In the first place, I have to say one thing.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for keeping you waiting for such a long time before putting this up, and probably quashing your hopes that this would be another chapter of my story, Harry Potter and the Unexpected Visitor.

I know, I know. I made a promise. I said that I would do my best to bring this story to the end.

However, and very much unfortunately for everyone, this note has only been written with the purpose of telling you that neither Prodigy: Born Again nor Harry Potter and the Unexpected Visitor will be continued.

The reasons are multiple. The most important is that I find myself suffering an almost constant writer's block in regards to Harry Potter. As some readers will remember, I made many times this comparison: I know where A and B are, but I know not the best route between them.

Then, real life has been striking at me. I'm immersed in my job as a researcher for the local University, and then there is also my Masters, which has taken a lot of time from me, not to mention past jobs that really didn't help at all in the whole "write Harry Potter fanfiction" time.

Also, I grow weary of both stories. HPATUV was started at a time when I was still relatively new to the Fanfiction scene, and thus there were many clich├ęs that, when I wrote them, seemed great, but now look horrible. Prodigy: Born Again was an attempt to wipe away the same problems in the original Prodigy (the one I wrote, of course, not jmcqk6's story), which I guess was a good attempt at fixing said problems, but it has become difficult to do things with the stories.

Finally, I have other writing projects in the pack. Those who are fans of the TV series Once Upon A Time could probably find the time to read my fanfic Awakening, which other readers say is quite the good read. Then, if you like alternative history (like AUs, but with real life) and are interested in Spanish history, I recommend you to check The Legacy of the Glorious (Milarqui's Cut). If you ever read 1984 and would have loved to see how Oceania gets the crap kicked out of it, you can always read America's stepbrother, America's enemy (v 2.0), in which the USA gets transported from December 22 2012 to December 22 1984 in the 1984 book (this is a phenomenon known in the alternative history sphere as ISOT, after the book Island in the Sea Of Time). And, finally, my most ambitious project, which is my own original novel. So far, it is only in development phase, and only has the bare structure and main characters developed, but I can tell you it deals with an alternate Earth in which magic entered the world in the Middle Ages and the Church used it to become an hyperpower.

So, yes. There is going to be no more Harry Potter and the Unexpected Visitor.

However, I'm not like many of those that leave their story and never say what would have happened if they had kept writing. No, I'm going to tell you what I would have done if I continued the story.

- Fred & George develop a potion that can knock out a giant, in prevision of the eventual fight.

- Voldemort realizes that Harry has been sneaking into his mind. He still learns that he is going to attack some point soon.

- Harry makes a deal with the goblins to build up several protections for Hogwarts.

- Ron gives Hermione a "day off" from the stress of planning for the attack, studying and everything else.

- Ginny organizes the old Gryffindor Quidditch team as a group to attack the giants.

- The passageways that lead out of Hogwarts are covered with protections to make sure no external spies can sneak in.

- Wormtail gets caught. Harry uses the debt he owes him to make him speak about Voldemort's plans. Right then, the silver hand kills Wormtail.

- Harry manages to control the Space part of his fifth element: making black holes, he can communicate two points. He plans to use them to put a portal between the common rooms and the battlefield, and that way the fourth years and below can collaborate in the battle by distracting the Death Eaters and dark creatures.

- Cho Chang speaks with Harry and apologizes for her bitchy behaviour. She asks whether she can return to Dumbledore's Army, and Harry welcomes her back.

- The Slytherins that are known to be spies for Voldemort are knocked out and pumped out of information to find out how to hoodwink the Death Eaters into believing nothing is wrong.

- Hogwarts becomes fortified, and most forces are concentrated in the school.

- When the battle begins, the first thing out of a black hole is the Cruciatus curse that was shot at Ginny in September.

- Dumbledore's Army shoots arrows, directed by Firenze and Hermione.

- When the Death Eaters approach, several duels start:

* Harry vs Voldemort

* Ginny vs Tom Riddle

* Ron vs Dolohov

* Hermione vs Umbridge

* Neville vs Bellatrix Lestrange

* Luna vs Macnair

* Draco vs Lucius

* Susan vs Rookwood

* Remus vs Greyback

* Sirius vs Barty Crouch Jr

* Neville's parents vs Lestrange brothers

- Augusta Longbottom, Katie Bell, Rolanda Hooch and Marietta Edgecombe, plus several others, die from the Light side. All Death Eaters that have not done so yet die at the same time as Voldemort.

- After the battle, many things change:

The Ministry changes some laws, acknowledging the help many creatures gave in the battle. Centaurs and goblins are given more freedom, but are still under the International Statute of Secrecy. Hermione helps to create laws that protect magical creature, especially house-elves. Ginny and Snape manage to find a way to make werewolves less brutal. Those that chose to follow Remus benefit from this treatment, and slowly begin to be accepted.

Harry stays in a coma during a week due to his injuries and the backlash from killing Voldemort. He has a new gash in his chest, and the scar on his forehead is dulled to a minimum. During his coma, he doesn't remember anything about his life, but he hears his friends talk to him and telling him about what is happening now that Voldemort is dead. He awakens after Ginny kisses him.

Harry receives the Order of Merlin, First Class, for his hard work in fighting the Dark Lord's forces. His friends get Second Class Orders, and the rest of students receive Third Class Orders.

Even after all the problems with Voldemort, the exams go on (much to Ron's chagrin). The Eight do all of their exams very well, perhaps getting the highest marks ever for sixth years. Ginny gets nearly all Os, but since she doesn't have as many subjects as Hermione did, she won't steal that record from her.

I had also made plans for a possible sequel, called Harry Potter and the Cup of Merlin, which would have featured something similar to the Triwizard's Tournament, but featuring schools from the whole world, while, in the background, there would have been a conspiracy to destroy the International Confederation of Wizards and begin chaos in the entire magical world; and also, a one-shot about Hermione being interviewed about a biography she has written about Harry. However, well, since HPATUV is not going to be finished...

I sincerely hope that you enjoyed this story, and that you will have good memories of it while it lasted.