Gabriel quivered; his wounds making a trail of blood as he tried to keep conscience of were he was.

The Aroma of rotting flesh stench the air as a few flies had began to gather up around him.

The sword that Dracula had plunged into his heart excruciated him with pain.

As he was slowly mumbling words to keep his mind from centering on the pain.

His quick reflexes noticing, the intrusion of the room of two bodies as both of the intruders tried to keep quiet, as he heard a young ladies cry of horror. "No this is unbearable, how could he"

"Mary we shouldn't be here" Gabriel heard a males voice at the entrance to the room. His features blurry to his eyes

"Alexander you know I cant leave him to die!", the young lady named marry, spoke her touch laying on Van Helsing as he felt a sudden warmth erupt from her. "We must hurry my father will kill you if he found out about this" Alexander spoke, " Then help me !" she bellowed at him, his hands going to Gabriel's mouth, as he felt the cold on the boys body. The girl Mary slowly walking to Van Helsings upper torso as she started to count "One... Two...Three!" Mary spoke, her hands unsheathing the blade from Gabriel's heart as she noticed a spur of blood come out from were his heart was bleeding " Quick!" she said to Alexander, a Flowery taste seeping quickly through his mouth, as a smell of hot blood odor in Gabriel's nose.

"It's working!" she screamed excitedly, " ok now lets get out of here" the boy said, his footsteps leading out to the entrance of his home, Gabriel vision clearing up, as he felt he could stand which he did his eyes falling on the intruders as he looked at them both. The young man with pale ghostly features, long black hair tied in a pony a suit similar to Dracula's drenched his body. The girl simple and plain, with a pale pink jeweled suit. Her cream skin making him sense she was quite familiar as she smiled at him. "why did u save me" he questioned her "all that will be answered in time" she said her hand picking at the sleeve of her lover as she was suggesting that they had to go "how will I know this?" he questioned her again " his form steeping clear to her as a small pocket watch was being looked by the man that was beside her " this is not the time Mary, we have to go!" he bellowed at her, " keep quiet boy this is not your business" Vanhelsings index pointed at the boy as he retreated into the entrance hall to the house " It will all be revealed now I must go, I cant stay" she said retreating as well to the entrance hall, as Vanhelsing rushed behind her, her silhouetted form visible to his eyes. As she made her way out of the house and into the snow. The minute that Vanhelsing opened the two large doors they were not there.

Dracula kept a close eye on heaven, her bleeding form in his claws visible as she was crying fresh tears " Let me go , you beast" she screamed at him, his monstrous form not flinching as he was full of rage. His mind wondered on what he would do to heaven what was her worthy punishment for her betrayal. Or maybe he would forgive her after all he could manipulate the two children into doing his bidding.

They could do it betray their father, lure him into Dracula's grasp, kill him, he could be their father, and they wouldn't notice. Their mother would keep quiet, because if she ever spoke again about Vanhelsing the consequences would be grave. He would have to teach her, give her a true punishment just like his former brides.

Castle Dracula was just a few miles away as he saw that his loyal servant was awaiting him. The torches alight as he landed inside one of the room, his hell beast transforming back into his human form as he was holding heaven bridal style.

" I knew you would arrive soon my lord" Christy glee at her master presence , her form nearing the girl, that he was holding in his arms as she smiled, but suddenly frowned upon seeing that she was pregnant, and bleeding out of her stomach. "She has to be attended or she will loose the children inside" she said calmly to Dracula his eyes frowning on the proposition since he liked the idea of heaven loosing her children. "No leave her as she is, this will teach her a lesson." He said as he handed the girl to Christy,

The weight of the girl in her shoulders making her tip sideways as she gathered up strength and guided her to the bed. Heavens form laid down on the smooth sheets as Christy slowly whispered into her ears. "You keep quiet about this, or else my master will kill me" she whispered to heaven, her hands waving in the air as she made appear a medical kit and a few bandages. "Thank you" heaven whispered in reply, her hands taking Christy as she flinched at the pain that she was enduring. "Ill save them don't you fret, but I will need something in exchange" she whispered something more "my blood!" Heaven replied Christy's face nodding as she saw heaven smile "agreed" was heavens last words as she fell to a slumbering sleep.