-Title: Under the Mistletoe: SG-1 Style

-Summary: SG-1's first Christmas after they defeat the Ori.

-Pairings: S/J all the way! (This was written for Shipmas after all.)

-Note: In the episode Uninvited, Sam mentions how she gets a call from the Silver Creek Sheriff's Department. We know they were at Jack's cabin and we know Jack's cabin is in Minnesota. Now, I'm from Minnesota and there's actually two Silver Creeks (both are townships) to speak of, (one in Lake County and one in Wright County), and because it's only like an hour to Duluth, I chose to put the cabin at the Silver Creek in Lake County. (You'll see why. It'll be good, I hope.)

-Spoilers: Vague mention of S10 events. Perhaps a little one from the upcoming episode Bounty, but it's probably too small for most people to catch on the first read.

-Another Note: One-Shot…if someone wants to write a sequel, then go ahead. This is also unrelated to my other fics.

Under the Mistletoe: SG-1 Style

Newly retired Major General Jack O'Neill parked his truck outside his Minnesota cabin, taking in the sight of Minnesota in winter. He loved it. Looking over at passenger, he smiled wider. "Sam." He said, running at hand up and down her arm to coax her to wake up.

Colonel Sam Carter's eyes flew open, slowly waking up. "Hmm?" She asked.

"We're here." He said.

She looked around. "It looks beautiful." She said, pausing a moment before reaching behind her to grab her coat. "What time did the others say they were going to show up?"

He looked at his watch. "It's noon now. Mitchell said they'd be here at about four." He said, opening his door.

Sam got out as well, and both of them carried in the various packages they had brought from Colorado. They had said they'd wait for the tree until the rest of them arrived, so once they stowed the packages away safely and turned on things in the cabin so by the time the others arrived it wouldn't be so cold, Jack pulled Sam down in front of the fireplace and the fire he had just made. Grabbing a blanket, he kissed the top of her head as he put it over them. "We've got a couple of hours yet." He said. "Go back to sleep." He told her softly.

She nodded, resting her head on his shoulder, eyes drifting closed.

Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell stopped the rental Ford F-350 in front of General O'Neill's cabin at four o'clock. "All right." He said, undoing his seat belt. "Let's grab the stuff and go on in." He said as everybody got out.

Vala put her Santa hat back on. This would be her first Earth Christmas, and she was rather excited about the prospect. "Absolutely. Colonel Carter mentioned another rousing game of poker tonight, and I'm quite excited to see who wins this time. Although, I'm not so sure. Her dashing General is here this time."

"Now, I don't see what the deal,"

"Oh please, Colonel Mitchell. Were you not there during the retirement ceremony?" She asked. "I'm sure that Daniel and Muscles aren't saying anything because they've known the two of them forever. But think about the way the General was looking at Colonel Carter." She said.

Daniel and Teal'c knew very well what was going on. The two had been together, really, since Jack's transfer to D.C and Sam's transfer to Area 51. They had been planning a ceremony, but Sam had been recalled to the SGC before it happened.

Teal'c grabbed the large cooler, motioning for Vala to follow him into the cabin. Vala announced their arrival loudly, and they walked into seeing them in the kitchen, working on lunch. "Hey Teal'c," Sam said, hugging him. "Hi Vala." She greeted the other woman.

"Hello Colonel Carter." Vala greeted in return.

"Where's Danny-boy and Mitchell?" Jack asked.

"Right her, sir." Mitchell said, following Daniel into the cabin.

"Retired, Mitchell!" He shouted.

"Yes…" He stumbled over his next few words. "Well, um, it's going to take some getting used to." He said.

Sam walked into the room, laughing at Cameron. "Come on you guys. The tree, very undecorated, is in here."

"We brought the decorations as requested, Colonel Carter." Teal'c said.

"So, tonight after supper can we decorate the tree?" Vala asked hopefully.

"Please tell her yes." Mitchell said. "It's all she and Teal'c have been talking about."

Sam nodded. "Absolutely. Jack's been asking me since we got here why we couldn't get started."

"Hey, in my defense I'm pretty sure there's a box or two of Christmas things around here somewhere." Jack said. "Who wants beer?" He asked. Hearing a chorus of "sure" coming from everyone, well, everyone except for Teal'c and he sure wasn't going to let Vala start drinking, he picked up a six-pack and took it in the living room. "T, I'm sure you have your own drink…" He said.

He nodded his head. "Indeed." Vala followed him into the kitchen to get their non-alcoholic beverages.

"So, when's Cassie coming up here?" Daniel asked, popping the top of his beer.

"She's in Minnesota right now, actually. Her last final of the semester was last week. She visited a friend at the University of Minnesota in Morris for a few days, and now she's visiting another friend at the University of Minnesota in Duluth." Sam said.

"That's where that Christmas concert is, right?" Cam asked.

Sam nodded. "We thought it would be nice for Vala. This being her first Christmas and all." Duluth was only about an hour away from the cabin, and the choir at the University was putting on a Christmas concert the next night. So, on the way up, Jack and Sam had stopped to pick up tickets for everyone and finalized plans with Cassie for after the concert. "We're meeting Cassie at the concert and she's coming back with us after it's over."

Jack said down next to Sam, putting an arm around her shoulders. "Should we tell them about the other thing?" He asked. "Cass is likely to say something, after all."

"Suppose we could." She answered, looking back up at him. "Although, if we tell Cassie to hold off, she would."

"Tell us what?" Mitchell asked, looking back and forth between the two as they spoke to each other.

"The reason we invited you to stay for New Years is because we're getting married." Sam said, threading her hand through his. "We wanted to do it before I took over for Caldwell on the Daedalus." Caldwell was going over to the newest Earth ship, the Liberty, to help get the crew trained. Sam was taking over his command for an indefinite amount of time as he was doing that.

"A wedding!" Vala said excitedly. "That's fantastic." She said, moving to hug Sam.

"Indeed." Teal'c said, clasping O'Neill's hand in a firm handshake, and then moving aside so Cam and Daniel could congratulate the two as well.

"So, what do you guys want to do for supper tonight?" Jack asked. "Silver Bay's not far. They have a great steakhouse." Jack said. "As long as Sam promises to stay away from the pool table, I mean, then it should be fine." He said with a smile.

"You're just sore because I beat you the last time we played." She said. "But that sounds like a good idea." Sam said, looking at her watch. "I'm going to call Cassie and finalize plans for tomorrow night. You guys can get settled in before we leave." She said.

"Same arrangement as last time, boys?" Vala asked.

"You are more than welcome to the top bunk, pigtails." Cam said to Vala as the four walked to the room where they had stayed when they went with Landry.

Sam and Jack watched them walk away as they argued who would sleep where, laughing softly. Sam sighed once they had disappeared from view, and Jack shifted his head to look at her. "What's up?" He asked, guiding her to lay against him as he leaned back on the couch.

She shook her head before tucking it into the crook of his neck. Closing her eyes, she spoke again. "It's just so good to have everyone here. You, Daniel, Cassie's going to be here tomorrow night…" Her voice grew silent. "I mean, the only person that's really missing is…"

Jack kissed her forehead and wrapped his arms around her tightly. "I know." He said softly in return. "Just remember, she's up there, no doubt looking after Charlie for me and she's counting on all of us to keep an eye on Cassie."

Sam lifted her head up to look at him, smiling. "I love you." She said.

"I love you too." He said as their lips met in a kiss.