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Where's My Dragon? Part Twenty-Four The next day – Call it an Epilogue, if you want


A loud hammering sound crashed down on Draco and he was rudely ripped out of his sweet dreams. Opening his eyes grudgingly, he stared up at the ceiling. The Dragon constellation glowed softly down on him, as it had so many other mornings before this one, and he wished that whoever was hammering at his door would just give it a rest.

He looked down at Harry, what little was visible of him that is, and a smile crept onto his lips. Harry was hidden under the blankets and his naked legs dangled partly over the end of the bed. Draco lifted the blanket carefully and looked at his lover's sleeping form. Unlike Draco, Harry seemed to be immune to the pounding at the door.

The Temirith had shifted downwards in the night so that his head lay now at Draco's waist, one arm thrown over the blond's hips and his face completely hidden by wild strands of his untameable hair.

"Draco, come on, open up!" Pansy yelled from outside the door and the hammering increased once again. The blond sighed. He covered Harry with the blanket again, but left his head uncovered. Before he opened the door with a wave of his hand, he stroked Harry's soft hair and heard the boy mewl softly.

Pansy stormed in and he sat up carefully, not waking his Golden Boy. "Draco, what took…"

"Sssh." Draco interrupted Pansy's loud complaint and the girl quickly fell silent upon seeing Draco's 'guest'. She closed the door and went over to the huge four-poster bed. Her eyes fell on Harry and she had a hard time suppressing a loud, girlish squeal. The boy grumbled sleepily about Draco moving and tightened his embrace, nuzzling his face against Malfoy.

"Oh. My. God. That is the cutest thing I've ever seen." Pansy whispered. Draco was still a bit annoyed about the girl's intrusion, but he did have to agree with her on that point. In truth, the words 'sexy', 'gorgeous' or 'beautiful' crossed his mind more often than 'cute'.

"What do you want, Panse?" He asked in a low voice and looked at the girl nonchalantly. By now, he was really used to her violet hair and thought it suited her perfectly. Harry had done a good job with it, but Draco still felt a momentary urge to wring his neck for how he had done it. If Pansy hadn't forgiven him, he couldn't have either. It was all thanks to Pansy that they were bonded now.

"Professor Snape sent me. He wants you and Harry in his quarters in…" she looked at her watch. "…an hour for breakfast."

Draco nodded, thinking the girl would leave him to wake the Gryffindor, but she stayed next to the bed and he looked back at her in confusion. "Something else, Panse?" The girl's eyes wandered from Draco to Harry's sleeping face and back to Draco to smile at him lovingly.

"I'm really happy for you, my brother. Harry loves you with all of his heart and you deserve every little piece of it." She leaned down, pressed a kiss on Draco's forehead and turned away from the surprised blond. The door shut under Draco's gaze and he heard Harry groan.

His hand connected with Harry's hair again and the slighter boy mewled. His hand moved from Draco's hip up to his stomach, but nothing else suggested that Harry was awake.

"Harry." The Slytherin called softly.


"Come on, baby, Severus wants to have breakfast with us."

"Can't we stay in bed all day?" Harry pleaded and pressed a kiss to Draco's hipbone. The blond looked up to the ceiling and inhaled sharply, trying not to succumb to the temptation. Why did he have to use that sweet, sulking voice? Draco ran his fingers lightly along Harry's scalp and received a low moan in return.

The Slytherin smirked, but scolded himself inside. He wasn't making it any easier for himself. "I'll make you a deal, love. We will take a shower now. Eat breakfast with Severus and after…" Draco shifted down on the bed until he was eye-level with his lover. He looked into droopy, but nevertheless shining green eyes and smiled. "…we will walk straight back here and crawl into my bed for the rest of the day. Is that okay?"

Harry laced his fingers with Draco's and sighed. "If you promise not to leave me alone with Snape, I'll agree." The blond rubbed the dent between Harry's thumb and the back of his hand. He leaned closer and kissed the smiling Temirith on the forehead.

"I promise." Malfoy threw the blankets aside and dragged Harry out of the bed. "Come on. Let's get you under a cold shower."

"Cold?" Harry screeched on the way to the bathroom, suddenly wide awake. "Nooo, Draco." He whined childishly "I want to shower with you. Under warm water, you know."


Harry was wearing one of Draco's robes when he entered Severus Snape's private, following the blond nervously. Draco had had to shrink the robes to make them fit him and he felt bad about it. It had taken twenty minutes of Draco at his most persuasive to get Harry to agree to let Draco shrink one of his expensive robes for him. He hadn't wanted them to be wasted on him and had promised to pay for them later. This would of course, in Draco's opinion, never happen if he could prevent it.

Fortunately Snape's rooms were close to the Slytherin dungeons, or they would have been late for breakfast after all the fuss about those bloody robes, Draco thought. And Severus hated unpunctuality; even from his godson.

"Good morning, godfather." Draco said cheerfully and hugged the Potions Master. Harry watched the scene like a play. Never before had he seen Snape show any affection so freely; even where Draco was concerned he had only friendly words. But, he supposed, that was in public. Maybe this was how they always acted away from curious eyes.

Snape looked around the tall blond and fixed his eyes on Harry's nervous form. "Good morning, Harry." He said in his deep baritone, entirely free of contempt. Harry looked up with huge eyes and blinked nervously. He realised he had experienced that side of Snape before, but had apparently blocked out the memory until now.

"G-Good morning, Professor."

There was a knock at the door and Snape walked around the couple. "Take a seat." he said and showed them towards the odd-shaped dining table at the left end of the room, before going to answer the door. Draco took hold of Harry's hand and dragged him gently to the table to sit down next to him. Both noticed the many place settings, but didn't say a word about it.

"Baby, relax. He won't eat you. Didn't you notice how friendly he was?" Draco said quietly, leaning over and pressing a kiss on Harry's jaw line.

"Of course I noticed. I'm not daft, Draco." The Slytherin chuckled at this tiny outburst and grabbed a carafe of orange juice to pour himself a glass.

"Hey, mate." Both boys looked up at the call and saw Ron and Hermione coming over to the table, closely followed by Blaise and Pansy. Harry's eyes lit up and Draco saw the change of mood immediately. A bit miffed that he hadn't been able to lighten Harry's mood but one glimpse of his friends did, he stood up and greeted his two best friends.

"What are you doing here?" Draco asked quietly, never letting Harry out of his sight even as he was hugging Pansy. The Golden Boy was talking animatedly with his two friends.

"Professor Snape invited us." Blaise said and all three turned towards their head of house to see him smirk contently. He sat down on one side of the table and watched the students calmly; not urging them to sit down or anything else for that matter.

Draco knew he had done this for Harry's sake but he couldn't tell why exactly. Anyway, he thought, he would find out soon enough. He turned back around to Pansy and Blaise and felt a hand resting on his back just above his behind. Harry was stood next to him all of a sudden, smiling warmly. The next thing he knew, all six stood in one circle and Draco was left wondering what the hell had happened. They were all talking animatedly and were being friendly to each other.

"Dragon?" He snapped out of his thoughts and saw everyone staring at him. "Have you been in lala-land?" Harry asked, amused. The others sniggered. Not being one who liked to be made fun of, Draco snaked an arm around Harry's shoulders and pulled him close.

"Not in lala-land, Potter." He whispered in Harry's ear, well aware of the looks he was getting from their audience. "Back in my bed. With you. Around me." He punctuated his words with a dirty smirk and let go of Harry's flushed form. "So, how about breakfast?" Draco asked loudly and took his former seat at the table.

The others followed, wondering what Draco had said to throw Harry off track, and took their seats as well. Hermione and Ron sat across from Draco and Harry. Blaise and Pansy were placed to the right of Harry, across from Snape. They all ate while conversing about anything that came to mind. Even the professor joined the general conversation once in while, but he mostly talked to Draco.

Harry, attempting to be subtle, kept sneaking looks at Pansy while listening to Ron. The girl noticed the glances and leaned over towards Harry. "What's wrong?" she whispered.

"Nothing, nothing." The Gryffindor muttered, but saw Pansy's disbelieving look and sighed. "I just… I just wondered whether your hair will stay purple or not?" He said coyly and stared down at the table.

"Nope." The Slytherin said with a grin. "Look, my normal colour is already coming back through." She lowered her head and Harry could see the brown roots, relief flooding through him. "But I like the purple, maybe I'll dye the roots again." Pansy went on and smirked at a blushing Golden Boy.

"Harry." Ron's spoon nearly fell from his mouth when Snape addressed his best friend by his first name. "I think it's time to let them into your little secret." Draco mentally slapped himself, how dense could one person be? Of course that was why they were all here; the others didn't know that Harry was a Temirith and that he, Draco, was Harry's mate. And they certainly didn't know that they bonded last night. A smug look appeared on his face when he remembered the last night's events. Hopefully this would be soon over. It wasn't that he didn't like Severus' company, but dragging the Boy Wonder back into his room and onto his bed was far more enticing at the present moment.

Draco sensed the Temirith feeling uncomfortable with all eyes on him. He brought his right hand secretly to Harry's left knee and stroked a bit up the thigh. Harry's hand grabbed his nervously and he turned his wrist and laced their fingers. "O-okay, Sir."

Snape nodded and looked sternly at the other four students. "But before he begins…" the Potions Master said and looked all four in their eyes to make sure they understood that he wasn't joking. "…this will be kept secret. No one, and I mean no one, will hear of this. If I find out you've told anyone of Harry's secret you'll become my personal guinea pig for my potions experiments. Is that understood?"

You could see both Gryffindors and Slytherins gulp nervously (and obviously) at the threat, but they all nodded. "Is that understood?" Snape asked again, sounding a bit annoyed.

"Yes, Sir" came the response in a chorus and the Slytherin head of house seemed content. He turned towards Harry and nodded, indicating to Harry that he could begin. The dark haired boy took a deep breath and squeezed Draco's hand once more before opening his mouth.

"I'm a Temirith and Draco's my mate." Straight to the point. After Hermione's compulsory gasp, Harry began his little story and Snape watched the display with pure amusement, well hidden behind a severe look, mind you.

He idly noticed Weasley's potential as a mimic; the boy had an astounding spectrum of facial expression. His appearance ranged from huge eyes that threatened to pop out of their sockets in shock to an embarrassed blush that Snape could see rising slowly from Ron's neck up to his ears and all over his face.

The little know-it-all looked as though she wanted to cry, because she hadn't come up with the idea of Harry being a rare, powerful creature. Severus refrained from rolling his eyes, but honestly, what normal person would even consider such a reaction? If he hadn't seen for himself that Harry's eyes had turned black, one of the main signs of a Temirith, he would have called Granger barmy if she had ever suggested it to him.

The Potions Master looked back at the youngest Weasley boy and wrinkled his eyebrows a bit. The boy looked a bit… well, green. He listened to Harry's explanation and wanted to chuckle. The boy was already telling the others about their mating and he felt a bit sorry for him to have to reveal such an intimate moment, but Weasley's look was pure entertainment.

He looked over to his two Slytherin students and was almost proud of them. They gloated. They gloated with relish. And they gloated with sardonic grins covering their faces. He couldn't have hoped for a more Slytherin reaction.

Suddenly both girls squealed in unison, making his ears ring. He snapped out of his thoughts and looked around in confusion. The teenage girls were virtually leering at the newly mated couple and making girlish squeaking noises that were probably meant to express delight, if Snape could rely on his experience as a teacher.

Weasley and Zabini, on the other hand, buried their heads in their hands and moved away from the girls as if fearing whatever they had could be contagious. They groaned quietly and shook their heads in disbelief.

Severus' eyes wandered to the two who had obviously caused the din. Draco and Harry looked at each other and then at the others with narrowed eyes and complete confusion written over their faces. The Potions Master leaned over towards Draco and tapped on his shoulder to get his attention. "What happened?" He asked the boy and received a shrug in answer.

"I don't know, Sev. Harry was done with his explanations and I kissed him because he was so nervous. That's all." Snape rolled his eyes and groaned. Why did his godsons' two female friends have to be perverted little yaoi lovers? Never even think about asking him how he knew the word 'yaoi' – he wouldn't tell you anyway.

"Alright," Snape said, standing up "Let's end this here. It seems safe to assume that everybody has accepted these new revelations quite easily, because I can see neither damage nor corpses." Harry chuckled quietly and felt relieved that he could leave now. Although everybody was fine with him being a Temirith, he had also just confessed that he had had sex last night and that didn't make it any easier to look the others in the eye.

Draco's arms wrapped around him and he purred. Luckily Draco's hand had been in his the whole time or he would have gone bananas. The bond needed him to be close to his mate it seemed, especially so soon afterwards. He really shouldn't think of bananas when he was in Draco's arms, Harry thought randomly and giggled.

"What's funny, love?" Draco asked quietly, bringing his lips close to Harry's ear and brushing them over it. The girls squealed again and Harry winced, turning his head away from Draco's sweet mouth. But the blond was having none of it and turned the smaller boy around into his embrace. "I think I know why they're making those scary sounds." He inclined his head and captured Harry's lips in a hot kiss.

Snape saw the other two boys trying to tame the girls a bit before they started cheering or something, and smirked. Draconis was a devil and it suited him. The kiss broke and this time Harry squeaked girlishly when Draco whispered something in his ear that made the Gryffindor's eyes turn stark black. Severus didn't even want to know what perverted fantasy the blond had revealed to Potter.

"We're gone." Draco called into the room before the door clicked shut, not giving anyone a chance to say goodbye. Or encourage them to snog a bit more in public, or scold them for snogging at all in front of Pansy and Hermione (depending on who was speaking at the time…).

The four remaining students looked at each other, baffled, until Ron groaned and hid his eyes behind his hand. "I don't even want to think about what they're doing now." Everyone laughed at that, even Snape couldn't hide a smile. The Gryffindors and Slytherins said goodbye to their professor and thanked him for the invitation before leaving his private rooms to enjoy the rest of the Saturday.

Severus remained standing behind the dining table and looked at the entrance door. Finally everything was starting to work out in a positive way. The reproaches he had given himself for neglecting Harry so much could start to heal and he could feel happy for both young men. And he could try to make up for the lost time once he could finally tell Harry that he, Severus Snape, was his godfather.

But that was an entirely different story…


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