Chapter 18

Tenten dropped the glass of water on the ground, shattering it on the ground, looking like crystals all over the kitchen floor. Neji looked up. He had just told her a joke, and it wasn't that funny. To make her drop the glass on the ground at least. He walked over to her as her legs buckled slightly.

"Tenten, are you-?"

"Go get Orihima NOW!!!" Tenten yelled at Neji letting out a scream of agony. Neji gasped.

"You mean the baby is coming-"

"Did I stutter? NOW!!!!" She yelled angrily. Neji was taken aback and and started in the other room. He remembered the conversation he had with the guys a day at the ramen shop.


About 4 years ago

"Shikamaru, when Temari goes into labor, how does she act-"

"Well, if you mean does she act really bitchy, not all the time. the first time, she wasn't really mean, but seh was really really loud. the second time, she wasn't as bad, but the most recent one, she was, when I tried to talk her through it," Shikamaru mumbled through his ramen filled mouth. Neji smiled as Naruto walked by.

"Hey! Ayame!! Get a bowl right over here!!" Naruto said waving his hand at her grinning. Ayame smiled and turned around. "I want pork and chicken!" he added happily.

"Hey Naruto. How was Hinata's births with the baby?" Neji asked turning to him Naruto remembered all of them vividly.

"Well, considering I can only get Hinata to get loud is in the bed-"

"Ahem," Neji coughed glaring. Naruto had forgot that Neji still watched out for Hinata no matter what, including when she wasn't there. Naruto coughed and looked around nervously.

"Um, I mean, uh, her child births were quiet. She did cry, but after that, nothing. She never made any screaming or yelling," Naruto said returning to normal.

"So Temari was normal, and Hinata was just quiet-"

"Try Sasuke. I mean, he has one kid but he was there," Shikamaru whispered softly. He looked over to see Sakura and Sasuke together. Sakura had a flower pen in her hair, her hair had grown completely down her back, Sasuke looking careless, his 4 year old son on his back, smiling everywhere, clutching his father's neck.

"Sasuke!!" Naruto's big mouth yelled out to the Sharingan holder. His son looked and pulled at his dad's ears.

"Daddy!!! Uncle Naruto called you!!!" he said happily, yanking at them happily, making Sasuke make a frown sort of face, Sakura giggling. Sakura reached for him as their son's eyes started to water. "No, no, no!! I wanna stay with daddy!!!!!" Sakura sighed as her son reached for his father. Sasuke took his chin.

"Don't cry. Your a boy. I'll be back later," Sasuke said giving her Sakura a kiss, his son a rustle of the hair as he walked over to the boys.

"What's up?" he asked plopping down on the seat. Neji turned to him. "Naruto, I don't use viagra and I told you that like 4 times!" Sasuke snapped angrily. Naruto shrugged hopelessly.

"Actually," Neji whispered softly. "Did Sakura screamed while in labor with Nashibu?" Neji asked softly. Sasuke looked at the ground.

"Oh," he said shortly. "It's that kind of question." Neji had an anime sweat drop on his head. That didn't answer the question.

"Answer the damn question," Shikamaru whispered as Naruto punched him.

"Shut up."

"Well, yeah. She was the loudest thing in the hospital," Sasuke said slowly. "She swore that Nashibu was going to be an only child, and by the way she sounded, he was. I remember the quote. 'I'm never going thought this again, Sasuke!! You have no idea what I went through. I'm not going through this again!!'"

"So Sakura was the loud one, Temari, was in the middle, while Hinata was quiet," Naruto counted. "What will Tenten be?"

"Probably be right in the middle with Temari," Shikamaru drawled. "Maybe if your lucky Neji, she won't be as bitchy as Temari. Hopefully, she won't a mother-GAH!!!" Shikamaru grabbed his head in pain as they all looked around, getting 3 anime sweat drops each.

"Hello Temari," Naruto said faslely. "How have you been going through the pregnancy thing-?"

"Shut up, Naruto!!!" She yelled grabbing Shikamaru's spiky ponytail. "You are looking forward to an ass whooping and it's not the good kind!!!" Temari yelled dragging him, swearing angrily. Naruto burst out laughing in tears.

"Ahahahahaha!!! Shikamaru is totally busted!!!!" He yelled happily. "Hinata would never do that!!"

"Are you so sure?" Neji asked smiling evilly.

"Hinata's sweet and innocent. That's why I love her," Naruto said smiling completely serious. Then he broke out into a perverted grin. "But then...Hee hee hee!! If I was about 5 years younger, and and slightly shorter, I think I'd give Hanabi a run for her money-Agh!!!!" Neji turned around grinning. Naruto finally got what he deserved. Hinata had grabbed his spiky little head and dunked it into the steaming bowl of ramen in front of him, an anime vein popping out of her head, which rarely happened.

"Hello, Hinata," Neji said grinning. She pulled Naruto's head out of the bowl and glared at him.

"Come on Naruto," Hinata said angrily. Her voice not whisperery, it was actually normal, but soft. Neji's eyes widened in shock along with Naruto's and Sasuke's. Naruto groaned. That meant big trouble. She pulled him from the table and dragged him from the ramen shop by his spiky blonde hair.

"See ya at home Naruto," Neji said grinning. Sasuke smiled at he had a cup of water.

"See, that's what's wrong with idiots like Naruto and Shikamaru. First, they let there woman drag them by the hair out, and then, they talk about them, and that's why they get dragged out in the first place," Sasuke said happily.

"I agree," Neji said looking at the sky. Sasuke looked over and saw Sakura gesturing him to follow.

"I gotta go Neji. Bye," he said simply, walkign away. Tenten, having a baby. A normal labor. He smiled happily. TEnten screaming at me. Yeah right. Tenten doesn't scream. Period.


Now he can see Tenten screaming at him, considering she just did. He ran and went for Orihima, bringing her back to Tenten who was screaming her brains out. I mean, it was her first labor.

"Neji!!!" He picked her up and put her in the pile of pillows, as Orihima slipped her pants off and Neji grabbed her hand.

"Okay Tenten. You know the deal. Just how we practice. Just breath and release chakra," Orihima whispered softly as Tenten nodded, starting to sweat. "Now 1,2,3, push!" Tenten screamed as a whirlwind of chakra shot out of her hand, jolting Neji as he absorbed it. Tehy went through this action many times, but Tenten wasn't getting anywhere.

"Tenten! Is there any pain-"

"OF COURSE THERE IS PAIN!!!!" Tenten screamed. Orihima shook her head.

"No! Is there any different pains?" Orihima asked calmly.

"It burns!" She yelled out through the entire house. Orihima turned to Neji, your not absorbing enough!" She snapped.

"That chakra is burning through her! Absorb even more, got it?" She demanded. Neji nodded as he got behind her, her head in his lap, him holding both hands. She pushed again, the swirls appearing again, but then, before he could absorb it, they disappeared. Neji gasped and activated his Byuakugan. AIME!? He saw her spirit floating, holding Tenten's hand.


"Shush! I'm not supposed to be here," Aime whispered. "I just don't want to have her die after I gave her my life. Continue like I'm not here." Neji nodded as he smiled, Tenten pushing once more. She screamed as Orihima smiled.

"I can see the head, keep going," Orihima urged as Tenten screamed to the heavens. Everything was quiet as tehy heard the cry of a baby.

"It's a girl-"

"Ahh!!!" Orihima smiled happily as they could, but then frowned.

"The chakra percent has only drop 75! What about the other 25-"

"Hello!? Still in labor!!!!" Tenten yelled angrily. Neji squeezed her hand harder, but Orihima shook her hand at him.

"No, no! There is no reason since the chakra level is below 45," Orihima said swatting him away. Tenten gave another push as she gasped, falling back onto Neji's lap. There were now TWO crying babies held by Orihima. Tenten smiled at her and wiped the sweat from her face.

"Here," Orihima whispered handing them each a baby. They both had dark brown hair, like they're mother, and had marvelous Hyuga Clan eyes, each. Neji smiled as he held oen of them, the oen that came out first, whiled Tenten was holding the second.

"Neji, you name the one in yuor arms," Tenten nudged as he looked down at his first born daughter.

"I pick the name, Kena," Neji said smiling happily at Kena as she stared at him with those Hyuga Clan eyes. Neji turned to Tenten. "Now you pick out a name for the one in your arms." Tenten smiled.

"Okay then. I'll pick a name that's close to yours, just to make you mad," Tenten said playfully. Neji rolled his eyes. "Okay, I name her, Kea."

"So we have Kena and Kea, the Hyuga Twin Heirs," Orihima said sitting back satisfied. She grabbed her straw hat and pulled it over her eyes. "I really need to retire."

Neji and Tenten smiled at each other as they knocked heads playfully at each other making faces. They gave each other a kiss on the lips smiling.

"I'm so glad that I can't have anymore children after these two," Tenten whispered softly. Nei smirked at her.

"And why is taht?"

"I don't think I can ever deal with that kind of pain again," tenten whispered as Neji chuckled. "I'm so lucky I got two instead of 1."

"Yeah, and I'm so lucky that I got you instead of none," Neji said rhyming on purpose.

"Whatever Neji. Just don't be an overprotective father who decides for his daughters himself," Tenten said happily. Neji rolled his eyes.

"I'll try not to," Neji explained looking at the ceiling. "But I think I will."

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