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This story is about Rock Lee obtaining a power so powerful, that he'll need help in order to control it. (Oneshot fanfic – please don't be hard on me if you don't like it)

The setting in here is about several months before Naruto's adventure to save Gaara from having his demon extracted from him. So they're not the 12 / 13 year old ninjas you see in the anime. More like the ones in the Manga complete with new outfits. Well, most of them…

I might be able to squeeze some LeeSaku / SasuSaku and perhaps even NaruHina later on in the story if my developing plot permits. It may be difficult to squeeze in SasuSaku though.

Anyway, on to the story )

Chapter 1: A Surprise exercise

It was 3:30 AM and Gai and Lee were just finishing off their daily morning warm up together of running laps around Konoha. Today however, Lee would be receiving a little surprise lesson from his sensei.

"Alright, now that our youthful warm up has finished, let us now begin training!"

"Ossu Sensei!" exclaimed Lee

"But this time it will be different!"

"Oh? What do you mean by that sensei?"

"T-today, we w-will work on your… chakra gates." Said Gai reluctantly

"Nani?! Really Sensei?! Will you teach me how to open another gate?!" said Lee excitedly.

"Y-yes Lee. If you work very hard, you may be able to open it by January. But I will teach you on only ONE CONDITION."

"What would that be sensei?" asked Lee

"It is the same condition I told you the day you were able to open up your gates. DO NOT – AND I MEAN DO NOT – UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, open any gates unless I allow you. Although since you are already a chunnin, I give you the option to use it as you see fit. HOWEVER, heed my warning Lee, the use of more than five gates is very dangerous. So treat this jutsu as you always have- a kinjutsu. Got it?"

"OSSU! But - ano, sensei, by January? That would be four months! It took only took me one month to be able to open five of them…"

"Ah - yes Lee. Although you of all people should know that the more gates you are able to open, the harder it become to open the next one."

"Ossu!" Exclaimed Lee

"Alright – now let us begin the training!"

Meanwhile at Naruto's little apartment, Naruto was having a splendid dream, which flourished with Ramen bowls. "Hehe – this is great." Said Naruto, "I wish I could stay here forever…" Just then, all of his precious noodle dishes started to bubble violently. "NANI?! MY RAMEN! WHAT'S HAPPENING?!" The bowls started to bubble even more now. Bubbling and bubbling, until… "AAHH !!!" His little dream world was engulfed in a mass of red hot bubbles burning away his surroundings until it was a total mass of black nothingness.

"Huh? Where am I"? Said the blond ninja. He was in some strange hallway. It looked similar to an underground sewer, or perhaps a flooded basement. Dim yellow lights showed a way down a hall towards an even greater light illuminating from a larger room. Ever so slowly Naruto remembered where this was. It was his subconscious – the place where his Demon was jailed. As he turned the corner into the room a rumbling voice spoke to him.

"Hey brat. Its been a while…"

"I knew you'd be here."

"Hmm baka…of course I'd be here. Its not like I could go anywhere as I please…"

"I know that…Wait…were you the one who –"

"Yeah, I was the one who destroyed your precious noodles…"

"WHY YOU –" Naruto thought for a moment. He decided that getting angry with the Kyuubi over bowls of ramen was not worth the effort. "Never mind. So, why did you call me?"

"Hmm, no particular reason really I just felt that I –"

"No reason?! In that case there's no reason for you to have taken my ramen away!"

"Jeez kid. I supply you with an immense amount of chakra, heal you at the slight sign of injury, and even give you a fighting chance against that Uchiha boy… Can't I at lease see my jailor here and there? I may be the greatest of the tailed demons, but that doesn't mean that I can't be civilized…"

"Gomen…okay..so now that I'm here, what now?"

"Hmm actually never mind. This little talk can wait…You might want to wake up…something tells me that if you don't you'll be in great danger…"

"Huh? What are you – uh oh…" Naruto soon realizes what the Kyuubi meant and dashed out of the room. "Thanks you stupid fox!"

"Haha see you 'round brat…"

Once Naruto had gained consciousness, he looked frantically to find his alarm clock. It was ringing so it wasn't too hard to find but then again, his apartment wasn't exactly the cleanest of places.

Once he found his clock, Naruto's eyes widened. The time was 6:00 AM – the exact time he was supposed to be at Granny Tsunade's office.

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