You Go Girl
Chapter Two
By Captainkodak1


Ron tuned the wide-screen TV to the GWA Knockdown. The BBQ wings were in the oven, the dip was in the frig and the chips were already on the table. He stood and looked around the apartment that he shared with Kim. They had cleaned up some this morning so the place was in good order, pretty good order for two college students who saved the world on several occasions. The backpacks were ready by the door, with complete sets of mission clothes lying on top. They had made sure that the clothes were put up and in the correct rooms. He had called MrP the day before when Kim got the call from MrsP. Ron invited him over the watch the match. The one thing the two men really shared besides loving Kim was the wrestling matches. His own father was out of town for a conference so it would be just to two of them.

The doorbell rang and Ron stepped over to open the door. MrP handed Ron a plastic bag with two 2-liter drinks.

"Greetings Ronald. Here are the drinks, how's the food?"

Ron smiled as he stood aside to let the father of the girl he loved more than his own life into the apartment. Mr. Possible stepped past into the apartment and hung his coat on the rack just inside the front door.

"Go ahead and have a seat Mr. P. I'll get the rest of the snacks ready."

James nodded. "OK Ronald. I've been sitting behind a desk all day so I'll think I will walk around just a bit."

"OK MrP."


James walked into the main part of the apartment. He was surprised that it was as clean as it was. Considering how Kim kept her room sometimes and considering the stories he had heard of Ron's room he knew the two of them had done some cleaning up. He noticed the TV was on and that the match had not started yet. Most of the food was sitting on the coffee table. His mouth watered from the smells that permeated the apartment. There was one thing about Ronald, the young man could cook. That was something Kim had yet to master. She was getting better with Ron's help but still he had to get a special rider on his house insurance every time Kim went into the kitchen back at the house. He always thought it was funny that Ann could cook wonderfully, yet he had been banned from the kitchen. Now Ron could cook and Kim could not. They would make a perfect match if they got marr…… No he was not going to use the "M" word when it came to his Kimmiecub, even if the man in her life was Ronald. He just was not ready for that.

James stepped over to the other side of the apartment toward the two bedrooms. Both doors were open and the lights were on. He slowly walked that direction as if he was studying the pictures on the wall. He stepped into Kim's bedroom after he snuck a look in Ron's direction. Ron was busy with the food and stepped out of sight in the kitchen. James moved into Kim's room and looked around. He snuck over to the bed and lifted the spread. There were rumpled sheets under the spread. He let the spread fall back into place. He put his hand on the night table. The items that Kim always had on her nightstand at home were there and there was no dust on it. James smiled as he noticed the open door of Kim's closet. All her clothes seemed to be in order. He quickly and quietly slipped back into the hallway just in time to see Ron step back into view and put something on the stove.


Ron had to suppress a grin as he stepped out of sight in the kitchen. He knew fully well what Kim's dad would do the second he disappeared from view. He waited a few seconds for Mr.P to do an inspection of "Kim's" room. They always made sure that the bed was made and that the sheets were rumpled. Kim keep a complete set of the items on her nightstand for just such an occasion. The same items were hidden in the extra nightstand in their room. Ron was about to put the wings in a bowl when he thought of something. They had overslept this morning and rushed to get ready. He remembered a couple of items of clothing that were lying together on the floor of the bathroom. Kim's camisole and his boxers were lying on the floor where they had landed this morning. They had not overslept 'that' much.

"RUFUS!" Ron called quietly.

Rufus popped up from the counter where he had been watching Ron.

"Rufus, bathroom, emergency laundry duty!" Ron whispered.

Rufus's eye grew big as he nodded. He jumped off the counter and headed for the bathroom.

Ron looked down the hall at James.

"Hey MrP, before you get cleaned up for the snacks come over here and test the goodies."

Dr. Possible turned and headed for Ron. He didn't notice Rufus slip by and into the kitchen. Ron held up a couple of wings for him to sample. James took the sauce covered treats and bit into the first one. He closed his eyes in the delicious flavor flowing through his mouth.

Ron looked over Dr. Possible's shoulder at Rufus coming out of the bathroom. His little friend gave him a smile and a thumbs up. Ron relaxed and put the rest of the wings in a bowl as Dr. Possible finished his snack.

"Ron, I think I'll get us a couple of towels from the bathroom like we did last time. I think we are going to need them."

"OK MrP, grab the ones on the top shelf."


Kim walked into the apartment carrying her bags. She knew that Ron had invited her dad over for the wrestling match. His car was still in the parking lot so he must still be here.

"Hey, Kimmie-cub. You and your mother have a good time? Did the two of you do as much damage to that credit card as I think you did?"

James walked over and kissed his daughter on her head. She definitely had spent sometime shopping with Anne considering the load she was carrying. One particular bag caught his eye. That was one particular store was one he avoided at all cost. Kim must have gotten a few small items. After all his Kimmiecub didn't wear items like those so prominently displayed in the store.

He grabbed his coat as he headed out the door. "I think I'll be going. I imagine that your mother will beat me home by a little bit."

"Okay Dad, mom said she would be waiting for you." Kim said. She stood on her toes and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Dr. Possible turned a waved to Ron. "Thanks for the match and the food Ronald, I'll see you later."

Ron waved back. "Okay MrDrP."

James closed the door as he left. Kim walked over and put her bags down. She pulled off her vest and tossed it on the couch. Turning to Ron she stood on her tiptoes and gave him a warm little kiss.

"mmmmm…" Ron grinned. If this is the greeting that I get when you do shopping with your mom, remind me to ask her to do it more often." He brushed back her hair as she settled back down on the feet and pulled him into a hug.

"SO, did you get anything interesting?" Ron asked. "Are you going to model for me as always."

"Mm…hmmm" Kim purred. "You finish up here and I'll come out with something mom bought for me."

"Boooo…yahh." Ron said. He started putting up the dishes as Kim headed for the bedroom carrying a certain bag. He had just finished the last of the dishes when he heard a sound behind him."

"Okay, Bad boy, turn around."

Ron turned to see Kim standing there in the living room. "Whaaa…" was all he could say when his brain went into shutdown.

Kim raised one arm and beckoned with one finger. "Come here and let's play."


James pulled his car into the garage beside his wife's car. He pressed the button to close the garage and the door started clanking shut. Getting out of his car he noticed how quiet it was. This was unusual as for a Friday night the boys would be up to something. Then he remembered that they were going to spend the weekend with Cousin Larry. There was some robot fighting contest on and the three of them were going to enter a robot they had built. It would be just he and Anne home tonight. That sounded good to him. Now that Kim was not living at home and the boys were gone more often than staying home the house had been quite quiet. He opened the door to the garage and entered the hall that led to the kitchen. He hung up his coat and left his briefcase on the floor. The kitchen was dark and the living room was dimly lit with a number of candles.

"Anne, Anne, did the power company cut us off again because of the boys? I think I need to have a word with them."

He walked quickly over to the phone in the living room and picked up the phone.

"Oh, James, put down the phone. I turned the lights off. I thought it might be nice to have a little quiet time in the dark."

He heard the clink of glasses as he put the phone down and turned around. His eyes grew wide as his wife approached him holding a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. It was not the wine or the wine glasses that caught his eyes but what she was wearing. Now THAT caught his eye. His face was warm as he knew a blush was forming on his face.

Anne smiles as she sauntered up to him. She put the glasses and the bottle on the coffee table and put her arms around his neck. Her hands started to play with the hair around his ears. She put her head on his shoulder and whispered. "I love it when you blush to your ears." Anne pulled back and gazed into his eyes. James put his hands up around his wife's slim waist. She was a beautiful if not more beautiful than the day he first saw her. Her eyes still captivated him, those wonderful eyes. Her hair, one of the things she had given Kim, that wonderful auburn hair. He raised his right hand and brushed it through her hair. She tilted her head into his touch, a thin smile spreading across her face, and a small quiet moan came from her mouth. Her hand came up his chest gently and grabbed his tie. She pulled gently on his tie as she stepped slowly backwards. She pulled him down a bit and her lips covered his. She pulled back and gave him a little grin.

"Let's play." she purred.

Another kiss lasted but a few moments until he twisted around and placed his hand on her back. He gently bent her backwards as he bent forward with his other arm and placed it behind her knees. He swept her up in his arms as her arm came back down around his neck.

"James!" she exclaimed.

He twirled around a couple of times and heading for their room.


Ron lay back in the bed as they rested. Kim's new outfit had not lasted long after they had reached the bedroom. Ron did not have any idea of what had happened between Kim and her mom but he sure hoped it would happen more often. Now they were cuddled together in their bed just enjoying each other's warmth. Kim nuzzled into Ron's neck for a moment then got up to head for the bathroom.

Ron watched from behind as Kim crossed the floor, her lithe body moving in some very interesting ways. His eyes traced her from the top down. He appraised her with a chef's eye. Her wonderful shoulder moved as she stretched her arms. His eyes thought that she really had some prime ribs. But his favorite was Kim's rump roast. Now that he could watch forever. Especially the way it swayed back and forth. Kim glanced over her shoulder at Ron. A small smile crossed her face. Ron opened his mouth with a smile and started to say….

James lay back amidst the rumpled sheets of their king-sized bed. Ann had scolded him a bit for picking her up, but she seemed to enjoy every minute of it. Ann lay beside him with her head on his chest. Her hand traced the lines of his chest. James pulled her closer to him and was getting ready to ask her what had happened today. Whatever it was he definitely hoped it happened again. Ann stood up and headed for their bathroom. She gave him a little demure smile over her shoulder as she crossed the room. He marveled at the beauty of his wife. He remembered the Anatomy class that she had made him take with her back in college. He needed an elective and she needed the class for her course work. She had given him some 'special' hands on investigation. He had made an "A" for the course. He followed her body from the floor up. Her Gastrocnemicus flexed as she strode toward their bath. Her Viastus laterallis and her hamstrings moved with the grace and perfection of the surgeon she was. But best of all, her Gluteus Maximus was the perfection of perfections. No sculptor could have created something so perfect. Anne glanced back over her shoulder at her husband. He smiled back at her and opened his mouth to say…..


Across the miles and in two different bedrooms two mouths opened and considered the view before them. "You GO Girl!"


Well, somehow this idea popped into my head. I hope you enjoyed it.

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