Chapter Two

Remus retrieved the list with anther sigh. The more he knew his friends, the more he knew they would discover his secret. And then they would hate him. And he knew he could not bear that. He could hardly bear the thought. He knew it was not healthy to become so attached to these boys, but he could not seem to push them away. So he was back to work on the list. The next full moon was the very next day, and he couldn't sleep. He dreaded each full moon. He dreaded the terrible pain, the hours of oblivion, and the horrible wakening to yet more pain. He hated what he became. And he dreaded that someday his best friends, his only friends, would hate him to, and rightly so. So he had a list to write.


16. Mother hurt herself. Dad is away on business, so I had to go take care of her for a couple days. Once or twice. Once being better than twice.

17. It's my great-grandfather's one-hundredth birthday. This one might be true if he hadn't died years ago. This cannot, for obvious reasons be used more than once. Unless I pretend my great-grandmother was still alive as well.

18. My cousin is visiting from a far away country for the first time in twenty years. My Aunt put her first baby up for adoption, and now he's come back to find his family and he wants to meet me. His name could be Elric Earlson. I always wanted to be named Elric when I was a kid. This, again, will only work once.

19. I'm a spy for the ministry and must go on a super-secret mission that I can't tell anyone about. This won't work to well. They'll be even more curious, and start following me around to see where I'm going. It would be funny though. I don't think I could keep a straight face through telling them that.

20. My cousin is giving a charity aid concert and I have to be there. Hardly likely, and I can only invent so many cousins. Maybe my Uncle. Or something.

21.Marriage. (Mawwidge, if you're a Princess Bride) My Aunt and Uncle (Preferably before the baby), Cousins, whatever. Hardly likely to happen often, but I can milk it for all it's worth.

22. My birthday. My overly clingy parents wanted me home for me birthday. This is quite plausible. My parents are quite clingy, and my birthday falls on a full moon this year.

23. I fell asleep in the library late last night. This maybe, maybe might work, if they're not paying attention. However it's not terribly likely.

24. My parents are moving, and they need me to help move things because my dad has a bad back or mum is still recovering from her illness/injury

25. …This list thing is harder than it looks. I'm flat out of ideas. I don't have nearly enough to last me seven years. But I'm not going to stop until I do. I can't stop until I do.

26. I've been staring at this list with out writing anything for the past 15 minutes. Time to go to bed. I meant to get to 30 tonight, but enough is enough.


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