Author's Note: Okay the end for real this time. Of this story anyway. I think this wraps it up better than my original "the end".

Warnings: Axel/Demyx. Plotting against VI and X, and a tender moment between Xemnas and Saïx at the end. I and VII are probably OOC. It's kind of hard to write them.

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Epilogue: So Really, Do You Take Requests?

Early the next morning, Saïx wandered into the kitchen looking for coffee, preferably not made by a penguin. What he found was a front row seat to the best gossip in the castle.

"Hey Demyx…"

"Are you having second thoughts?"

He could hear the resignation in the Nocturne's voice. He frowned. He'd thought for sure that…

"No! It's just that I knew you were expecting something more than a hand job and well…"

Saïx smiled at the Nocturne's sigh of relief.

"Oh is that all?"

"But," Axel said, "I thought you wanted…"

"I did get what I wanted. Sex with you."

"We didn't really…"

"You did ask for simple. Quit splitting hairs," Demyx groused. "I haven't been laid in over a year. You've no idea how good it felt to be touched again."

"A year?!"

"Yes a year."

Saïx peered around the door. This wasn't like him at all, but he wanted to make sure his tidal friend was happy, or as close to happy as he could be. A shadow of guilt still haunted him from time to time when he saw how lonely the blonde boy often was. He hoped this was the end of that loneliness, even if it was with Axel.

Said pyro kissed Demyx playfully, who was measuring coffee into a filter. "You need some serious lovin'. On a regular basis."

Demyx smiled at him sleepily. "Mean it?"

"Mean it. No matter how many fights we have working everything out."

The Nocturne groaned and turned the pyro's face to get a good look at Axel's bruised jaw.

"Like I said last night," Axel said with at lopsided grin. "When you really want too…"

Demyx cupped his face and placed a feather light kiss on the darkening bruise.

"What do you think Luxord and Zexion will do?" the Flurry asked. Demyx snickered.

"Well they don't have any proof. Even if they did hear something we didn't umm…meet the parameters of the wager. You know how specific Luxord is when it comes to bets."

"So just getting each other off doesn't count? It's only good to collect when we go the whole nine yards?" Axel nuzzled the hydro's ear.


"And when will that be?"

Demyx turned to look Axel in the eye.

"You didn't memorize it did you?" he smirked. "I already told you when, and there's no need to rush. You have to build up to a proper crescendo, otherwise it's just noise. Besides, I want to mess with them for a while."

"What do you mean?"

"Zexion and his mind games. And Luxord always helps him. I just want to get them back a little bit. I mean, it's my sex life they're making bets on!" Demyx huffed.

"Please say that means what I think it means," the Flurry said with his most evil grin.

"Oh yeah."

Axel laughed as Demyx snuggled into his chest.

"You know, you never answered my question," Axel said after a moment.

"Huh? What question?"

"Do you take requests?" Axel purred and wrapped his arms around the Nocturne's waist. Demyx grinned as he switched on the coffee machine.

"Depends, what to you want to hear?"

"I want to hear you sing 'Moon River'," Axel said softly. Demyx leaned against him and began to sing.

Saïx waited until he was finished, and then walked into the kitchen applauding softly, interrupting a rather tender kiss.

"Very touching," he said and was mildly amused to see Axel snarl at him, his hold on the Melodious Nocturne tightening protectively. That was a good sign.

"What do you want?" the pyro growled.

"Coffee actually. I wasn't expecting a early show."

"Voyeurism is your style, eh Moony?" Axel sneered. Pale gold eyes flashed dangerously for a moment before the Lunar Diviner remembered the Nocturne and calmed himself.

"Still no manners," he smirked. "Well Number VIII, I don't have to put up with this, this early in the morning. You will remain on Dusk Duty until further notice."


"I certain I spoke quite clearly."

Axel snarled and hauled Demyx towards the door.

"Come on Demyx. I don't need this first thing in the morning."

"But the coffee…"

"Forget the coffee! I'm taking you out for breakfast."

As he was hauled past the berserker, Demyx looked over his shoulder grinning.

"Thank you!" he mouthed at Lunar Diviner.

Saïx allowed himself a small smile of satisfaction. Already he'd annoyed and pulled rank on Axel, and he'd made his little musical friend very happy, and he had a whole pot of fresh coffee to himself.

Not a bad way to start the day. Not bad at all.

"What was that about?" a voice behind him asked curiously. Saïx turned to see Xemnas standing in the doorway.

"Good morning Superior," he said pleasantly. "I just put Axel on Dusk Duty until further notice. I hope that's all right."

The Enigmatic Man raised one elegant silver eyebrow.

"Whatever for?"

"I think two more weeks should suffice," the other said getting down a couple of mugs.

"Ah," Xemnas smiled faintly with comprehension. "A nice little honeymoon. Honestly Saïx, no one in their right mind would believe you of all people to be such a romantic. But then, you always did have a soft spot for Number IX."

"He deserves a companion, sir," Saïx said quietly.

The silver haired man rested his forehead in his hand. "There's no need for that formality any more, not with you."

"It's just that…"

"You think guilt is in order because he was there when you needed him, and you left him, and I know of at least one other who's done the same to him. We're Nobodies Saïx. Companionship and intimacy are difficult enough even for people who still have their Hearts to guide them. We still have the need, but have to go by trial and error to fulfill it."

He came up behind the Lunar Diviner and wrapped his arms around his waist.

"At least for now."

"Xemnas…I…I didn't like seeing him so lonely."

"You were not responsible you know. We couldn't force Axel, well, and not end up with a pile of ashes instead of a castle at any rate."

"I admit I worry that if Number VIII were to find out about…"

"Then he needn't find out."

"He's like me in a way, possessive to the extreme," The Diviner sighed.

"Well he has the Melodious Nocturne now. You yourself said there was something between them right from the beginning. If you hadn't let him go, they wouldn't be together now."

Saïx half turned to look at Xemnas.

"And I wouldn't have you. You do know how much I need you Saïx."

"I know," Saïx said softly, completely reassured. Xemnas always had that affect on him. He held up the Enigmatic Man's favorite coffee mug. "Coffee Xemnas? Two sugars, and cinnamon vanilla creamer?"

Xemnas smiled. "Yes, a cup would quite welcome." He paused for a moment and then added. "As long as it wasn't made by that penguin."


For real this time.

Okay peoples. That's the end of "Do You Take Request?" I may continue the story thread, if I can get a good idea of how Axel finds out about Saïx but until then, I've got a couple of other KH stories in the works at the moment. They're in the same universe as DYTR, but focus on different characters.

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