Hello, guess who! Yes I know it's been a while since I have written anything, but something just literally popped into my head while I was out this afternoon.

So I remember promising you all that I was going to write a sequel to "Keeping It Together" but then my life got kind of…chaotic to say the least. While it still is rather hectic, I have decided that perhaps on the weekends when I'm not doing too much that maybe I will be able to write/update.

Anyway, getting to the story, I am calling it "Time Flies." I had the lyrics to one of the songs from RENT in my head and that particular lyric just sort of popped into my head. Hey, it's better than the other song that was stuck in my head…No Good Deed from Wicked. Hehe. Anyway…here goes nothing!

Title: Time Flies

Author: Lisa (Lissical)

Rating: T

Summary: It's been two years since we last saw the Bolton, Cross, Evans, and Danforth families. What has been going on in their lives? Read to find out!

Disclaimer: Okay by now you know what I always put for the disclaimer but just to humor you…I don't own the characters (except the ones I made up) and I never will.

A/N: If you haven't read what I wrote above, please do so now. Anyway, all of the kids are still there but as you may have guessed, they're all two years older now. So here are the ages of each child: Bolton Kids: Larissa: 13; Ana: 11; Kayleigh and Zachary: 9; Sam: 2; Evans Kids: Theresa: 15; Michael: 10; Angie: 7; Liam: 4; Cross Kids: Katie: 15; Madison: 7. All right I think I got them all. And for your information, yes I had to go back to chapter one of KiT for ages!!! ;-)

A/N #2: I am not going to be updating every single day like I did before so please do not ask when I will be updating; I promise I will, but it will probably be on weekends and on some week nights when I'm not ready to fall asleep from work (I'm a preschool teacher for those wondering…it's kind of stressful to say the least, hehe).

And now, on with the story! Finally.

Time Flies, Ch. 1

"I am not wearing this mom," thirteen year old Larissa shouted from her room. Sharpay had just bought Larissa some new clothes for school that Larissa was less than happy with.

Sharpay walked into the room carrying Sam. "Then wear the green one," she said calmly. "It looks so cute on you."

Larissa gave her mother a look. "Mom I am thirteen years old…I'm not 'cute,'" she said sharply. "Besides, I want to look nice for David," she said quietly to herself but loud enough for Sharpay to hear. "I know," she said as she found a purple V neck t-shirt in her closet. "I'll wear this. And no it's not too low cut," she said before Sharpay could argue.

"Fine, wear that then," Sharpay said not wanting to get into yet another fight with her teenage daughter. "Teenagers," she muttered to herself as she walked out of the room with Sam who was now playing with one of Sharpay's earrings. "Sam please leave mommy's earrings alone," she said prying his hand off her ear.

He simply smiled and wriggled out of his mother's arms and toddled into his room. Sharpay smiled as she watched him sit down and play with one of his toys. He was growing up too fast. Literally. He had learned how to walk at ten months and was now showing interest in potty training…something neither Sharpay nor Troy minded.

As Sharpay continued to watch Sam play she saw Troy emerge from Kayleigh and Ana's room. "I think that you should take care of this," he said looking rather haggard.

Sharpay rolled her eyes and sighed and walked over to the doorway of her daughters' room.

"I told you, this is mine and it doesn't even fit you," Ana shouted at her sister.

"But it looks prettier on me!" Kayleigh yelled back as she continued to hold on to the denim jacket that had sequined flowers on it.

Sharpay walked into the room and took the jacket from Kayleigh. "What's going on in here?"

"Greedy here wants to wear my jacket," Ana said as she glared at her sister.

"My name isn't 'greedy' you dummy!"

"Enough!" Sharpay yelled, grabbing the attention of every single person in the house. She had had enough of this.

The two girls just looked at their mother in shock. Neither one had ever heard her yell that loudly before.

"Kayleigh this belongs to your sister; go find something else to wear. Ana you are to call your sister by her name." She looked into the hall where Troy was standing with a shocked Larissa by his side. "And you," she said gesturing to Troy, "you need to deal with this too! I'm not the only parent in this house!" She walked out of the room and into her and Troy's bedroom and slammed the door.

Kayleigh, Ana, and Larissa just looked at one another for a moment before saying anything. "Uh…yeah…I'll find something else to wear," Kayleigh said meekly.

"Right," Ana said as she placed the jacket back on the hanger and put it in the closet.

Troy looked at Larissa, "Why don't you go downstairs and get your things ready for school. I'll be down in a minute."

She nodded, "Okay."

Troy then looked at his other daughters, "Finished getting dressed and get your things together. We're not going to be late for the first day of school…again." It seemed as though this was a tradition in the Bolton household: being late for the first day of school.

Zach, who had been oblivious to what was going on, emerged from his room dressed and ready to go. "Hey dad," he said casually as he walked down the stairs.

"Why can't girls be like boys," Troy muttered to himself. He sighed and walked into Sam's room, changed him, and dressed him. By the time he was ready to go downstairs he saw that the girls had also gotten dressed and were headed downstairs. As he let them pass, he looked over to his and Sharpay's room and took a deep breath. Did he dare enter the room after what had just happened? He walked to the door and quietly opened it and saw Sharpay sitting on the bed. "Hey."

She looked up, "Hey."

"Are you…okay," he asked carefully.

She nodded, "I just…I can't…why do our daughters have to be so dramatic over everything," she asked, trying to keep a straight face.

Troy thought for a moment, "Maybe they take after their mom."

"I am not dramatic," she said as she stood up and placed her hands on her hips.

"Shar, think back to when you were 13; or better yet, think back to high school…"

"I was never…I mean I didn't…" This was one battle she knew she was going to lose. "Come on we're all going to be late if we don't go now," she said as she kissed Sam's forehead and walked out of the room.

"I'm sure that everything is fine now," Troy said as he joined her.

"WHERE IS IT?!" Kayleigh screamed.

Sharpay glared at Troy.

"How should I know," Larissa said as she got her lunch and placed it into her bag.

"I saw you looking at it!"

Kayleigh looked at her parents, "Mommy Larissa took my sheet I was going to use for my audition," she whined.

"I did not," Larissa said as she shoved past her sister. "I've got my own sheet, see," she said as she pulled a folder out of her bag. Both Larissa and Kayleigh were involved with the Children's Community Theatre and today was the first of two audition days for the play that would be put on in December.

Zach looked down at the floor. "Kayleigh I…"

"You took it because you don't want me to get a part," Kayleigh yelled at her sister.

Zach walked over to Kayleigh, "I think that…"

"SHUT UP!" She yelled at her brother.

"Okay that's it," Troy said as he walked over to Kayleigh and kneeled down. "You have a choice young lady," he said firmly, "You can either stop accusing your sister of stealing something you know she didn't steal or you can forget about being involved with the play altogether. Which is it going to be?"


"Which is it going to be," he asked in the same firm voice.

"Sorry Larissa," she muttered.

"That's better," Troy said as he stood up.

Zach looked at his sister, "Is this what you're looking for," he asked in a bitter voice.

She looked at the piece of paper he was holding.

"My audition sheet," she beamed as she took it from her brother.

"Ahem," Sharpay said.

"Oh…thanks," she said quietly.

"Whatever," he said as he walked over to Troy, "Can we go now? I'm going to be late for school…and if I'm late for school I won't be able to play basketball this afternoon and if…"

"Yes we can go," Sharpay said quickly not wanting her son…who seemed to be the only sane child in the family (other than Sam) to adept to his sisters' personalities.

Ana walked over to Zach, "Do you think I'll make the team again?" Both kids were involved in the community center's basketball team and like Kayleigh and Larissa, tryouts were today (yes I know basketball tryouts probably aren't held in late August but this is my story…so there. ;-).

"Yeah you'll do fine," he reassured her.

"All right let's go," Sharpay said as she looked at her watch. If they didn't leave now they would keep their little tradition. The window of opportunity to change the late-for-the-first-day of school tradition was closing.

Everyone got their things together. Since Ana and Larissa were both at the middle school, Sharpay took them leaving Troy with Zach, Kayleigh, and Sam.

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