Title: Revenge Against the Willows (Title May Change Later on)

Author: GregSanders

Summary: Catherine decided to take Lindsay to work with her and ended up having Greg watch her. But when Lindsay and Greg both get kidnapped while going out on break, Catherine races against time to save her daughter the man-she-considers-her-son before it's too late.

A/N: I do not own any of the characters except for Terrance and Jeff. Greg is still in the lab and Eddie is still alive!

Chapter 1: Watching Lindsay

Catherine Willows decided to take her young daughter Lindsay to work with her. Lindsay had the day off from school and Catherine couldn't find a baby-sitter. Eddie was out of town, so Catherine had no other choice. Good thing the lab was moving very slow that day. No cases had come in, so everyone was just chilling in the break room. Nick, Greg and Warrick were playing Mario Kart on the Playstation 2 and Sara was eating a healthy hearty meal of a fresh garden salad topped with Olive Oil and Vinegar dressing. Yep, today turned out to be a drag. As Catherine and Lindsay walked in, Greg jumped up n victory. "YES! I win! I told you Yoshi would kick Mario and Luigi's ass!"


Greg turns around and sees Lindsay and Catherine with an appalled face. "Whoops, I meant to say…"

"Save it Greggo, you're busted!" says Nick.

Greg lets out a nervous chuckle and sits back down with his head in his hands as everyone around him laughs. Grissom walks in and sees Greg's humiliation. "Alright everybody, enough of humiliating Greg here. Greg, get back in the lab, we finally have some cases. Sara hand Warrick, you have a 419 in Carson City. Catherine and Nick, you guys are working with me on the 419 in the desert."

Nick, Warrick and Sara walk out, leaving an awkward silence between Greg, Catherine, Lindsay and Catherine. "Well, if anyone needs me, I'll be in my office," says Greg as he quickly walks out of the room. "Grissom, what am I suppose to do with Lindsay? I can't exactly take her to the crime scene."

"Why don't you drop her off with Eddie?" asks Grissom.

"Because Eddie is out of town."

"You know, I could watch her!" says Greg as he pokes his head into the room. "Oh Greg, you don't…" starts Catherine.

"Nah, it's cool. I can handle it."

"Yeah mom, can I stay with Uncle Greggie? Please!" pleads Lindsay.

"Yeah mom, please?" asks Greg.

Catherine sighs. "Alright. Just behave, okay."

"I will mommy," says Lindsay.

"I was talking to Greg."

Catherine pats her hand on Greg's shoulder as he lets out a laugh. As soon as Grissom walks out, Greg comes in. "Alright Lindsay, follow me."

Greg leads Lindsay to the DNA lab. "Welcome to the Sanctuary of Greg. Now, here's the remote, there's the TV and here is the couch. You can watch whatever you want."

"Am I going o be able to help?"

"Of course. You'll be able to run results to whoever needs it and maybe I'll even let you look down the scope. If you behave, on my break at 11:45, we'll go out for ice-cream. Deal?" Greg offers his hand.

"Deal!" Lindsay shakes Greg's hand and sits on the couch. Greg laughs and sits in his chair. After a couple of minutes, Greg leans back and falls asleep. After an hour of no evidence, he is rudely awakened by Lindsay. "Greg, it's 11:45! It's your break and you promised ice-cream."

Greg looks down at his watch. "I sure did. Alright kiddo, let's go."

Greg gets up groggily and heads out of the lab with Lindsay close behind. They get into Greg's Denali and head to The Great Ice-Cream Parlor in Downtown.


I hope you guys enjoyed this first chapter. Let me know if you want more!