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Justin Timer landed roughly skidding across the dirty floor; Johnny and Roy came right after him. Johnny stood he held his head, swaying a little bit. He saw Roy already staring at the bloody wall; Roy stretched out his hand but retracted it sharply.

Roy began to convulse, his arms and legs came to life with light starting from his wrists and ankles up. He started to scream in pain, he curled up into the fetal position still screaming. The light spread across his body and ended at the top of his head.

His screams died in his new, fleshy, and real throat. Roy's body relaxed, he bent his legs forward the newly formed bones creaking with relief. He blinked several times; then he stood slowly swaying trying to balance himself, he grew a few inches he was now the same height that Madison was. He looked at Johnny then down to his hands, he flexed them several times, and he smiled then looked past Johnny and saw Justin creeping up the stairs. He pointed trying to say something but it came out a quiet "Eep…"

Johnny turned sharply then lunged at Justin, he caught the scruff of his sweater and dragged him down. With a large thump Johnny pinned Justin.

"You honestly don't think I would forget about you. You little shit." Johnny growled. He wrapped his fingers around Justin's lively throat, smiling wickedly.

Roy gasped he quickly kicked Justin's head knocking him unconscious then gruffly pulling Johnny away from Justin.

"W-what…the, the hell are you doing!?" Roy shouted, finally finding his voice.

"What the hell are you doing!? Don't you want to see that fucker dead???" Johnny howled back.

"Of course I do. But don't you remember? Don't you want to make him suffer?" Roy reminded Johnny.

Johnny looked at Roy then down to Justin; he folded his arms then nodded. Roy nodded in return and said, "Here, I'll help you take him to wherever."

"I've got a better idea, remind me what was Justin's little voice thingy?" Johnny asked uncertainly.

Roy raised his eyebrow then said, "It was a beaver, a puppet beaver though."

"I see, I know exactly where that beaver is. Come on, I need help dragging him up the stairs." Johnny said, he picked up Justin's legs then Roy followed and grasped under his shoulders.

They ascended up the stairs and entered a room that was clear of junk; one terrifying machine awaited Justin in the middle of the room. Roy helped Johnny strap Justin in, and wiped his hands on his clothes. Feeling terrible. Johnny searched around the room he approached the backside of the machine and picked up a dusty marionette beaver.

He placed it in front of Justin; he clapped his hand free of dust then turned to Roy looking quite serious. Roy raised his eyebrow, and then Johnny said, "Before you go to Madison's…I mean your apartment…" Johnny licked his lips "I want you to touch my arm, with your new hand."

Roy gave Johnny a weird look then said, "Why would you want me to do that?"

"Just do it." He said he rolled up his sleeve, to reveal his arm tinted with blood. Roy shrugged and laid his hand on Johnny's arm. He withdrew it a few seconds later and asked, "Satisfied? Now why did you ask such a ridiculous request?"

Johnny studied his arm then touched the place where Roy laid his hand. "It's… No different. It's not cold, it's like a child's warm hand." Johnny muttered. He looked to Roy not so much down now, and said, "I'll come and visit tomorrow. This changes everything, now I can't just leave. Because your hand feels like Madison's hand, soft and warm."

Roy blinked then said frankly "Oh no, you go away. I don't want to be killed by one of your mood swings."

"How could I kill my new best…friend?" Johnny cringed and so did Roy. Roy folded his arms and said sourly, "So we're stuck together, that's just brilliant. Damn it."

Johnny folded his arms as well, "I bet it won't last long, you'll become just another piece of scum that I would gladly cut down."

"Is that a challenge?" Roy snarled.

"You bet." Johnny's lips curled into a sneer.

Roy walked into front lobby, holding the piece of paper Madison gave him with shaky hands. This was his first time having to deal with another human other then Johnny. He walked up to the person who was reading a magazine. He looked up to Roy lazily raising an eyebrow.

"I um… Here to claim my apartment. SEE?! This will I now own apartment number…Uh…" Roy opened the piece of paper, and glanced at the handwriting, he nervously looked back up and continued "Apartment number 7b."

The man behind the desk took the piece of paper from Roy's hands and read it. He nodded and ruffled through several papers and found what he was looking for and flapped it onto the table. It had Madison's name on the tab.

"Since you're going to be taking right's of the apartment, I need your name, age, and identification or if you don't have identification you need somebody to vouch for you, preferably somebody with identification." The man said and yawned.

Roy's face went pale. I don't have any identification; I'm technically an illegal immigrant! I'm screwed! Wait! Calm down… Just think…damn…shit…shit!!!

"Well, I err. What I mean, is I... Ahh…" Roy fiddled with his sleeve and stammered he began to sweat. The one time I don't want to discover my new humanly abilities they just start! I'm in deep shit!

Johnny appeared behind him gave the clerk a fake smile; he was cleaned up and in fresh clothes. "Roy! How goood to see you! You getting your new digs? Did you forget your driver's licence again??? You silly head!" Johnny said brightly, acting strangely.

"What're you…?" Roy began.

Johnny slapped down his driver's licence. He forced a hearty laugh and said, "This is alllllways happening to Roy Boy. He's just so silly."

Roy raised an eyebrow finally it dawned on him Johnny was helping him. Johnny gave him a side-ways glance "Now just tell the nice man your name and age, and we'll be on our way." He said through pursed lips.

Roy thought, well I just can't give him my real age. So I'm 127 years old…I'll just be 27.

"My name is Roy… Mutters. I'm 27 earth years old." Roy said mechanically.

Johnny leaned over and whispered into Roy's ear "You sound like a alien. And it is Tuesday…"

The man behind the counter scribbled down Roy's name and age, he scribbled down Johnny's information as well. He handed him a clipboard and said, "Just sign here sir and you can go up to the apartment. I assume you have a key?" he said.

Roy shook his head then signed his name on the dotted line and handed the clipboard back to him, the man stowed the paper away in a folder and handed Roy a spare set of keys.

He headed towards the elevator and looked back to Johnny who was tucking his driver's licence back into his wallet. Johnny caught his eye and said, "See ya later buddy!" He waved and skipped out the lobby.

Roy shook his head then thought I'm stuck with that Looney.

The elevator dinged and he stepped inside, pressing the correct button.

A few minutes later he stepped out and headed down the hallway, he stood in front of the door and unlocked the door and stepped inside.

Roy stared all around; everything was as he last saw it. Some things were missing and different, like Madison's shoes and roller skates were gone. And some of the cupboards were open.

He walked in he closed and locked the door. He flipped on the lights. It was strangely quiet, Roy never felt so alone. He sighed and sat on the couch staring at the blank screen of the television. He saw the remote but didn't move to even touch it. He finally felt the loneliness and depression sneaking up on him. He sighed sadly; sinking lower into the couch he stared at his hand, admiring the flesh with curious eyes.

Memories crept up on him, just random ones. When Madison was angry, sad or cheerful. Tears dripped from his face, Roy whipped them away fiercely. He didn't want to cry every time he thought about Madison he wanted to remember her as a hero and not a psychopath. He just didn't want to cry anymore…so instead he turned on the television.

-One-Week Later-

I finally got a job, nothing to difficult. I had zero working experience but they took me on because I said "Please". You never know with idiots. I've been searching through the apartment, I planned on going into The Room and setting the people left in there free or let Johnny bury them. Either way I wasn't setting foot inside there without a reason.

Anyways, the more interesting stuff was Madison's stuff. I was looking through various pictures, yearbooks, and little mementos here and there. Most of the pictures were of Madison and Johnny when they were younger, before I knew Madison. She was always smiling or laughing; I kind of wished I could have had pictures with her.

One of the things that kept popping up were crinkly paper roses, like the one on her nightstand. That was one of the things I never really understood about Madison. How much she liked those roses, I guess I never will then. Oh well… I've also been busy with replacing bed sheets and making room in Madison's closet for my own clothes. Her stuff is just in a pile on the floor I don't really know what to do with them.

Well the other thing that's been keeping me busy is the frequent visits from Johnny. Lucky me, he skulks into the apartment late at night; sneaks into my room and scares the living shit out of me… Every time. Damn it's really beginning to bug me. Anyways then he'll ask if I want to go to a dance club or play a board game, or play cards or draw. It's like taking care of a freaking 6 year old! It's not hard but it's a pain in my neck at 1:30 in the morning!

Don't get me started on how hard it is to take care of myself! Jeez, when I come home from work I'm tired so I have to sleep. When my stomach hurts or starts to growl loudly I have to eat. It's just so time consuming! I don't know how people find the time to do anything while all these things are plaguing their bodies. And now when I watch porn on pay per view I get an erection. What the fuck. It's hell.

But oooh, Johnny says it's the price for being real. Like he knows anything. And yesterday I started to talk really fast for a long time and forgot to breathe and almost fainted, Johnny was there to make fun of me. That bastard.

So what am I doing right now? I'm just sitting here, bored out of my mind watching a cartoon.

I shivered; it was getting really cold outside. The apartment was kind of cold even with the heat on.

My breath came out a mist, the TV turned off and so did the lights. I looked around confused then another shiver went up my arms, I got goose bumps. I looked around it was really quiet. I couldn't even hear my own heart beat.

Then with no warning a electric shock ran through my body, not just once but several times. I stood and screamed my body felt like it was on fire. I wish it would stop, anything to stop this. It was almost as bad as growing ligaments.

It stopped just as suddenly as it came, the lights flashed on and so did the TV. I blinked I looked at my arms and they had scorch marks. I rolled up my pant legs and they also had scorch marks. Then…I felt dizzy, I walked towards the sink my head bent over it. My stomach was in knots my head was aching uncontrollably.

Hellloooo??? Oh god, don't vomit please. It was gross when I did it, seeing other people do it is even grosser.

I snapped my head up and managed a "Who's there??? Johnny…? Man, leave me alone I feel like shit right now…"

Johnny? Can't you hear my voice? It's feminine. Can't you tell you dolt?

I was trying to concentrate, and then realized the voice was coming from inside my head. I thought No, that's not fair! I don't want to be a waste lock…

You idiot.

I splashed water on my face, and waiting for the voice to speak again. I was trying to place a face to the voice it was so familiar.

So instead I shrugged and walked to the bathroom to put some cream on the scorch marks.

Around the middle of the night the same voice yelled within my head I raised my head, angry and disorientated from sleep.

Why can't you just figure it out! Isn't obvious???

"Who wha?" I mumbled scratching my head.

Sigh… It's me, Madison.

I blinked several times. "M-M-Madison!?" I shouted uncontrollably.


"How the hell did you end up in my head!? You're dead!" I said my hands were shaking.

Yeah about that, you see when I was sent to Heaven and they figured my talents were better used here inside your head. I also got all the contentment I need as a perk from Heaven. God is stupid but not completely heartless. So in other words I'm very happy, I feel so free and weightless, like the world got off my shoulders. So you don't have to worry, being dead was better than being alive for me in this case.

Roy squinted and said out loud "I see… sniff, I'm glad you're doing okay. They didn't send you to hell, kind of hard to since you're smart and only wanted contentment. I'm really glad. And I never, sniff. Saw this coming haha." I laughed through joyful tears. I laughed more whipping away the tears.

Oh Roy, buck up it's embarrassing to see you pull out the water works.

"You haven't changed." I said grabbing a tissue off the end table.

Now why would I? Tee hee, well except the fact I'm not so dreadful.

"That's a good thing. Well I'm really happy for you, hey would Johnny be able to hear you?" I asked.

I wouldn't know he's odd like that.

"Hmm well we can test it tomorrow. Together you and me, the unstoppable team!" I cheered.

That's creepy. Good night.

And with that she fell silent I looked around and laid my head on my pillow drifting off to sleep knowing Madison would always be there for me, through death, through pain and sorrow, through happiness and just plain everyday skirmishes. We'll be together…always.

The End

That's the end. Did anybody see that coming??? I had that tucked up my sleeve since the very beginning. So anyways again thanks for putting up with the extreme lateness of anything or other wise suckyness. Yup... So I bid you a due don't worry you'll still see me around on Deviant Art I'll float back here if I want some practice tee hee. I'm working on my original idea, and I'll be a commenting whore for now on. Anywho! Until next time zombies! All the bloody best!