Chapter 9: Why?

Two months. Two months his eldest daughter locked herself in her room and rarely came out. Hyuuga Hiashi stood outside his daughter's room with an annoyed look on his face. He couldn't believe what he was doing right now. Hanabi called it "comforting", but there was no way in seven hells he was going to do this. It was already awkward enough standing outside his daughter's room, but going to comfort her is something that he could not do. How many times have he sent Neji to comfort her? Too many to count…

Hashi's eye twitch lightly at the sound of hearing Hinata's quiet sobs. He had no idea what came over his eldest. Yes he was her father, but he never but in her personal life. Neji and Hanabi didn't want to share what exactly happen with Hinata. This only annoyed him further as he reluctantly made his way to his daughter's room.

A sigh escaped his lips as he slid opened the door and stepped inside Hinata's room. What he saw was something he really didn't want to see.

His eldest daughter lay in her bed sobbing into her pillows. She wrapped around her blankets, not bothering to see who enter in her private mourning.


The sobs stopped as Hinata lifted her head but to see her father standing at the door way. Her eyes were bloodshot and dark circles surrounded the bottom of her eyes. She shrunk back into her covers as her father made his way towards her. He didn't look exactly happy at her state.

"Hinata what is the meaning of this? Neji has been telling me that you have not been eating well, and your sister has been worried about you."

Hashi's heart constricted at the sight of his daughter. He hasn't been exactly a father to Hinata but that didn't mean he didn't care.

"I-It is n-nothing tou-san."

Again the tears began to fall down her face she thought of Sasuke. Why did her father ask her that question? Couldn't he tell she didn't want to talk about it?

"If its nothing Hinata, then you would not be in this state you are in now. Now tell me, who has hurt you?"

Pale eyes widen at the older man who clearly stated his concern. She couldn't believe that her father actually wanted to know what was killing her for the past two months.

Sasuke. The very man that she loves hurt her but she couldn't hate him. She loves him too much, but what he had said to her hurt so incredibly bad, as if a thousand knives stabbed through her heart. She could still remember that day when he said those ugly words to her. But even though he said those awful things to her, she still loves dearly with all her heart. But the very idea of not being with him pained her.

Another sobbed escaped from her mouth as the tears began anew. There was nothing that can cure her pain.

Hashi's eyes soften at the sight. Clearly Hinata was in pain and knowing that he could not do anything about it sadden him.

"Stop crying Hinata."

Another sob came from Hinata's mouth before she latched on to her father.

Hyuuga Hiashi was in shocked as his daughter jumped into his arms. He stiffened at the contact but did not pushed her away. Slowly, he wrapped his arms around his daughter as she cried into his shoulder.

Uchiha Sasuke grumbled as a certain pink-haired konoichi chided him for his uncleanliness. Apparently Sakura had hired herself as his personal "baby-sitter". For the past month she has been cooking him meals and cleaning his house as he just sat in bed all day. Each day she's been trying to force what exactly had cause him to be in this state, and to her discontent he didn't tell her.

Ever since that faithful day, he locked himself in his apartment only to not eat but think about the beautiful hime that plagued his thoughts and his heart. No matter how much he wanted to run to her and apologize, he refrained himself. What he did was both for their own good. He may love her, but he didn't deserve the innocent beauty. She was too pure for his tainted soul. He simply didn't deserve her. But why? Why did each time he told himself that, the pain in his heart grow instead of subsiding?

He gripped the sheets that surrounded him, trying to get rid of the pain that began to make it's way into his heart.


A grunt was heard from the avenger's mouth as he ignored the pink-haired woman. Sakura's eyes looked with concern as the man before he closed himself to her. Her best friend was hurting and she didn't know exactly why. Around the same time Sasuke locked himself in his apartment, Hyuuga Hinata had done the same. She put the two together and figure that something must have happen between them. It was completely obvious when the two had spent so much time together. Not to mention when she had mention Hinata's name Sasuke would flinch, and whether he noticed or not she saw the pain look in his eyes at the mere mention of the Hyuuga heiress.

She had no idea how to comfort Sasuke fore he would ignore her and drown in his own misery. The only thing she could do for him was to at least make sure he ate a proper meal and keep him healthy. But as each day passed the raven-haired man became more distant and rarely ate.

"Sasuke-kun would you like something to eat."

Again Sakura was met with silence. She sighed as she made her way to his kitchen and began making dinner.

A bastard. That's how he felt right now. An extreme bastard. Naruto had no idea what he had done until he heard the Hyuuga heiress locked herself in the room for two months never to come out of the compound. His best friend also stayed locked up in his own room only to have Sakura tend to him.

What have he done? His jealously ruined the two people that had cared for him. His lust for took over all rationality every time he seen the white- eye female. When he saw his best friend with her, his temper got the better of him. Ever since he saw Hinata that day at Sasuke's party, he wanted nothing more then to possesses her and claim her as his. Unlike with his feelings with Sakura...

Naruto groaned at his mistake. He still loved Sakura but his lust for Hinata over powered that love. What was he thinking? He messed up big time, not even an apology would be able fix this. The damage was done.

Hinata sighed as she looked in the mirror. She was excessively thin and her eyes were dull and swollen from all the crying she has done. The shine that was usually radiating off of the heiress has died out. She felt used and dirty. Even though Sasuke didn't went through the whole process of taking her v-card he still did enough damage to make her feel impure. He degraded her to a simple whore and called her pathetic. For the past two month she calculated on what had gone wrong. Was she that undesirable to love? Was she that unwanted?

A tear rolled down her cheek at the thought. Just once in her life she wanted to be love and wanted. She thought she found it but she was wrong.

Even after what he all had done she still wanted to see Sasuke. She missed him so much. Was he okay? Was he with another woman? Is she pretty? All those thoughts ran through her mind.


White eyes flickered to the man that stood at the door. Neji always came to check on her and see if she was okay. Even after his little lusting phase, her Nii-san was always thought her of her well being first. That day she fairly remembers Neji carrying her into the house and comforting her.


Neji's eyes soften at the sight of his younger cousin. She looked so frail and broken. Slowly but surely he's been mending the pieces that were broken. Hinata has never said much on what happen between her and Sasuke. Nothing wanting to pry anymore then she was willing to tell, Neji would just sit and hold her while she cries.

"I was wondering if you would like to take a walk in the gardens with me."

A small smile was placed on Hinata's face from the thoughtfulness of her cousin.

"Hai nii-san."

Hinata slowly grabbed her jacket and took her cousin's arm. Venturing outside her room by herself was not something the Hyuuga heiress did often. If she did, she was never alone.

A sad smile made its way on Hinata's lips as she walked along the gardens of the compound. If only she was strong enough to see man that stole her heart.

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