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Where's My Dragon? Prologue Did Potter…?


Two thirds of the Golden Trio walked into the room and took two seats at the right-hand side. Hermione took out her Potions book and began explaining something Harry had asked about, when the door flew open and the long-haired Potions Master walked in, his robes billowing behind him.

'It gets boring, Snape.' thought Harry, rolling his eyes.

He hadn't even reached the front of the classroom when Severus Snape began to talk.

"Don't expect the same lenience I have allowed the past few years…"

'Lenience? What fantasy world is he living in?'

"…You're in an advanced class now. There will be no excuses for incompetence. There will be four big tests. You need to pass each test before you will be allowed to take the next one. If you should fail one test by less than five points, I'll give you the chance to earn those five points with an extra homework assignment. I should warn you that I will mark these much more severely than your usual homework. I have no qualms about letting you fail, if your results are not pleasing enough, not that I want your failure affecting my reputation as a Potions Master. Any questions? No? Good."

Hermione and Harry looked at each other with huge eyes and raised eyebrows, but didn't say a word.

"Today we will begin with a fire potion called 'Accendo Sponte'. Who can tell me what this potion is for?"

He looked around, let his almost-black eyes linger for a moment on Hermione's frantic movements – wondering briefly if the girl was trying to dislocate her own shoulder – and moved on. Harry came into his view and a small smirk ghosted over his lips.

"Mr Potter."

Harry's head snapped up and he looked nervously at the Potions Master.

"Eurm…eh…yes, Sir?"

"Can you tell us anything about the 'Accendo Sponte' Potion?"

"The…the 'Accendo Sponte' Potion? Well…"

"Yes, Mr Potter?"

Snape's falsely sweet smile made Harry even more nervous and the dark haired Gryffindor looked pleadingly at his female best friend, who just nodded reassuringly.

"The 'Accendo Sponte' Potion is…is…" he took a deep breath and began from the beginning in a calmer tone.

"There are three uses for this variety of fire potion. In a lower concentrate it can be used as a heating potion. You drink it and it warms your body from the inside. You can tell difference between the low concentration and the pure form through its colour. The low concentration is a light orange, the pure potion is a deep crimson. In its pure form the 'Accendo Sponte' is rather dangerous, because it can burn flesh. This property is often used in medical areas, although it's probably very painful. They distribute the potion on huge raw wounds to cauterize them. Cauterization stops further bleeding and prevents infection. The third and last form is…" Harry coughed awkwardly "…eurm, if the maker adds some of his blood to the less concentrated variety it becomes…it becomes a rather strong aphrodisiac."

The whole class was silent. Harry Potter had answered one of Snape's questions? Correctly?

Hermione squeezed Harry's knee to tell him that he had done well and got a wary smile from the boy. Snape came back to his senses and cleared his throat.

"Yes, Mr Potter that was correct, well…two points for Gryffindor."

"Thank you, Professor," came from a smiling Golden Boy. The Slytherin head of house turned around without further comment and went to the blackboard. A list of ingredients appeared on the board and, with a wave of his wand, the door of his supply closet flew open.

"You will create the low concentration version of 'Accendo Sponte' today, in groups of two. Since we are only a small class, I will now announce the groups for the rest of the year."

Hermione looked at Harry with sorry eyes; she knew who he would be paired up with. But the Gryffindor just shrugged and whispered a low "I'm used to it."

Snape called out the groups until just Harry and Draco Malfoy were left. Both knew what it meant.

"Potter, Mr Malfoy."

Harry stood up without hesitation. He had worked with Malfoy so often before that he didn't care anymore. He just got on with his work and blocked the blond's voice out.


Harry stopped and turned around. Snape was looking at him, signalling to him to come to his table.

"Yes, Professor?"

The Potions teacher sat at his table and looked up with a nondescript expression.

"Potter, I don't know what's going on here but it seems to me that you finally caught up with the others. I still can't understand how you managed to get an 'O' in your Potion OWL, but maybe you'll be able to excel in this class. That's all."

Harry looked at the Professor with huge eyes. Had Snape just been nice to him? He just nodded and walked over to Malfoy's work station.

The blond glared at him when he went to prepare the cauldron.

"Thanks to you I had to get everything by myself."


Harry knew it was useless to argue with Malfoy – just a waste of energy. He grabbed a knife and the pieces of water lily and began chopping them.

Malfoy was going all out as usual to annoy Harry until he exploded with anger – at least, he was trying to. The Golden Boy just tuned Malfoy out and concentrated on his work.

They had added all of the ingredients and Draco stirred the potion while Harry cleaned the work station. The potion needed to infuse for ten minutes before it was heated up. Both boys sat on their chairs and waited.

Harry was playing with the knife when Draco found his voice again and began to needle the Golden Boy as usual. He knew that the Slytherin Prince just wanted to stir things up, but he couldn't take it any longer.

"What happened, Potter? Did you finally find your brain? Why could you answer Snape's question all of a sudden? Was the little mudblood your prompter or did she just give you a hand-job under the table? Is the mudblood your bitch now? Or is she still Weasel's and she just helped you out?"

Harry's knuckles had gone white from gripping the knife so hard. Malfoy was already pushing it and Harry swore to himself – one more fucking insulting comment about Hermione and he would beat Malfoy into a pulp. Just one more comment and…

"Or is she generous and plays the slapper for both of you?"

Harry took a deep breath and put the knife down. He turned around slowly and looked at Draco Malfoy's insolent sneer. That was enough! He clenched his fists so that his nails dug into his palms.

"Malfoy, you really don't know when to stop, do you?"

His fist met Malfoy's chin hard, then he tackled the slightly taller boy and pulled him down.

"You bloody fucking bastard! How dare you insult my best friend?"

His fists landed on Malfoy again and again; everywhere where he could reach the ferret's body. Face, neck, chest, stomach…nothing remained unscathed.

Finally, once Malfoy had gotten over the shock, he grabbed Potter's fists and pushed him away with all of his remaining power. Boy Wonder slammed against their table. The cauldron began to totter and the last thing Harry heard was Hermione's frightened voice, before the cauldron crashed down on him and everything went black.