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Chapter 13: Home, But Not Safe

Everyone had just arrived at Desert Palms and followed Catherine up to the receptionist. "We're here for Greg Sanders," Catherine said quickly.

"He's on the fourth floor," said the receptionist as she looked on her computer for the information. Catherine thanked her and ran to the elevator followed by the rest of the team and her young daughter. When they reached the fourth floor, they ran to the secretary. "Greg Sanders?" asked Catherine a second time.

The secretary looked down at her paperwork. "Ah, yes. He's resting right now in the ICU. I'll let the doctor know you're here."

They sighed with relief and sat in the waiting room. Sara sat down and rested her head in her hands. Grissom leant against the wall with a sign of concern. Nick laid across several seats and stared at the ceiling. Warrick played with Lindsay in the corner as Catherine paced the room. Brass stood by the door, waiting for a call from the search team. Timed seemed to move by slowly for each member of the team. Then, Brass's cellphone went off. "Brass….yeah…I'm on my way."

Brass hung up as they team looked at him. "We have a sighting. I need Lindsay to come identify him."

Lindsay nodded and walked with Brass out of the room. After a couple minutes, a doctor came out saying "Gregory Sanders?"

Everybody stood up. "Come with me."

The team followed the doctor to a window where they saw Greg lying on the bed asleep. "He suffered a dislocated shoulder, some broken ribs, a concussion and a sprained wrist. Otherwise, he was one lucky guy. I've seen so many kidnapping victims come in and have been far worse than Mr. Sanders here. If you hadn't showed up when you did, he would probably be dead. You're welcome to stay with him until he wakes up. I'm sure he would appreciate it."

The doctor left them as each team member filed into the room. Greg slept peacefully on the bed in the middle of the room. His left arm was in a sling and there were multiple bruises around his face. Each member took a place around the bed as if they were honoring him. "It's okay, we're here now," said Catherine as she took his hand gently.

The bright light blinded him as he slowly opened his eyes. The room he awoke in was very bright. Greg felt a warm hand holding his own. "Am I in heaven?" he asked with a hoarse voice.

"You're far from it and trust me, you're no angel," said a familiar voice.

Greg turned his head and saw Catherine sitting at his bedside. "Catherine? Where am I?" he asked.

"You're in Desert Palms. You gave us quite a scare."

"Where's everyone else?"

Catherine pointed to across the room. Greg turned his head and saw every one of them asleep spread across the room. He began to laugh until it turned into a violent cough. "Sorry, it hurts to laugh. How's Lindsay?"

"She's good. She's out with Brass identifying a suspect. They'll be back."

Greg nodded and leant back in his bed. "So, I guess Jeff and Terrance aren't caught yet."

"Jeff and Terrance?" asked Catherine confusedly.

"Those are their names." Catherine leant back in her chair with a shocked look on her face. "What's wrong Cath?"

"Jeff was a man I put away for murder fifteen years back. Terrance was probably just some goon he picked up in prison."

"Well, that explains a lot," said Greg.

Catherine smiled and looked down at the floor. It amazed Catherine that Greg could always keep a sense of humor in the worst possible situations. "Get some rest, Greggo."

Greg nodded and fell back asleep. Greg looked pretty peaceful when he slept. Just then, the doctor came into the room with a clipboard and some medication. "Mrs. Willows, could you fill out this release form?"

"Sure." Catherine took the clipboard from the doctor. "When can he leave?" she asked.

"We want to keep him overnight and see how he's doing. If he's doing as well as he is now, then he may be released some time tomorrow afternoon. When he wakes up, make sure he takes two of these. They'll ease the pain."

Catherine nodded in understandment and took the pills from the doctor as the doctor walked out of the room. As soon as the door was closed, she looked down at the form. The form was very straight forward. It asked for basic information such as hair color, ethnicity, height and weight. It only took a couple of minutes to finish the form and when it was done, she placed it on the table and leant back in the chair, falling asleep. Hours later, she was rudely awakened when Nick shook her awake. "Morning Cath."

"Hey Nick. How long have you been up?"

"Since five this morning. It's almost nine now."

"Did Greg wake up?"

"Yeah, I gave him two of those pills. And before you ask, they put the directions on the bottle nowadays."

Catherine smiled at Nick. "How was he?"

"Very tired. All of us visited with him for a while, and then Grissom took Sara and Warrick to get some Starbucks. I ordered you a nonfat Caramel Macchiato with a strawberry scone and Greg a Vanilla Latté and a Chonga bagel with Cream Cheese."

"Thanks Nick. I could really use some coffee."

Nick smiled and sat next to Catherine. "So, when can we take him home?" he asked Catherine.

"Sometime today, according to the doctor. Hopefully that means soon."

Nick nodded with agreement. Just then, Grissom, Sara and Warrick walked into the room, coffee in hand. "Hey guys, we got some breakfast!"

With the word breakfast, Greg's eyes lit up. "You guys got food?"

Warrick nodded and Greg quickly sat up, but his shoulder brought him back down. "Stupid shoulder!" shouted Greg.

Everyone laughed at Greg. "Slow down Greggo, we got you something too. We got you a Vanilla Latté and a Chonga bagel with Cream Cheese," said Sara.

"Sweet!" said Greg as Nick and Warrick helped Greg sit up and spread the cream cheese on his bagel. That whole morning had been full of laughter and joy as they each ate their breakfast. Sara and Nick had left for a little bit to retrieve some fresh clothes for Greg as Warrick, Grissom and Catherine stuck around to keep Greg company. As Sara and Nick walked in, Grissom's phone went off. "Grissom. Uh-huh…yeah, we'll be right over."

Grissom hung up and looked at the team. "The suspect is in interrogation now. They need Greg there to confirm it's one of them. So quickly get dressed, we gotta get back to the lab."

Each person smiled and walked out of the room so Greg could change. However, changing had been a challenge with his arm in a sling, so he poked his head out of the door. "Could I get some help?"

Everyone smiled and laughed as Nick walked in to help his little buddy. After a couple minutes, Nick and Greg emerged; ready to get out of there. As they walked out of the entrance, Greg yelled, "I'm so glad to get out of there!"

Everyone smiled and got into their cars, driving back to the lab.

As they walked inside, they saw Lindsay sitting patiently outside the interrogation room with Eddie sitting next to her. "Lindsay, honey…Someone's here to see you," said Catherine.

Lindsay looked up and saw Greg standing next to her mom. "Uncle Greggie!"

She ran up to Greg and hugged his legs. Greg brought his good hand down and placed it on her little blonde head. "Did you take care of your mommy like I asked?"

"Uh-huh," she replied. Greg smiled and let go of Lindsay.

"I'll be right back; I got to go take care of some business."

Lindsay nodded and stepped next to her mom as Grissom led Greg into the room looking into the interrogation room where Brass sat with the suspect. "Is this one of your kidnappers?"

Greg looked very closely. "Yeah, that's Terrance."

Grissom nodded and looked at Greg. "Now stay here. I'm gonna got talk to him."

Grissom left Greg and walked into the room. Greg watched as Terrance copped up to it all. Then, Grass asked the age old question, "Where is the other?"

"Who?" asked Terrance.

"Jeff, where is he?" asked Grissom.

"Probably drinking margaritas in Texas. How the hell should I know? He didn't tell me where he was going."

There was a long pause. "Did Greg live?"

"Why?" asked Grissom.

"Jeff told me to tell Greg something if he lived. He's watching us right now, isn't he?"

Grissom didn't respond. "I want to talk to him…alone."

Grissom looked at the window that concealed Greg. "You have two minutes," said Brass.

Grissom and Brass walked out of the room as Greg left the window. "Are you gonna be okay?" asked Brass.

"Yeah." Greg took a deep breath and walked in. Terrance sat there smirking as Grissom and the team stood behind the window. "What do you want?" asked Greg, standing as far away as possible.

"Jeff told me to tell you that he'll be back. And not just for you, but for your friends, too."

Greg looked at the window. He then turned back to Terrance. "I don't believe you. And Terrance, if you think I'm scared, think again. I've been through hell this past week and I'm happy to tell you some things. One, if you want to scare me, you better try harder, and two, I hope you enjoy spending 25 years in Federal Prison and I hope you rot in hell."

Greg smiled and walked out the door, nodding at the two police officers to arrest him. The team walked out of the window as the police officers led Terrance out in handcuffs. "Don't worry Greg, we're not going to let anything happen to you," said Grissom.

"It's not that Griss, it's….I just don't want to watch any of what happened to me to happen to one of you. I mean, I'm glad Terrance is behind bars, but Jeff is still out there and if he says he'll do something, he does it," explained Greg.

"Don't worry, as long as we're together, nobody can get us," said Nick.

"Hey, let's all go down to Denny's! I'm buying!" shouted Warrick.

"Really?" asked Sara.

"Nah, we're all paying our own way. I just wanted to make sure y'all paying attention," laughed Warrick.

Nick punched Warrick in the shoulder. "Alright, let's go," said Sara as they all walked out of the lab and into the sunset.


In a small shack in the middle of the desert sat Jeff, planning his next move.


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