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"Oi, Sasuke!"

The Uchiha heir turned around to meet his fellow teammate. He slightly glared at the blond head ninja, who strangely look more like the Yondaime.

"Sasuke. Hurry up! We're going to be late!" Naruto pulled his raven hair friend by the arm trying to get him to move.

"Let go of me dobe." Sasuke was getting annoyed. He didn't like be told what to do or be pulled everywhere. He snatched his hand away and scowled at the hyperactive ninja. Its been 5 years since he left to Orochimaru , and Naruto hasn't change; well besides his clothing.

"Come on! Sasuke! Please tell me you remember that everyone is holding a welcome back party for you?" Naruto stared at his friend as he simply looked at him.

'Crap' He forgot alright. But that doesn't mean he's going to let the dobe know. He'll probably laugh him. "No, I didn't forget."

"Well, what the hell are you waiting for. If we're late, Sakura-chan he's going to blame me!"

Sasuke smirked at the thought of Naruto getting beaten to pulp by Sakura. Late time he saw her she couldn't do anything. She just had brains he'll give her that. But now, she grew stronger, and one hit from her could be fatal. Just thinking what she did to him when her and Naruto tried to bring him back the third time made him cringe in pain. The Godaime really did help Sakura on her fighting skills. He'll make sure not to make Sakura mad again.

"Hurry up, Sasuke!" Naruto was standing in front of him impatiently waiting for his raven hair friend to move. Sasuke glared at Naruto once more before they head out to his "Weclome Back" party.


"Naruto, you're late!" The pink hair konoichi glared at the hyperactive ninja as he and Sasuke finally walked into a restaurant.

"Gomen ne, Sakura-chan! I had to find Sasuke!"

"Didn't I tell you to stay with him all times?!"

Naruto took a step back from the angry konoichi. "H-Hai, but he ditched me…"

"And weren't you paying attention to him?" Naruto's voice got caught into his throat. If he told her that Sasuke tricked him to eating ramen, then he'll get it for sure.

"The dobe was eating ramen when I ditch him." Sasuke smirked at Naurto as the color drain away from his face.

"He what?!" Veins popped out of Sakura's head as she stared at Naruto with bloodlust. "NARUTOOOOO!"

"Sakura-chan! Matte! He tricked me! Chotto Matte!" Naruto waved his hands in front of him defensibly.

Sasuke stared at his two teams. They were truly werid, but he had to admit there was never a dull moment.

"Don't worry Naruto, you may not get it now, but I'll get you later." Saruka brandish her fist at Naruto showing him he wasn't off the hook yet. "Now, Sasuke-kun follow me! Everyone is waiting!"

The raven hair ninja just clicked his tongue and followed his teammates.


"Now, this is what I call partying, right Akamaru!" Kiba took another drink of his sake laughing slightly as everyone talked.

"So Sasuke-kun you want to tell us anything, like how you're happy to be back?"

Sasuke looked the the blond hair konoichi sitting in front of him. This was the worst party he ever had; well not that he ever had a party before. Everyone was drinking and laughing merrily. All he wanted was to be alone, with no one talking in his ear like a blond headed ninja that was sitting beside him. The only person that was actually quite was the Hyuuga that was sitting at the end of the table. Hyuuga Neji. He was prodigy just like him. He never said anything but glared at everyone.

Sasuke scowled as he looked at the Hyuuga. He looked at the clock above him, counting the minutes till it was time to leave.

"Everyone lets give a big welcome to Sasuke!" Everyone looked at Tenten as she held up her drink. "To Sasuke!"

"To Youth!" Everyone looked at the simi drunk Lee, who surprisingly held his sake down.

"Yeah…To Sasuke!" Everyone raised their glasses and took a swig of there drinks, well except Neji and Sasuke.

"That's some good sake!" Naruto gave one of his boyish smiled and looked at everyone. But there is something missing. There was an empty chair. He looked around the table, until he figured out whose seat that was. "Oi, Neji! Where's Hinata-chan?"

The Hyuuga heir looked at the hyperactive ninja that asked him a question.

"She said that she won't be able to make."

"Oh, okay then. Well she's missing a really good party!" Naruto took another swig of his sake.

'Good thinking Hinata. No one will expect this.' Sakura smirked as she met the eyes of Ino.

"Oh I think she might make it."

Sasuke looked at the two girls that were overly obsessive in the academy years. They were up to something and that also deal with Hyuuga Hinata. He remembers her. She was that shy girl that had the boyish haircut. She was weird always fidgeting and stuttering. It was annoying when she talked. Luckily for him, she wasn't one of his fan girls. She liked the dobe. Always sneaking looks at him when everyone wasn't looking. Well not everyone that is. He hadn't seen her around since he came back. She probably hadn't change though. Whatever plan those three had he had a feeling he won't like.


It was already pass a hour and Sasuke was dieing of boredom. Naruto was talking excessively and it Lee was passed out on the table. Sasuke mentally sighed at the scene. He was surprise that Lee didn't go on a rampage.

He layed his chin on his hand, closing his eyes to drown out everyone's loud voice.

"Welcome everyone! It's time for what everyone was waiting for!" An man was staging on a beside a stage with a microphone. He smiled and stepped out of the way. Music played and the lights were off, but shone at a particular spot. Sasuke looked at the two konoichis who were smirking at the stage before them.

"Guys, we have a special treat for you." said Sakura as she smirked at the stage.

Sasuke looked at the stage as girls came out dancing seductively. Their clothing was made of silk, a red top the only cover their breast and half of their stomach. A see through dress like pants, were on there legs, swinging behind them as the move their bodies. Fans that they were holding moved with the music and their dance.

"There s a legend about a goddess me and Sakura learned about. She fell in love with a mere mortal. They both were in love deeply, but it was forbidden for gods to interact with mortals. It was a forbidden love you could say. Once the other gods found out about their love, they were separated and never to meet again. In her sorrow, she'll dance in the moonlight singing about her love." Ino looked at the figure that was moving her way into the middle.

Dakishimete KISU shitatte
Kimi wo suki ni natteku kimochi ni hate wa nai
Fukiareru koi wo
Kattou to rakkan to takkan de norikiru dake
(Embrace and kiss me
My feelings of falling in love with you is never ending
We can only get over this passionate love with
Conflicts, optimism, and farsightedness)

The teenage girl moved in to the middle moving seductively. Red and black clothing identical to the dancers that were around her. Sasuke eyes widen a fraction as he looked at the sight. She was most beautiful sight has ever seen.

"Hinta-sama?" Neji gaped as he saw his little cousin dancing with the beat of the song.

Susume KOIGOKORO mayowazu ni kimi no moto he
Yoru mo hiru mo hana mo arashi mo kitto fumikoete
(My hastening love will go to where you are without being puzzled
I will definitely overcome nights, days, flowers, and storms)

"What! You got to be kidding me thats Hinata-chan?!" Naruto gaped at the girl that was singing on stage. She may was wearing different clothing but those white eyes distinguish her as a Hyuuga.

Sasuke looked at the Hinata as she moved he leg upright showing her flawless skins of her left thigh. There was no doubt, this was Hinata Hyuuga. He never imagined that the girl in his academy years that was unattractive bloomed into a very hot teenage girl. 5 years can surely change someone.

Sekai no kanjou zenbu yusabutte
Kodoku na shinjou sugu ni tsutaetai
Tarinai mono no nai, ari no mama no
Ai ga hoshii dake
(Shake all of the world's emotions
I want to convey my lonely mentality now
There is nothing which is lacking, I only want
True love)

Hinata looked at the table that was not so far from her. She can't believe that Sakura and Ino had her doing this. She wasn't planning on dancing or singing for Sasuke's party. That was until she was stupid enough to sing while she was training and Sakura and Ino caught her. She can still remember how they tied her to a tree until she gave in to dance for Sasuke. She doesn't understand how she gave in. Maybe it was because Sakura said that Naruto would drop dead if he saw her.

She looked at Naruto who was gaping at her like no tomorrow. She moved her arms in a angle pushing at her chest just the way Sakura showed her. Neji was staring at her too. His eyes moving to every move she made. She looked at Kiba who was drunk who even noticed her on stage. Once this was finish he wasn't going to stop bugging her about this. She looked at the table again, and slightly gasped who she also caught who was looking at her with eyes full of lust. Uchiha Sasuke.

Sakamaku junjou kimi no te wo tsukami
Kono mama souzou no sekai ni ochiteku
Kawaranu hibi wo kaeteyukuwa
Ai wo kono mune ni
(Within the surging waves of your pure heart, I will hold on to your hand and
Fall into an imaginary world
I will keep on changing the consistent days
Give love to this heart of mine)

Sasuke watched every move she made. She moved her body so seductively that it was getting hard to control his little friend below him. The way she moved her body was addicting to watch. He could see her creamy skin that shown and the cleavage that would show when she pushed her chest up as she moved her fans to the dance. He was getting aroused. It was getting harder and harder to keep the images the flow through his mind. Her withering under him with her legs wrapped around his waist as he thrust into her cavern.

Hanarenaide soba ni ite
Dakedo hontou wa nani ga hoshii no ka mitsukaranai
Totemo sanman de aimai de tayorinai kotoba da ne
(Don't part from me, stay with me
But the truth is I can't find what I want
"Lover" is
A very vague, ambiguous, and unreliable word)

She never knew that Hinata had such an effect on the male population in the restaurant. Even Naruto was staring at her who had no idea that his "Jr" was showing through his pants. She smiled at the girl that was doing an incredibly good job at seducing the entire male population in the restaurant. She looked at Ino who gave her a thumbs up.


Konna KOIGOKORO massugu ni kirei na mono ne
Natsu mo fuyu mo ten takaku aru hoshi ni te wo nobasu
(Such love is an honest and beautiful thing
I will reach out my hands towards summer, winter, and the stars high in the heavens)

"Who knew Hinata had such a good singing voice." Tenten looked at her crush's cousin. Never in a millions years she would have guess that Hinata would have the guts to dance in front of a crowd.

"Oi, Akamaru. When do you think that Hinata grew those?" Kiba pointed at Hinata cleavage as they bounced slightly. Too bad for Kiba, Neji heard his comment and hit him in the head with an apple.

"Keep your dirty thoughts to yourself, Inuzuka."

Sekai no sanjou kimi ga inakereba
Yasashii kanjou kieteshimaisou
Kake ochita mune no ari no mama de
Kimi wo sagashiteru

(During the world's disasters, if you are not here
That gentle feeling may disappear
With my shattered heart as it is
I will search for you)

Hinta slowly walked her way to the table that held her teammates and her crush. This was getting harder to do. She tried not to show it. She didn't want to ruin it and embarrass her self for not doing part of the dance. As seductively she could she made her way to the table. Popping her wrist up to this music, she danced behind Kiba who was looking at her chest. She tired not to look at him in the face knowing if she did she might faint. She slowly made her way to the middle of the table where Naruto and Sasuke sat. This is the part that she was not hoping for.

Afureru junjou amai KISU dakede

(An overflowing pure heart is not only a sweet kiss)

She put her arms around them, with her hands on their chest. She sang sweetly to them as she tried to hold her blush.

Sasuke felt her small arms wrapped around him. He was suffering from a very painful hard on. He felt the way her hot breath blew on his neck. He held a groan that was forcing its way up his throat. He closed his eyes, watching the images of her riding him to know end.

Tayasuku souzou no genkai wo koeteku
Yume yori fukaku hitotsu ni naru
Ai wo sagashiteru

(It easily crosses an imaginary limit
Becomes one that is deeper than dreams
I will search for love)

He frowned as he felt her arms released him. He watch as she walked away from, swing her hips at him.

Her movements were precise moving her upward then downward. Her hands moved up as she moved. Her hips popped up as she twirled with her fans in her hands. God how he will give anything to have her under him right know.

Sekai no sanjou kimi ga inakereba
Yasashii kanjou kieteshimaisou
Sakamaku junjou kimi no te wo tsukami
Ai wo tsutaetai
(During the world's disasters, if you are not here
That gentle feeling may disappear
Within the surging waves of your pure heart, I will hold on to your hand and
I want to convey my love)

Hinata was rejoicing that the song was almost finish. Her throat was getting dry as she sang the second to last verse. She looked at the table that she was just at. The image of Sasuke looking at her with lustful eyes was planted at in her brains. Not only had she caught the eyes of Naruto, but Sasuke too. She had a feeling that she would be seeing Sasuke Uchiha alot more.

Sekai no kanjou zenbu yusabutte
Kono mama souzou no genkai wo koeteku
Kawaranu hibi wo kaeteyukuwa
Ai wo kono mune ni

(Shake all of the world's emotions
I will cross the imaginary limit as I am
And keep on changing the consistent days
Give love to this heart of

'One more verse and I'll be finish' Hinata sighed mentally as she sang her last verse.

Ai wo kono mune ni

(Give love to this heart of mine)

Hinata dropped and kneel on the floor with her fans covering her face. This was the end. The lights turned off as the music stopped. This was the signal for her to exit stage.


Sasuke watched as Hinata exit the stage. He was painfully hard and he needed a nice cold shower. No other girl had such an affect on him.

"So what did you think? It was me and Ino's idea!"



"If I ever see you having Hinata-sama wear anything like that again, I won't hesistate to do something very painful to you."

"H-Hai. But, you didn't like it?"

Neji's face heated up as he thought about the performance that just occurred. Not only was Naruto, Kiba, and Sasuke had a painful erection but he too had one. But unlike Kiba and Naruto, his and Sasuke weren't noticeable.

"It was fine."


Sasuke ignore the conversation between his teammate and the Hyuuga prodigy. He watch as Naruto and Kiba raced to the bathroom, trying to hide there little friend. He looked at the stage where he last saw Hinata. They way she moved was addicting. If only he could have her in his bed, then her moves would be put to some good use. Yes, he was going to seduce Hyuuga Hinta into his bed. He smirked at the thought as he pictured her below him with sweat running down her body. Yes, this will be very interesting.