Girl Talk

Chapter 1

(Tenten's POV)

My name is Tenten Chira Hyuga. I live with my husband and my sister in law, and her husband, Naruto Uzumaki. My husband is Neji Hyuga, while my sister in law is Hinata Uzumaki. It's been 7 years since Neji's near death after killing my father. But the strange thing about it is that ever since then, I haven't gotten my cycle and I know that I haven't hit menopause. The point is, this weird issue seemed to happen right after my father killed my first child while it was in a fetus (in my body). That was a good thing when I was only 18. But now, I'm 25 and the one thing I want now is a child. The only thing is that Neji doesn't know about this desire. I'm afraid that he'll freak, so I've been trying to have a child, but it hasn't been very successful for about 2 years.

I'm very jealous of Hinata Uzumaki, Temari Nara, and Sakura Uchiha. Hinata has 3 children and she seems very happy. I love my two nephews and niece, but I want a child of my own. Temari, as my best friend, tries not to have one as she already has 4, another 5th one on the way, and Sakura has 1. I feel like the oddball out of our small group, which isn't a very great feeling. But at the same time, with their children, we haven't been able to have as much time with each other as we used to. Hinata and I usually talk, but that's because the nana takes care of her children, Sakura's son is usually with his father, training, while Temari barely gets out. Shikamaru is a big help, but she couldn't leave all 4 children with him alone, especially since he has to teach class at the ninja academy everyday. Sometimes, Hinata and Neji are able to somehow convince Hiashi to lend them a nana, but that rarely happens.

The point is, I haven't been able to have children ever since that evening and my friends don't know that it hurts me when they have them.


(Writer's POV)

Ten-Ten's father relocated his attack at Ten-Ten and ran as fast as he could toward her. He threw 5 hard punches directly in Ten-Ten's lower stomach, knocking her back against a remaining wall. She hit the wall hard, blood splattering out of her mouth, her eyes getting wide. Strangely, her eyes changed back tp their original brown. Neji turned at hiim and glared. He just...that bastard.



"Neji, please. You can't be gone. You can't be. I can't raise the baby alone," TEn-Ten said crying into his chest. Hinata turned to her nervously.

"Your not pregnant anymore. I think your father killed the baby when he punched you. That's why your eyes are their original color. He probably didn't mean to, but he caused an accidental abortion," Hinata whispered. that only made things worse. Ten-Ten started to cry even harder.


Finally one day, the girls finally booked a day to get together, but it was at the park, so Temari's children could run around freely along with Hinata's eldest son and daughter.

"Hey, you guys!" Sakura said showing up late. Temari looked over to her lazily, stuffing her headband deeper into her pocket. She was already starting to starting to show with her next child.

"Why are you late?" Temari asked nervously.

"Sasuke was being Sasuke. He wanted to take Nashibu out again for training. This is the second time he wouldn't let him come," Sakura said disappointed. I didn't say anything. I didn't know what that felt like. Hinata's whispery voice had spoken up.

"Naruto doesn't act like that. He just jokes around with them, especially Hemaru. He's the only one without Hyuga eyes," Hinata whispered. I felt sad now. I really wanted to change the subject. Temari glanced at the small playground seeing a child of hers going down a slide.

"Life is such a drag now," Temari drawled. Sakura blinked twice.

"You sound like Shikamaru," Sakura giggled. Temari rolled her dark blue eyes.

"You think I sound like Shikamaru? You should here Yamanaji! She sounds like her father!" Temari said a smirk on her face. Sakura turned away angrily.

"I still don't like that you named your eldest daughter something so close to Yamanaka. You know how much Ino and I despise each other," Sakura said angrily. "You hate her just as much! She's the one who sold you out to Tsunade about you being in the Sand Village during the war! She almost broke you and Shikamaru up!"

"I know. But I wasn't thinking so much about that. Can we change the subject?" Temari said angrily.

"Okay. Sakura, are you planing another child by Sasuke?" Sakura turned around and saw that witch who owned the flower shop.

"Hello Ino-Pig. Shouldn't you be in the flowershop?" Sakura said her inner self about to release. Ino sneered.

"No, I just wanted to see the little Sasuke since you won't let me come visit him. He should have been my son-" Temari stood.

"Shut it pig. No one asked you. So I suggest you walk away," Temari threatened. Ino sneered.

"You wouldn't dare lay a finger on me. I'll turn you into Tsunade for attack a Leaf while your a Sand. Plus you don't want your children to see you being so violent, do you Desert Bitch?" Temari grabbed a shuriken but Sakura grabbed her arm.

"Tsunade would be very disappointed," Hinata said in her whispery voice. I merely nodded as Ino shot a looked at me.

"No one asked you. Besides, why are you here? You have no child-" I threw a senbon at her cheek so fast she didn't see it, but she felt it as the blood leaked out of the side of her face.

"Ah! You bitch! I'll r-"

"You can't report her. She's from the leaf village," Sakura said smartly. Ino glared and strode away angrily. Sakura slowly lowered Temari's temper. Temari saw the look on my face.

"Tenten, what's wrong? Oh. Ignore her. One day, it'll happen," Temari said giving me a hug. Temari is the only one who knows my secret. And ever since the she began hiding with Shikamaru, we've become close friends.

"What'll happen-?"

"Nothing!" I said quickly.

"Temari, hows it been going since- you know?" Hinata asked sadly. Temari's face drooped.

"It's been as worse as ever. I still can't get a job because of my headband. That's why I don't wear it anymore. Besides, everyone knows my face by now. The sad thing is that Shikamaru's ryo is all going toward the children. We can't afford another child," Temari said sadly.

"I can lend you some money," Hinata said softly. "My father shouldn't mind if I give away a few 100 thousand ryo." Temari had a look of hope in her eyes.

"Thank you," she said happily.

"Tenten, I haven't heard much from you! Okay, I've wanted to ask you this for a while. Where's you and Neji's children?" Sakura asked giggling. I closed my eyes sadly.

"Sakura, don't mention that," Temari said softly. I leaned my head on her chest. Sakura blinked twice. She didn't know.

"Okay." Temari looked up at the sun setting behind a tree.

"I have to go now. Shikamaru's going to be done with his class in a little while and I should get the kids home," Temari said standing up slowly, Sakura support her back so she wouldn't fall over from the weight of her stomach. "Come on you guys! We have to meet daddy!" 4 children came running over to her quickly.

"Mommy! Sanje punched-"

"I went pee-pee-!"


"Where's daddy!?" Temari sighed impatiently seeing all that she had to do. Hinata stood up and looked over at her two children that came with her.

"I must go home and check on Rehi," Hinata said softly. "I'll see you at home Tenten!" Sakura stood up as Hinata walked away, and stretched.

"My two little men are going to be hungry when they get back so I better get going," Sakura said waving walking away. I didn't have to be home at any certain time. Neji had gone out to the mist village and was heading back at that moment. I've decided to help Temari today. She did seem to have a little much to handle.

"Te! You need some help?" Temari looked up trying not to trip over her children's feet. Her smile brightened her entire face.

"Yes! Please! Today is the perfect day to help me!" Temari said happily. I smiled back and grabbed Jitanu's hand. He had dark blue eyes with short blond hair. He was the youngest at age 4. Sanje was the oldest with dark blue eyes and dark black hair and would be joining the academy in about 2 years. He was 8. The second oldest was Gigi, who had blond hair and dark eyes like her dad. She was 7. Then there was Shimari, who was a girl. She had long black hair and dark eyes. She was 5. All of those got their dark blue eyes from their mother.

"Shikamaru will be just as happy," Temari said starting toward her home.

A/N: What do you think of the first chapter? I think I've done really well. You guys probably think that I'm mean for not letting her have a baby, but you have to read, or look inside my mind. Which you shouldn't be able to do, right?