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Drills and children

Tayuya sat in a chair in a corner of the room. She twirled a lock of pink hair around her finger in boredom as she listened to Shikamaru. He was teaching the students what to do in case an enemy ever came into their room.

"Now," Shikamaru said as he walked toward Tayuya. "My assistant and I will demonstrate what you would do if someone tried to take you." Tayuya tried to tell Shikamaru to back off, but he simply whispered, "do it."

Tayuya raised a pink eyebrow and then smirked, if he wanted a fight, then he was going to get one. She was still a strong shinobi, even while she was lacking the ability to use her genjutsu's. "Whatever," she said as she got up and walked away from him to the other side of the room. Shikamaru faced his class and pointed at Tayuya.

"She is going to be the enemy," he pointed at her and then turned her. His eyes widened as he saw her foot away from him and punched him in the chest. the children gasped as Shikamaru tipped back, flailing his arms around in the air. Tayuya smirked and elbowed him in the gut, sending him crashing to the floor. He laid there stunned for a few moments as he heard Tayuya say something about how an enemy wouldn't wait until he was ready for them to attack.

The students laughed at Shikamaru as he stood up. How in the world had she managed to do that? He remembered that she was a shinobi still and rolled his eyes at his own stupidity.

"I guess our roles were reversed," Tayuya said going over to her seat. "Although I must say, you weren't that great of an enemy." This statement caused the children to once again burst into laughter.

Shikamaru frowned and walked over to the door and opened it. "Yeah yeah, laugh it up. Anywise, school is over for today. Make sure you thank who ever watched you guys today while I was gone."

"Hai, sensei," the kids said as they stood up and ran out of the classroom. One child stayed behind Dan walked over to Tayuya. The Sound nin raised an eyebrow at the green haired girl who shifted nervously on her feet.

"It was nice to meet you, Tayuya-san," the girl said quietly before she and her dog hurried out of the classroom. Tayuya stared at where the child went, her brown eyes full of questions.

"What just happened here," she said to herself as she crossed one leg over the other. "I just beat up her teacher, yet she said it was nice to meet me."

"That is because she is blind and could not see the fight," Shikamaru said as he went over to his desk.

"Blind?" Tayuya let that information sink in before she continued. "How was she able to maneuver around here if she cannot see?"

"Her dog," he said as he shifted through some papers. "She is of the Inuzuka clan and instead of training her puppy for offense, the family taught it defense and how to lead her around." Tayuya opened her mouth and then closed it again, not wanting to ask anymore questions about the girl. "No more questions? Good; I need to get home." Tayuya said nodded her head and stood up, going towards the door. Shikamaru followed, his pride still hurt.

There was only one thought on Tayuya's mind: Don't forget about the plan... be nice for now... and then you will be free...

(Page break)

Grey wolf twirled a lock of blonde hair around her finger as she watched Tayuya and Shikamaru leave the academy. She was glad that he had returned when he did because she didn't know how much longer she could have stood those children. It wasn't that she hated children, she just didn't like people asking stupid questions like 'Why can't I use the kagemane like Shikamaru?' If the kids would just use their heads, they would have realized that they couldn't use the kagemane because it was a family secret and they were not apart of the Naara family.

Not only that, but when White suddenly asked if she could fill for him, she had to ask Red to cover for her. That was something she would never do again. It would seem that he was even more clueless than she was when it came to children. Upon her return, she found every bag of candy, sugared drink, and sugar empty and a very uncontrollable class. To make matters worse, when she turned her back on Red, he left, quickly.

It had taken her an hour to calm them down... and even then they were still a bit rowdy by the time Shikamaru returned. She was just glad that it was finally over with. Above all else, she would rather work with Black again then watch kids; and that said a lot. She felt a familiar chakra source to her left and looked over to find Red there, his hands in his pockets.

She frowned behind her mask and put her hands on her hips lightly. "Thanks for abandoning me back there." Red simply shrugged one shoulder and said nothing. "And thanks for the appology," she muttered under her breath.

"Tsunade-sama said it's our turn to watch over Shikamaru and Tayuya," he said in a deep voice. Grey crinkled her nose slightly, still annoyed at the Red masked man. However, since her mask was currently present, the action went unnoticed by the man.

"Alright," she said a slight hint of innocence in her voice. "I'll take the front end of the house, you take the back." Red nodded his head slightly, indicating that he understood where she was getting at. "Alright," she said, not knowing if he understood that she was upset at him. She turned on her heel and began her trek to the Shikamaru residence, Red following her.

She reached the little apartment just in time to see another one of White and Blacks's arguments. She secretly liked it when they argued because it was entertaining to watch. She could even imagine what their facial expressions were sometimes.

"You are such a controlling jerk!" Black yelled as she poked White in the chest. "Just because one thing didn't go as you planned, you have to go and-"

"I am the leader," White said as he knocked her hand away from him. "What I say goes, there should be no back talk from someone like you."

"Someone like me? And just what am I?"

"A child in a Adult's body," he snapped. Black was quiet for a moment before she replied.

"Atleast I have the body of an adult unlike some of us," she said, crossing her arms over her chest.

Grey watched as White clenched his fists. "I have the body of an adult-"

"Didn't your Mother tell you to drink milk when you were a child? Cause let me tell you, you could have used some more, shorty!"

"BLACK!" He yelled, stomping his foot childishly. "Leave, now, before I demote you."

"What ever," she said as she as she made a raspberry sound from behind her mask and bounced off out of sight.

"She's so immature," White said as he handed Red the report he had so far. "I trust that you guys can keep an eye on them from here, right?"

"Affirmative," Red said as he scanned over the report and handed it to Grey. "Leave it to us, sir."

White nodded and disappeared, leaving the two Anbu by them selves to watch Shikamaru and Tayuya.

Grey blinked and then turned to Red, putting her hands on her hips. "I'm mad at you," she said bluntly as he began to walk toward the house. "Why did you leave me with those pint sized, overly hyper monsters?"

Red ignored his steamed partner and went over to the window, peering in at the two residents who were yelling at one another. "They're loud." Grey sighed before she heard more screaming coming from the house.

"Should we stop them…?"

"Nope," he said with a smirk. "Let's just watch…"

Grey shrugged and they both looked into the window...


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