Title: Inconsistent.
Fandom: Bones.
Characters: Booth, Brennan.
Rating: PG
Genre: Drama.
Notes: First steps into the fandom, because I simply adore them.


"The victim was choked with a thin leather strap, then brutally attacked," Brennan's voice was firm and unwavering, perhaps a touch uncaring as she pointed to various marks on the corpse.

Booth fought back the urge to gag at both, the stench of the corpse and the graphic detail, as the redhead continued her explenation, undisturbed. His eyes found her, a secret 'ninja' techinique he had developed after a few cases in the Jeffersonian. It was easy to simply watch Bones as she ruled over the lab than to actually take notice of the corpse right there. Right there. It was easier on his bruised mind, if he only took verbal details and waited until he was back in his office, alone and away from any source of embarrassment, to try and puzzle out the case and photographs.

"-see here?" Brennan was frowning, something was off with her, "Had to be two men at least, one to surprise her, one to gag her from behind while she tried to scream. Six feet two, I should think."

What was it? Booth had stopped listening to her when it fully clicked into his mind that something was wrong with the picture. He nodded his head everytime she looked at him questioningly, and kept his analysis of her... her... inconsistency to himself. What on heaven and earth was different in Brennan that day?


And suddenly, it clicked. The pendant hanging from her neck... it wans't the usual elaborated neclass design she wore most days, but a rather elegant and simple amber stone in a silver cast he had given her for her birthday a few months back. He had never seen her wear it, so he had resigned himself to have bought something she didn't like.


She was giving him that midly exhasperated look, with the risen eyebrow and the thinned lips, but all he could see was the amber resting almost snuggled against the skin of her neck. He swallowed hard, and she must have mistaken it for unease around the corpse that was suddently mere inches away from him. He couldn't be more grateful.

"Go, I'll call when I've figured out the inconsistency between the marks and the knife, alright?"

She smiled at him, amber on white and white on red, and he fled.

Inconsistent alright.