Summary: Fate they say doesn't make sense. Madison Right, Johnny C. What happened to them? He dawned his knives…She also found a rush killing gives. So it doesn't end yet.

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Hello all who may read this. My name is Madison Right, a lot has changed since I was in Hi Skool. A lot… My age being one of them and my current life I'm leading which I'm not that proud of. Ever since my best friend Johnny C disappeared I've been quite lonely, I always had the hardest of times making friends.

Years ago I dosed my Hi Skool principal with a large in take of drugs and not long after that, a voice popped into my head. His name is Roy.

Also, Nny's parents moved away without a word. 3 months they were reported missing and soon later dead. The bodies were apparently being eaten by a rabid cult of people. It was pretty sad to say in the least, I was then again more then happy when I heard about it.

I moved away myself from the town I did most of my growing up in. I moved to a city not to far from the original one. I just recently moved into an apartment building number 882. I'm on the top nobody below or above me to bother me away from important business.

I got this job at Café Le Prick, horrible place to work. The men hooting at me, all of them assholes who don't even like coffee! But it's the only job I have and I refuse to use my parents' money.

They keep the shop open to ungodly hours of the night. I always being the one to close up to, it pays enough for food and rent I guess but I've been seriously considering to cross food off of my needs list. Or will I become a she-bum… That wouldn't be so bad.

Anyways it starts off me strolling the streets of the filthy city, having a lovely time I looked up to the starry sky and saw a wondrous full moon. I looked back down my smile faded away to only see a squad of Cheerleaders with red eyes and sharp pointed teeth growling at me with pomp pomp's steady to pummel!

I gasped out the night beast's name wereleaders… They only attacked by full moon light preying on the unpopular. I ran the opposite way while they kart wheeled towards me.

I dashed into random by-standers pushing and shoving them aside. I crashed into a lanky fellow, who had this sheer look of surprise on his face. I got myself up and bent down to help up the poor guy off his ass. I apologized quickly and continued to run for my life down the street.

I ran and skidded into an alley then stopped by a brick wall to large to climb over. I turned around and there was the squad creeping towards me, wickedly smiling all the while. They're plastic noses shinning more brightly then normal. Thinking quickly I jumped up and latched onto a rusty fire escape ladder and climbed like the monkey I descended from.

The steps of the ladder broke under the pressure of my body weight; I almost lost my footing and fell! But by the all the luck in me I made it to the top of the building with only a few scratches on my legs.

I looked down to see my enemy right on my tail! Building a pyramid to try and catch me.

"Shit!!!" I shouted angrily and ran and jumped across rooftops.

I came to an edge of a building where it was almost impossible to jump to the next building without falling to a horrible death. Gritting my teeth I turned around to all the wereleaders standing close by.

"Now ladies, can't we sort this out while at the same time keeping my innards? Or will this end in a terrible blood shed of me having to gut you allll like a fishy?" I say flashing a couple knives from my pockets.

Did I neglect to mention that I'm a ruthless murderer? I actually share a page in the newspaper. The page of where all the missing or dead persons go. Yeah that's me, I don't know who takes up the other two pages but I rather not find out.

Instead of doing the smart thing I ran and sliced open a near-by wereleader's throat. I took a few steps back and attacked a few more; all hell broke loose after that. The pomp pomp's grew to have sharp edges and they started to slash uncontrollably in front of my eyes.

Now on the defensive, getting long jagged slashes up my arms, my face taking on some damage as well. I managed to kill a few every so often. Soon the numbers depleted and I was left against three wereleaders. Me panting and loosing blood, them standing chins held high smiling seeing how I was clearly exhausted.

I only had one knife left to defend myself with, that's all I needed.

"Bring… It on blondie's." I panted wiggling my pointer finger towards them.

They looked at each other and they stepped forward in unison. I didn't understand why weren't they attacking. I backed up to the ledge crouching ready to leap. In a blur a wereleader was in front of me, I was caught off guard and before I knew it she pushed me off the edge.

I flailed my arms, trying to reach out to something to stop my fall. I screamed I saw the ground coming at me quickly, I was in a total state of panic, not sure what else to do. My hand reached out again blindly. Roy was yelling in my head to do something, with him on top of my racing thoughts I felt like my head was to explode.

My hand (luckily!) grappled to a ledge stopping me instantly. I breathed in a shaky breath. Roy was also extremely relieved not shouting any more. I looked up to see my enemies hiss but decide not to bother with me anymore.

I croaked triumphantly "can't handle me!?" I tried to reach up to the ledge with my left hand but I hung limply.

"Now what? Pull yourself up onto the ledge of the window already." Roy prompt.

"I-I can't…" I murmured. "I hurt everywhere…"

Roy sighed and replied shortly "fine, drop to the cold hard pavement just because you have a small wittle scratch and you're aching. Pathetic."

I growled angrily, he wasn't any help at all. When I felt my palm start to ache and moisten, I now fear for the worst.

"R-Roy!?" I asked franticly, he gulped loudly.

I lost my grip and fell once again I closed my eyes waiting for uncertain death. That's my life I guess, short lived in the end.

Thump! Crunch… Snap.

End Of Introduction

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