Title: Falling Ain't Easy
Author: smitha-r
Fandom: Bones
Rating: PG
Pairing: Booth/Brennan, slight Booth/Cam
Summary: He's getting caught up in the moment, trying to make everything okay for her, and there's only one thing in the whole world that he wants to do.
Notes: Takes place right at the end of the S2 episode Judas On A Pole, so spoilers for that. A sequal to Slips, Trips, And Falls.


Like he had previously decided, squints had a horrific sense of timing. Today was no exception.

Why did it always end up like this? They would be talking, and the moment would get serious. Last time she had said something with subtext, something to make him think things about her that he really didn't want to think about. This time was different. There was hurt in her eyes and it struck at him, wounding him deep inside. He never wanted to see pain in those shimmering blue eyes, because she was a strong and beautiful woman who deserved none of the hardship that life had handed out to her. He knew he would do anything to drive that hurt look out of her eyes forever, but until he had that sort of power, he was gripped by the desire to allay her fears in the present. His hand automatically went to her chin, tilting her face towards him as he gently held her attention. Her eyes were watery with emotion, her lips just barely parted, and she was looking back at him with an intensity that he had never recieved from her before.

Last time he had imagined what it would be like to have her in his bed. But this time was much more simple and much more significant. Only God knew if he'd ever end up in bed with her some day, and it wasn't a thought he lingered on for too long. But a kiss wasn't a matter of if; it was a matter of when, he knew that And the when could have been right at that moment. He just wanted to kiss her, once, reassuringly. He wanted to show her that she would be okay, that he cared and that he would always be there for her, part of the family she'd always wanted. He just wanted that one kiss, and if he just inched closer...

Damn squints. What the hell was Zack doing wearing that ridiculous hat, anyway?

Despite his lost chance, there was no poor choices to be made this time around. Her delicate fingers wrapped around his arm and she dragged him into the diner, babbling something about body language. He was immediately assaulted by the cheers of the others as he walked inside, who grinned to hear that he was reinstated at the FBI. My squints, huh? He couldn't help but smile at Bones as she handed him a drink, even as Cam linked her arm through his. He had been fully accepted, in more ways than one, into this ragtag pack of geeks. All he needed now was courage and a healthy dose of patience to find acceptence of a different kind, acceptence in a pair of beautiful blue eyes.