Katara looked down at the once great city of Ba Sing Se from her position on Appa. She wondered if the citizens knew yet that the Fire Nation had taken over. If they don't now, they soon will…Katara thought bleakly. She had no doubt that Azula would assert her power sooner or later, especially now that the Avatar and his friends had deserted Ba Sing Se. At least, that's probably how it looked from the Earth Kingdom's point of view. Then again, what does Ba Sing Se know? Katara thought, They spent the last 100 years in total ignorance.

Leaving Ba Sing Se had been the right thing to do. Azula had nearly killed Aang, and Katara had been outnumbered by the two children of the Fire Lord and over a hundred agents of the Dai Li. Even Sokka could figure out that staying would've meant death.

Katara couldn't understand she could've let Aang get hurt. Yeah, okay, she had been slightly preoccupied with a few Dai Li agents trying to take her down, but still. She should've realised what Azula was about to do, and somehow prevented it. That way, they would be safe, and Aang wouldn't have almost died. Katara cared for Aang like a brother, and couldn't manage to shake the feeling of guilt she had that he had gotten hurt. It was lucky that Zuko's Uncle had arrived when he did.

Which is another thing to worry about, thought Katara bitterly, Zuko.

Katara had told Zuko things that she hadn't really told anyone else, had even been willing to use her oasis water on him.

And then he went over to Azula's side, and attacked Katara. That had pretty much doused any compassion that she had for Zuko. Katara felt betrayed despite herself, really. She thought that she and Zuko had reached an understanding back in the catacombs, or whatever they had been trapped in. But obviously not. It seemed that Zuko had only ever cared for himself and his needs. Well that's the Fire Nation for you, Katara thought angrily.

Glancing back down again, she realised with a slight shock that Appa had flown over Ba Sing Se and was now flying over the familiar desert that stretched out for miles before the Outer Wall. Katara looked around, a little nervous, a new thought suddenly striking her.

"Where are we going?" She asked, her voice breaking the silence. Everyone turned to look at her except Toph (who kept staring sightlessly ahead) and the Earth King, who appeared to be asleep.

"Away." Aang replied, his voice still weak. The others seemed satisfied with this answer, and turned away again. Katara however bit her lip.

"But where? We need a plan." She pressed. The others were silent for a moment, thinking. Sokka looked at Katara.

"Water Tribe? Maybe if we can find Dad's fleet-"

"Too far." Katara interrupted her brother. "We've got a month and a half until the eclipse. We can't afford to stray too far from the Fire Nation."

"Ever think that maybe we should be heading for the Fire Nation right now?" Toph asked. Katara and Sokka stared at her, unsure if she was joking. She wouldn't joke about something like this…Katara decided.

"What about Aang?" She asked, forgetting temporarily that Aang was, in fact, lying right opposite her.

"What do you mean? I'm fine!" Aang said, as indignantly as possible. Katara's face fell a little as he tried to sit up, wincing in pain. Gently, Katara eased him back down.

"Aang, you're not fine. You have a hole in your back. How does that make you fine?" She asked, a slight edge to her voice.

"Katara's right. But so is Toph. We need to get to the Fire Nation as soon as we can." Sokka said, a little reluctantly. Everyone contemplated this for a moment.

"There's only one problem…" Katara murmured.

Sokka, Aang and Toph looked at her.

"We need a guide." She finished.

Sokka groaned in frustration.

"And the only Firebender we know who would be willing to help us…"

"Is locked up in Ba Sing Se under the orders of his niece and nephew." Toph completed, tonelessly.

"Guess we're going back to Ba Sing Se?" Aang asked quietly.

"Guess we are." Sokka replied, jerking Appa's reins so that he would turn back in the following direction.

Katara looked up to the sky -it was now almost night- and wondered if the Dai Li would let them stroll back into the city. She didn't need an answer; it was painfully obvious that getting into Ba Sing Se would be a lot harder than getting out, which was no easy task in the first place.

This is going to be fun, Katara thought, in a rare moment of sarcasm.


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