Hey…I'm back. I have another fanfiction called never say never, but I haven't abandoned it, I'll keep going with it but I was getting bored with it, maybe coz it's mine and I've found heaps wrong with it. But I wanted to try something new. I came up with the idea when I was thinking of a plot for the next chapter of my other fanfic. I'm not sure if this plot has been used before. It may have been. But yeah hope you enjoy it. And if nobody likes it I can always delete it and just focus on my other fic. By the way J.K Rowling obviously owns most of the stuff in my story I only own any additional characters. I am going to use characters from my other story as well: Alison and Hailey. Coz I love them so much:):) okay hope you like it. Oh, and the setting is in 7th year and it's about Lily and Sirius switching places coz I want to get Lily and James together in my fic and Sirius is the closest of James's friends, so makes more sense to do that. Remember to give me any feedback, good and bad! Oh and by the way, the chapters will get better I promise!


It was the first morning of the first day of their last year at Hogwarts. The incredibly stunning and charismatic red head, Lily Evans, accompanied by her best friends Alison and Hailey, made her way down to breakfast in the great hall. They were talking animatedly about their holidays and started getting really chirpy when they sat down at the Gryffindor table.

"Can you believe that this is our last year at Hogwarts?" Lily said, as she buttered her toast. "Kind of sad when you think about it. Why are we in such a good mood again? Oh that's right!" Lily face dawned with mock realization. "Because I got head girl! Woo hoo!"

Hailey flicked her long, dark brown ponytail off of her shoulder. "That's not why I was in a good mood. I'm just happy because in a year, we will be out of this place."

"Why is that a good thing? I don't want to have to go out and find a job." Alison said.

"Hey, it'll be better than potions and transfiguration that's for sure."

"Well what do you want to do out of school?" Alison asked.

"No idea." Hailey shrugged.

"My bets are on a hooker," she said, nudging Lily.

Hailey yanked Alison's blonde hair out of its small ponytail, so it fell to its normal position just above her shoulders. "Ouch, bitch I was joking!" Alison said snatching back her elastic and tying her hair up.

"You know what will also be good about leaving Hogwarts?" Hailey asked Alison. "Never having to put up with your shit!"

Alison stuck her tongue out at Hailey. Lily laughed at her two best friends. She loved them to death as they had been by her side since day 1 at Hogwarts. They were both very pretty girls, but very different looking. Alison had a sweet, innocent look about her. She had blonde hair, which barely reached the top of her shoulders, brown eyes and fair skin. She had a small mouth that formed a cute pout when she wasn't smiling. She was also the tallest of the group, but only by a couple of centimeters. Hailey too, was incredibly pretty, not to mention popular with the guys. She had long, dark brown hair, tanned skin (from her Italian heritage) and dark blue eyes. And then there was Lily. Dark red hair, stunning, almond-shaped green eyes and a thin mouth. It was easy to see why many guys were interested in the three girls, as each one of them was strikingly beautiful.

"You know what will be another bright side of leaving?" Lily added.


"Never having to put up with James again," Lily replied, her expression becoming dreamy. "No more 'Evans, go out with me'. No more looking over my shoulder whenever I'm walking down the corridor. Nope as soon as I get out of here, I'll make sure I move far, far away from Potter."

"Oh please, you really think leaving Hogwarts is going to stop Potter from pursuing you?" Hailey said cynically. "I wouldn't be surprised if when you die, he digs up your body and has sex with you."

Lily and Alison both gave her disgusted looks.

"What? It ain't my fault! He might have necrophilia." Hailey shrugged, eating a spoonful of porridge.

"Anyway, off of that subject," Lily said uncomfortably. "Who do you think is Head boy? I wasn't told on the train."

"You didn't hear?" Alison said incredulously. "Even we heard! Gosh we were wondering why you were in such a good mood."

"Is it that bad? I was on duty so I didn't ask." Lily said impatiently. "Tell me."

Hailey and Alison exchanged smirks. "You sure you want to know, because the shock might be a bit overwhelming."

"Oh my god," Lily groaned. "It's Sirius isn't it?"

"Uh no," Hailey said. "It's-"

"James!" Sirius's yell from the great hall doors rang through the large room. "This is awesome! You can authorize party's now!" He then jumped on James's back. James sunk under his friend's weight.

Alison looked anxiously at Lily. "God those guys are idiots," she said, turning back to Alison. "Anyway, who's head boy again?"


"What about him?" Lily asked, looking confused.

"His head boy."

"Who is?"

"James," Alison repeated in frustration.

"What do you keep saying his name for?" Lily said distractedly, taking a sip of pumpkin juice.

Alison rolled her eyes. "James is head boy!"

Lily spat out her pumpkin juice. "WHAT!? ARE YOU SERIOUS? DON'T FUCK WITH ME ALISON!"

Many students stared at her. But she didn't care. If she wasn't so shocked with the news, her language would have taken her herself aback because she generally didn't swear. But this occasion called for it as she had just heard what was probably the most horrible news of her life.

Alison, who was taken back by Lily's sudden outburst, spoke again. "Lily it won't be that bad. Let's not have a heart attack or nothing."

"That's fucking easy for you to say! You don't have to spend the next year with James!"

"It'll only be for your duties," Alison said slowly patting her on the back. She shot Hailey a look to signal her to help, but Hailey was silently laughing hard at Lily's panicking.

Lily was fanning herself with her hands and breathing very fast. "Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! How could this have happened? He wasn't even a prefect." She put her head in her hands.

At that moment Lily felt two arms wrap around her waist and embrace her tightly.

"Guess what Evans," James's voice whispered in her ear. "We are going to be spending a lot more time together this year."

Lily groaned. "Potter I swear to god, if you do not let me go right now, I'll bite you!"

"Is that a threat or a promise?" James grinned.

Lily growled and elbowed James in the chest. He let go. He then sat down in between her and Hailey. Lily glared at him, as she opened her mouth to tell him to go away.

"So you know Evans?" James interjected. "I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I feel, to make our job a lot easier, we should have a few private lessons, you know to sort out our duties. And if those sessions happen to end in us making out then so be it."

Lily cringed.

"But it's all Hogwarts business. Just remember that when you're trying to rip my shirt off," James said, grinning. Before Lily could process what he had just said he gave her a kiss on the cheek and ran off to join Sirius, Remus and Peter down the other end of the table.

She turned red and looked murderous. "Okay, its official. I am going slaughter James Potter."

She rose from her seat but Alison and Hailey pulled her back down.

"Lily, you are not going to murder James alright," Alison said. "You've got one great year at the school you love. Just enjoy it, and stop worrying about James. I mean you put up with living with your sister just fine. I'm sure working with him won't be that much torture."

Lily inhaled. "You're right. You're totally right Ali! And if he bothers me I can always lock him in a suit of armor!"

Alison paused, but then shrugged. "Yeah!"

Meanwhile, down the other end of the table James, Sirius, Remus and Peter (a.k.a the marauders) were enjoying their breakfast.

"This is fucking awesome!" Sirius said, beside himself with glee. "Do you know how much stuff we can get away with now?"

"James isn't going to abuse his position though," Remus said. "Being head boy entails a lot of responsibility."

"No Remus, no. You just don't get it, do you?" Sirius said. "James is head boy. That doesn't 'entail' any responsibility; it entails us to dick around as much as we want!"

"Sirius, don't be stupid!" Remus said. "This year is the year we sit out N.E.W.T's, plus James got all of his head boy duties. I think the last thing he needs is for you to-"

"Holy shit!" Sirius suddenly exclaimed excitedly, ignoring Remus. "Prongs! I just realized! Snivellus! We could take points from him just for being a little snot-nosed prick! Fuck I love abusing power!"

Remus rolled his eyes and was about to open his mouth to retaliate, but saw Professor Mcgonagall handing out Gryffindor timetables. She reached the marauders.

"Ready for the school year, you four?" She asked, handing them their timetables. They nodded. "I heard about the excellent news Potter, congratulations."

"Thanks professor."

"Study hard during the holidays, did we?" She asked smiling, as she already knew the answer.

"If looking at muggle magazines of naked girls qualifies as studying, then yeah, all of the time Professor," he said.

"What was that Black?" Mcgonagall asked, her nostrils flared.

"Nothing Professor," Sirius said smiling innocently.

She stared at him for a moment. "How you manage to get the marks you do Black confuses me. But I must warn you that for the N.E.W.T's, natural talent will only get you so far. I hope to see you focusing on your studies, rather than, what was it? Naked muggle girls." She then stalked off.

"Hey, that's fine by me, you old douche bag. I can always look at the naked witch girls," Sirius said smirking. "Any kind of girl will do for me."

Remus rolled his eyes. He looked at the timetable then his watch. "C'mon it's almost nine o'clock. May as well head down to Herbology."

"Lily and I have to have a quick word with Dumbledore though," James said. He then smiled vaguely to himself. "This year is going to be so cool! I'm going to be seeing Lily even more often, and the beauty of it is she can't run away! She has to talk to me!"

Sirius and Peter laughed. Then at that moment, the bell rang.

"You guys go ahead. I'll meet you there," James said hurrying to the front table where Dumbledore was sitting.


"So what did he say?" Alison asked, as Lily situated herself next to her friend.

"Oh he was just going on about our responsibilities and that we are having regular meetings with him and stuff," she explained as she pulled her protective gloves on. Today the class was supposed to be pruning venomous Venus flytraps.

"Where's Hailey?" Lily asked just noticing she wasn't there.

Alison smirked. "Over there," she pointed to the front of the greenhouse. Hailey was standing with the teacher, who was trying to convince her to go back to the table. "You know how Hailey is with these kinds of things. 'Eek!! Get that diseased thing away from me!'"

Lily giggled. She was about to get to work when-

"Pssst. Evans," she heard someone say from the table behind her.

Lily ignored it, starting to tie rope around the flytraps mouth, so as to stop it from biting.

"Pssst, Evans," the voice said again.

Even though the voice wasn't whispering, she chose to pretend she couldn't hear it.

"Pssst, Evans!" the voice said again.

"No Potter I will not go out with you," She said firmly.

"It's not James it's Sirius you nut! James is over there working with Remus. All I wanted to ask if I could borrow your lip gloss?"

Lily turned around. "Sirius, why didn't your mother kill you when you were born, or didn't she realize you belonged to the devil?" She said sardonically. "What did you really want to ask me?"

"Will you go out with James?" Sirius asked batting his eyes. "You know, after one of your little meetings with Dumbledore, you both could go for a little walk and catch up."

Lily made a 'tuh!' sound. "I'd rather pour fertilizer into my eyes," Lily said.

"Wow you really hate him that much!" Sirius said, surprised.

Lily nodded then turned back to her plant. Sirius whistled.

"Pssst, Lily," he began again.

She closed her eyes, as if praying for patience. Sirius continued.

"Pssst, Lily."

She turned around to face Sirius. She beckoned him closer. He leaned forward. She then smacked him on the forehead. "Quit bothering me!"


"I asked her out for you mate," Sirius said, as they sat in the courtyard during morning break.

"Okay… a little bit junior schoolish but hey. What did she say? Did she say anything different to you? Do you think I have a chance?"

"Well, let's just say you have about as much chance of her liking you, as I do having all the girls stop liking me."

"So a pretty good chance then," James joked. Sirius punched him hard in the arm.

"So, she hates me that bad does she?" James asked sounding slightly disappointed.

"Yeah… kind of. I mean you can always go for one of her friends you know? They're pretty hot."

"I don't get it," James said, ignoring Sirius's last statement. "I'm probably one of the best looking blokes in Hogwarts. I've got an awesome body! Why doesn't she like me?"

"Maybe you're too modest," Remus joked.

"Maybe…" James said distractedly, pushing his messy hair back with his hands. "I've only got one year to woo Evans. Ain't that a bitch? Usually it only takes one night for me to get most girls. But with Evans it's been six years and she hasn't even given me a handshake."

"Maybe you aren't putting out enough," Sirius suggested.

"Or maybe she finds you unattractive," Peter said.

"Wow Peter maybe that's it!" James said sarcastically. "Or maybe just maybe, Wormtail, you should shut your ugly ass face up, because you (apart from Snivellus) are practically the epitome of repulsiveness!"

Peter looked slightly hurt. James was panting slightly.

There was a short pause. "C'mon let's get going to Charms," Remus finally suggested.


"Today class, we will be commencing our year of Charms with quite a complex spell. As you probably already know, your N.E.W.T's are this year, and I have to be honest with you and say that they are immensely difficult. The spell I am going to be teaching you today I suppose is a mixture of transfiguration and charms, and is most certainly relevant to your N.E.W.T's," Professor Flitwick said while pacing on top of his desk. "The spell is a switching spell. Like I said before it is quite complex, and requires concentration. So to ensure that no mistakes are made, this lesson will be a theory lesson. You will spend the period studying the spell from the textbooks I shall be handing out shortly. Page 57 is where it is. Oh and I have also assigned partners to help each other if the other person gets stuck. They have been selected at random. I will tell you who is with whom as I go around with the textbooks. You have tonight to study from the text book and tomorrow you and your partner will receive the animals you will be practicing on."

After Flitwick had finished giving instructions, he began handing out the textbooks and assigning pairs. James was with a Hufflepuff girl. Hailey was with Peter. Alison was with a Ravenclaw girl. Remus was with a Ravenclaw and Lily was assigned with…

"Sirius!" Flitwick said. "Now I think that's everyone! Excellent!"

"Are you serious?" Lily said.

"Why yes, yes I am," Sirius answered coolly.

"Oh aha! Aha! Ha ha!" Lily pretended to laugh. She then stopped. "You know Sirius you aren't that funny."

"Oh yeah? Well will this change your mind?" Sirius asked, pulling a stupid face.

Lily groaned. Oh well, she thought, at least it's better than James.