101 Pick up Lines

Numbers 81-101

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"You know you are in love when the hardest thing to say is goodbye"

"Goodbye. See now? That wasn't so hard!"


"Sometimes I wish I was you so I could be friends with me"

"Sometimes I wish I was you so I could see what the hell goes through your head before you say things like that."


"They say kissing is the language of love... what do you say we indulge in a little conversation?"

"Why don't you go have a conversation with your shoe instead"


"Love me or leave me"


"Hey! Where are you going??"


"I love rainbows, I love flowers, I love you and... um... shit I forget the rest... uh... you look hot?"

"How you manage you get a single grade above T I will never know."


"If I were you, I would kiss me."

"If you were me, I would be ugly..."


"If you go out with me just once, I'll stop asking,"

"Tempting... very tempting..."


"I'm like Taco Bell... I'll spice up your night!"

"Yeah? Well then I'm like McDonald's. Come within a five foot radius of me and you'll die."


"If you were a pill I would overdose."

"If you were a pill you would be a big, smelly one that you choke on every time you take."


"You're body is a wonderland, and right now I want to be Alice"

"Somehow it doesn't surprise me that you want to be a little girl."


"You smell that? Smells like love."

"You smell that? Well, maybe you can't people usually can't smell their own stench."


"Yesterday I tried to paint a picture of you, but I couldn't– the colors weren't pretty enough."

"I'm glad... I don't think I want to see your painting 'skills'.


"Baby, you are the honey on my bunches of oats!"


"I dunno..."


"I think I'm gay... want to try and convert me?"

"If you are gay then you certainly wasted a lot of time chasing after me because in case you haven't noticed, I'm a GIRL!"


"My love for you is like diarrhea... it just never ends."

"Ew! That is definitely the grossest pick up line you've used on me yet!"

"Grosser than the one about incest?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that."

"And the one with the boogers?"

"Oh yeah...jeez, you really do have a sick mind!"


"Do you mind if I hang out here until it's safe to go back over there?"

"Why would you not be able to go back over there?"

"Well... I farted and Sirius won't let me back."


"I have an O in divination, and I predict that in two minutes you are going to be snogging me."

"You aren't even in divination!"

"You say that like it matters."


"I'm here to arrest you."

"What for Potter?"

"For breaking and entering into my heart."

"Phew, for a second I thought you were talking about the... nevermind."

"The what? Lily! THE WHAT?!?!?!"


"This could all be yours for one low low price!"

"No thanks, I don't get cheap things."


"Arg. I'd love to drop anchor in your lagoon, lassie."

"Why are you talking like a pirate?"

"Well, it's international talk like a pirate day...arg..."


"Well, it was a few months ago, so I thought I would make up for it now."

"Uh huh..."


"Um...hey James?"


"Well, uh... You remind me of cheese, and um... I like cheese..."

Chuckles "What?"

"Uh, sorry, that came out wrong... what I mean is...uh..."

"Lily, are you trying ask me out?"

"NO! I was trying to pick you up then ask you out."


"Because I like you, you idiot! Now agree to go out with me or I'll kick your ass."

"I like them fiesty..."


"Yes, yes, yes, of course I'll go out with you! But I just have one question..."


"Where the hell did you get that pick up line?"

"Oh, shut up!"


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