Disclaimer: I don't own the HP characters, JK. Rowling does, I only own the plot, Amanda, Draco's brother and Draco and Ginny's twins.

Summary: Hermione's an employee working in a bank, her Muggle friend Amanda helps her try to get over Ron's death by taking her to a nightclub, and she is reunited with an old flame. What happens when trouble arises and she can't get out of it on her own?

- Chapter one -

"Mione, come on, you need a break from work! You're on top of all you accountant work and paper work!! Besides, it's the weekend!" A voice whined down the phone.

"No I'm not! New stuff just came in from the office! And I don't take breaks until it's ALL done, you know that!" twenty-five-year-old Hermione Granger lied. "Manda it really is sweet of you to try and make me have a break, but-"

"Hermione Jane, mention Ron one more time, and I'll erase him from your mind, or at least I'll get Draco or his brother to do it." Amanda joked. "It's been, what, two years since his Quidditch accident." she added sympathetically.

Ron had suffered a severe coma for six months with no sign of recovering.

He had had a nasty fall, a terrifying fall at that, during a crucial to him and Harry Quidditch match, Harry saw the Bludger hit him and flew down to try to catch him, completely ignoring the Snitch.

The Chudley Cannons team members' hovered, frozen in horror as the fiery haired keeper plummeted to the ground, the raven haired Seeker followed in tow, trying to save him.

A sickening crack resounded off each corner of the silent stadium; everyone looked to the floor, trying to find Ron, hoping he'd be ok.

Hermione was the only one from the stands to run down to him. She reached him as Harry touched down next to him, tears making a silent train down her face. She was worried and tried to wake up her unconscious husband.

Healers pushed past her and Harry, lifted him on to the stretcher gently, and walked hurriedly away with him.

The healers had to eventually switch off the life-support after seeing he wouldn't recover after six months, and the Chudley Cannons had lost their greatest keeper, Hermione had lost a husband, and Harry Potter had lost a best friend.

Ginny wanted nothing to do with Ron since he had an argument with Draco in her sixth year, and had turned to Draco and Narcissa for comfort when her entire family got killed when the Burrow finally collapsed in the worst storm the Wizarding World had ever witnessed.

Hermione swallowed the lump in her throat. "Yeah, I know." she whispered.

"Right, my shoes are going on, I'm grabbing my coat and I'm dragging your backside out of that office. We're going to my apartment, going to have some hot chocolate, get you dressed up and we're hitting the nearest nightclub." Amanda said and hung up before Hermione had time to object.

"May as well get this over with..." Hermione whispered and took the framed photo of her and Ron's wedding day. Her fingers brushed longingly over Ron in the photo, and watched it move.

The Ron in the picture looked at her in the picture with an ecstatic look on his face; she looked up at him, smiling happily. (If that makes sense lol) It truly was the happiest day of her life. Only one person was missing to make that day more than complete. Harry. He had left the night before the seventh year's graduation/Ron's and her day to fight Voldemort.

Everyone had their doubts on whether he would survive on his own, even his two best friends at times. But they always believed in him. He emerged victorious after a two month battle; member's of the Order followed him, without his consent, and died instantly. Harry came back, almost dying too, Remus holding him up.

Hermione was distracted when a dark-skinned woman in her twenties entered her office.

"Come on Mione. You can't blow me off now.

It was Amanda.

Hermione sighed and closed her account books. She collected her coat and handbag and walked out with Amanda.

"I've already asked that guy over there by the cashier's desk to clock your name out." Amanda said.

"Who, Jamie?" Hermione asked.

"Uh huh." Amanda answered.

"He's reliable enough. As long as you didn't ask Ryan." Hermione giggled as the pair walked past Ryan.

"Total waste of space." Amanda agreed, which made Ryan scowl and glare at their retreating backs.

Fifteen minutes of walking and they finally reached the apartment Amanda lived in.

"I don't see how we are going to find a half decent nightclub in the heart of Manchester!" Hermione said, as Amanda walking into the kitchen to make two mugs of hot chocolate.

"We will Mione. You know, if you got out more and put that stupid bank on hold for a bit, you'd know this place like the back of your hand, and Ron's for that matter." she called from the kitchen.

"Manda, you know I don't do putting off work. Even Draco, Ginny, Draco's brother Michael and Draco's two-year-old twins know that." Hermione said.

Manda laughed and walked into the living-room and handed Hermione her steaming mug.

"How are they anyway? Did you hear from them?" she asked.

"You sound like Mrs Weasley always used to do when she worried over her own kids or me and Harry or Mr Weasley." Hermione joked. "But yeah, they're fine. Ginny and Draco dropped by the office with them last week. I actually felt sorry for Draco. He had to stay confined in his house with Ginny, his son and daughter. The caught the flu. He was lucky not to catch the flu." she giggled.

"Aw, are they okay now?" Manda asked after a few giggles.

Hermione sipped her drink and nodded. "He finally realized all they needed was a flu/cold treatment potion. He still thinks he can't use magic cause he's out of school eight years on. Especially in the Muggle World. He can, he just has to be careful no-one sees."

Manda laughed.

"You'd think that the pompous git he acted like he wouldn't give a shit if he used magic or not. But no. I think the last day at Hogwarts was a shock to him to realize he HAD to be sensible." Hermione said.

Even though Amanda was a Muggle, she understood the Wizarding world and Hermione, who knew she could tell her anything.

"Go on, take a shower, you can borrow some of my clothes, and we're doing something about that frizz on your head." she said and ushered Hermione into the bathroom before she could object.

Amanda could also rival a bossy parent figure trying to discipline a child.

The short brunette emerged from the bathroom half hour later, clean underwear provided by Manda, and the towel wrapped securely around herself.

"Mione, there's no one else in the apartment but us two. My brothers in America remember? So ..." Manda said.

"I still like my privacy!" Hermione said, blushing madly.

Amanda pulled out a crimson colored mini-dress.

"Ditch the good girl pencil skirt and the sensible shirt for the night and wear this." she said.

"What!?" Hermione asked, scandalized. "I'd rather walk out there starkers!"

"Hermione. Tonight is no night to play sensible bank woman." Amanda said exasperatedly.

"But ... but that's not me! Manda you know it is not." she whined.

"Experiment a little! You're twenty-five bordering spinster-hood, Granger." Manda grinned; she forced the dress over Hermione's head and over her body, much to her dismay, so she had to wriggle her arms free. Amanda forced Hermione into the nearest armchair and pried her ballerina flats off her feet and replaced them with four-inch heeled matching crimson shoes, and stalked off into her own room to change.

"Mione, come in here a moment. We need to sort out your make-up and hair!" Manda called after ten minutes.

Hermione inwardly groaned. She didn't usually wear the stuff -and it was Amanda that put it on for her- she felt a bit more prettier, a bit more self-confident, but at the same time, a bit silly.

Harry and Ron always told her she looked better without it, even Draco did at times, when he was too far up Ginny's backside rather than his own. But this usually happened when he was pining for something.

She glanced at the clock. Five forty-five PM. Great. She thought sarcastically. A whooooole long night ahead of me because no-one's going to look at an ugly person like me. They'll go for someone prettier and perfect like Manda.

She walked into Amanda's room and sat patiently on the bed for fifteen minutes for her to finish her face and hair and begin her torture on Hermione.

Twenty minutes of make-up torment and PAINFUL hair torture, the two girls were finally ready to go.

Amanda swanned off around the apartment, checking everything was locked. She looked perfect as ever never a flaw. Hermione hobbled out to the door, waiting for her friend to appear.

As she waited, she spotted a mirror in the hallway, always finding fault in her appearance.

Can't exactly cast a beauty charm so I may as well get over it. She thought dryly.

A few minutes later, Amanda grabbed her bag, hers and Hermione's phones and her keys from the hook. She walked to Hermione, who was staring miserably at the mirror.

"You look lovely." she told her low self-esteemed friend.

She opened the door for Hermione to step out, and stepped out herself, locking the door and slipping them into her handbag.

They both proceeded for a fifteen minute walk into town to the nightclub and neither one was surprised when they found a long queue of people waiting and tagged on the end.