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Crimson Moonlight

From Bella's POV

(From Finding my Powers, Chapter ten)

I hesitated for a second, but soon I began to drive again. I kept getting this nagging feeling in the back of my head that he wasn't dead. I kept having this thought come into my head over and over again: Is he really dead? It was crazy, because I saw his body! It was destroyed! But for some reason, it was there.

We were about halfway there, and I saw it. All I saw was a figure run out of the forest, in front of our car, and into the forest on the other side. I slammed on the brakes, and got out of the car. I looked into the direction that it ran and what I saw was stunning.

As I stood there, I saw it running away from me. It was the figure of a man, and he was covered in blood.

(Now back to the sequel)

Alice got out of the car and ran to stand right beside me. Am I seeing things? Then the figure stopped. It was the same dark figure that I saw in my dreams when he was chasing me through the forest. It was Xavier.

"No… No… I killed you! I KILLED YOU!"


"You're DEAD!"

"We didn't burn the body."


"We forgot to burn the body. Oh no…" The figure slowly walked forward with a dismal smile on his face. He raised his index finger and pointed directly at me. He didn't talk to me, but I heard him projecting thoughts into my mind. You will never stop me…I will kill you…

Everything about him now seemed to change. His whole complexion changed, his eyes got darker than any other I'd seen before, he seemed to have hatred radiating off of him, and he was more powerful than I'd ever seen him. It was almost as if he was no longer a vampire. Now he was a monster. A monster set out on death. A monster that was willing to kill a thousand people to get to me. A monster that used the very essence of fear, hatred, and anger to pierce into my soul.

"Bella, let's go. Just leave him now."

He started to run toward me. Except now, even though he was stronger than ever, I wasn't afraid of him. I simply pointed at him, and sent him flying back in order to give us a head start in our getaway. Alice and I ran back into the car and speeded away.

One week later

"Bella…" Alice was coming down the stairs while I was sitting on the couch, huddled up next to Edward. "…can you come here for a second?"

"Alice, can it wait? I'm a little…" I looked up into Edward's eyes. "…busy."

"Oh come on Bella. You two love birds can be separated for five minutes. Edward! You don't dare look into my mind or else I will beat the living daylights out of you!"

"Ok then. A little over-exaggerated maybe?"

"Hey, I want this whole thing to be a surprise to you. Trust me, you'll love it. And besides, I've been putting this whole wedding together by myself!"

"But you won't let anybody else help…"

"Because I want it to be a surprise."

"Ok then."

"Oh fine Alice, I'll come."

I went up the stairs and followed Alice into her room. "So, what do you think of this wedding dress?"

"Ooh nice."

"You like it?"

"Yeah. But let me get this straight. The whole thing is going to be purple with just a little pink thrown in, even the bridesmaids' dresses, except for the dress?"

"Are you complaining?"

"No, no, I love it." Frilly, white, long train, the whole bit. Alice definitely picked this one out. But I was being truthful, I did love it. Of course the groom and all of them wouldn't be in purple, they'd be in all black, but everything else was just, let's say, "Alice style".

"Is that all Alice?"

"Yeah Bella. Hey, are you sure you gave me everyone that you want here?"

"Yeah Alice. Well, except for one person. I'm going to ask him in person."

"Well you better do it. You have tomorrow, and then the next day is the wedding."

"Yeah I know; it is my wedding."

"I better check that the cake is going to definitely be made… Oh, and I still need to get your gift… I need to set everything up in the backyard… I need to double check on the guests… I need to… Oh great… The bridesmaids' dresses are going to be here from Paris in two hours… I need to go pick those up. Oh, Bella, you're still here."

"Thanks Alice."

"No problem."

Alice was gone and in her car before I could even walk out of her room. I went downstairs and sat down next to Edward again. "Edward, thank you."

"For what Bella?"

"For everything. For being who you are. Just, thank you."

We sat there for the longest time, just so still, not saying a word. I could be there with him for an eternity if I didn't have the need to hunt before my wedding. There would be humans there so I wouldn't want to be thirsty. But first, I needed to go talk to Jacob Black.