding his son. Something in Thrandruil shifted as his eyes glanced for the first time his child. The child was shrieking loudly, obviously discontented at the sudden change of environment.

Thrandruil walked over, his walk the walk of a high born, he slowly took his son out of the arms of the grandmother, listening carefully to the instructions, as Elranna dozed off. As soon as his son had been placed in his arms, his child's crying ceased, and his eyes opened up, revealing crystal clear blue eyes. Immediately their spirit bonded, and the Valar knitted a close tie between them, for they would soon need each other. A green leaf flew in through the window, carried by the invisible wind; it landed at the feet of Thrandruil. A name flew to his mind.

"Greenleaf…" he whispered. "Legolas Thranduilion. That will be your name."

Indeed young Legolas was rightly name. As he entered into the world he became an Elf of the Twightlight. And the twighlight was soon to bring great terror and destruction to this little family.

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